Does Target Price Match Lowe’s? (full Guide)

Target stores have a variety of home improvement products including tools, plumbing and electrical supplies. You can easily find the products you are looking for and ask a sales associate for a price match.

Lowe’s is an important competitor of Target. Sometimes, you may see a price match on Target’s website about Lowe’s items. There are some details about that, so read the following article for details.

Does Target Price Match Lowe’s In 2022?

Target’s policy allows Target to price match items sold by Lowe’s within 14 days of purchase. You must provide proof of a Better Price for an identical and in-stock item at Lowe’s to Target either in-store or online. Target does not price match discounted or on-sale items.

The more you shop at Target, the more you get to enjoy amazing deals and unbeatable prices. All Target stores offer free ground shipping on orders above $49 and $4.99 shipping for orders under $49.

What Is Target’s Price Match Policy For Lowes?

If you find an item that is being sold for less at Lowe’s, you can submit a price match request. They need to see proof of the lower price.

So, if you cannot provide enough proof that a price match is possible or you are trying to price match too many items, then Target can reject your request for a price match.

Lowe’s and Target are offering a price match guarantee. Just bring printed or digital proof of a cheaper price on the same item elsewhere and Target will match that price.

You can sell your items to others or to yourself in the Auction House.

 No, the reason Lowe’s is not accepting your request at this time is because the item you saw at Lowe’s does not match the description you entered.

This means that you can’t add any other items into your cart after you add it to your cart, which gives you a chance to change your mind and remove them. But this also means that Target has to actually stock it, which is why I recommend checking the Target website to make sure that the items are really available to be purchased during your visit.

What Is Target’s Price Adjustment Policy For Lowe’s?

In general, you can price match any item at Target if it is available at a lower price at Lowe’s within 14 days after your purchase. However, it is important to note that for online purchases, Target actually doesn’t have the item in stock. You will need to call the store to see if the item is back in stock and if they will match the online price for the item.

It doesn’t matter who you buy it from, if you buy an item from Target and then find out within 14 days that Lowe’s was selling that same item for 50% less, you can return it to Target for a FULL refund.

If you used store credits or gift cards, you must provide proof of purchase. If you used a coupon, gift card or discount from another retailer, you must show the store you purchased the gift card, coupon or discount from.

Please note that cash refunds on gift cards, coupons, and other discount or promotional codes will be given in the form of a Target GiftCard, valid for $5 off your next purchase of $50 or more.

What Are The Exceptions In Target’s Price Match Policy?

Albertson’s and Best Buy only accept price matching on select electronics purchases. While you may have issues with price matching other items, like furniture, a store employee can still price match for these items.

To be clear, Lowe’s cannot combine its own Target Store coupons with a low price match, but you can always use a manufacturer’s coupon when you apply your Lowe’s price match.

The deal was canceled and not on the Thanksgiving holiday and through the entire week after.

– Gift cards and promo codes,
– Special pricing is not applicable for clearance items,
– Target reserves the right to cancel an advertised sale price,
– Sales tax is not calculated on clearance items,
– Target reserves the right to change the terms of this price match.

We can’t guarantee a price match for items that are out of stock. Out of stock items are usually available for a future date. If you need a raincheck for an Out of Stock item, ask in store.

How Can I Price Match Lowe’s In A Target Store?

If you can buy a $10 item for $9 at Walmart, Target will match the price.

You can bring the ad to the cashier when you check out. They will look at it and compare it against the price the customer paid for it.

In case of a price match request, you will pay less (if you were to purchase the item for this lower price first).

If you receive an email asking you to make a purchase to receive a lower price or free shipping, you should disregard it.

How Can I Price Match Lowe’s On

Customers can request to see if Target can match a price on an item sold by Lowe’s. Customers will need to call 1-800-591-3869.

Target will verify the lower price. If the target price is lower, you’re done. You will be automatically refunded with the credit. If you have already bought the item from Target’s website, you will be able to get your refund.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Target?

Lowe’s said that it will match Target prices, according to its liberal price match policy that states that Lowe’s will match Target prices anywhere in the country.

To qualify for this price match guarantee, you have to provide evidence that the product is cheaper in-store or online and that Lowe’s will give you back the difference.

However, Lowe’s has some caveats so make sure you read the terms and conditions before making your request.

The Costco price is very low and it’s easy to order.
The Target price is pretty high and is not worth the hassle.
I don’t really like the Walmart deals when they have the Black Friday specials.


If you choose to return a product purchased at Lowe’s you can use the same receipt with which you purchased the item. You also have the option to use the same receipt that you used to make the purchase.

If you are ordering online, make sure that you price match to Lowe’s website to ensure that there is a higher online price and that the lowest price is in your store.

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