Lowe’s Wrong Price Policy (Do They Honor Price Mistakes?)

In the US, Lowe’s home improvement stores carry around 35,000 items for sale, but it can be difficult for staff to ensure each item is placed under the correct product label.

 There are instances where price mistakes occur that you have a right to be compensated for. Lowe’s policy is to honor any mistake for up to 48 hours.

Lowe’s Wrong Price Policy In 2022

As a general rule, Lowe’s will honor any price if the difference between the price and the cost is less than $5. Though, in some cases, if your order is cancelled and you get a refund, any price differences will be refunded. Lowe’s also offers price matching, though not all Lowe’s stores can match prices.

Find out more about the Lowe’s wrong price policy and the ways in which you can find out about it, in this article.

Does Lowe’s Honor A Product Labeled With The Wrong Price Tag?

As a rule, Lowe’s honors a price tag that is listed on the product’s packaging, unless the product is an advertised sale, special offer, or a promotion. That includes price tags displayed on an advertisement that is displayed in a store’s store directory, at a store’s website, or on a sign posted along a store’s entrance.

Lowe’s can refuse a price match if the customer misplaces an item and it’s placed in the incorrect location under the wrong price tag.

If the wrong price is being advertised or labeled, the customer is more likely to receive a match for the price.

*In the store’s decision to price match, the store manager must consider the value of the product’s size, color, condition, and other important factors.

What Happens If An Item Has Been Mispriced At Lowe’s During Checkout?

If a mistake was found in the price of an item at Lowe’s during checkout, the staff has the authority to fix the price.
You should be sure that you’re quoting the low price.
You should check the low price for any items you’re replacing.

This is a problem with the shipping cost or your bank account.
The order was marked as a gift.
It is too big or too small.
It was charged to a different credit card.

*If your order has not received shipping within 5-7 business days after the order has been shipped out and it has been delivered to the shipping company, we will charge you for the missing time.

No matter what you were trying to do, it is very important to note that Lowe’s has the right to cancel a transaction due to an error.

What Happens If An Item I’ve Purchased At Lowe’s Goes Down In Price?

If you have purchased an item at Lowe’s and the price has dropped within 30 days, then you may be eligible for a refund.

To qualify for a partial refund, just come in with your receipt as evidence that you bought the item and bring it to our customer service desks.

You won’t be happy with the store staff because they will just deny your request.

Does Lowe’s Price Match Other Stores?

Lowe’s does price match with other stores, but it’s not always right. Sometimes products are slightly different from the ones at other stores, so you’ll want to double-check them.

You can print out the product, show it to the cashier, or send a link to an image of the advertisement to the retailer’s customer service department.

Lowe’s will not price match items that are discontinued or items that are on sale because of damage. They will also not price match produce on sale because of damage.

How Can I Get A Price Match At Lowe’s?

If you see an identical product from a different store, it may be able to match the price of the item for you.

You need to tell a staff member which store it is located at to be able to display pricing.

Before someone can receive a price match, someone must validate that the store is selling the item at a lower price.

What Items Are Excluded From Lowe’s Price Match Guarantee?

 Items purchased at Sears and Kmart are not eligible for a price adjustment.  For a full list of items that are excluded from Loweâ€(tm)s Price Match guarantee, visit https://www.lowes.com/pricematch.

What Can I Do If Lowe’s Overcharged Me?

You are entitled to a refund if you don’t like your purchase. Bring your receipt to the customer service desk for a refund.

Staff will be happy to assist you whether or not you have been overcharged and, if so, you may receive a partial refund.

How Does Lowe’s Price Promise Work Online?

For Lowe’s to qualify, the price must be advertised by a direct competitor.

While the competitor must have the products in stock and ship them, the lowest price guarantee does not include shipping or delivery charges.

To price match, you will need to contact Lowe’s online customer service to validate that the price you are seeking is applicable to your purchase.

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I’ve been able to get products I bought on Amazon.com from Lowe’s, but I’ve not been able to get Lowe’s products from Amazon.com.

Lowe’s has made a statement to confirm that they will be matching prices for online purchases as well as in-store.

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