Does Target Price Match Gamestop? (full Guide)

Target offers a flexible price match guarantee. For example, if someone can find a better price on an item at another store, Target will match the price if the item is in stock and purchased using Target’s mobile app. This will enable customers to get deals on more items.

So if you come across an item at Gamestop that has a lower price compared to the same item at Target, you have to ask yourself, does Target price match Gamestop? Well the short answer is no. Some states do price match, while others may be able to match if you find the same item at a store in the same city.

Does Target Price Match Gamestop In 2022?

Target will price match if the price offered by an outside party is lower. If Gamestop has a higher price than Target, Target will match the price of Gamestop. However, if Gamestop does not have a higher price than Target, Target will not price match.

If you want to know more about Target’s price match policy, you can see what types of items can be matched, and which ones can’t! Here’s an example…

What Is Target’s Price Match Policy?

Target has a strict price matching policy which states that items with a lower price must be found in the same state or ZIP code that the original item was purchased in within 14 days of purchase, and must be from an eligible competitor or from (if buying in-store).

The merchandise which you purchased must be the same item that you sold, must be in the same brand, weight, color, quantity, and model number.

If you’re willing to open up the case, you can send it in for a free repair.

What Items Can’t Be Price Matched At Target?

Expired deals can no longer be matched, so it’s hard to keep things balanced. We have to pick winners and losers at the moment, so we have to remove the option to price match it.

Another reason that you can’t get a price match from Target is because they offer gift cards and coupons.

Note that prices do not include shipping and handling.
Please read our full return policy, our terms and conditions of sale for additional information.

How Do You Price Match At Target If You Founder a Cheaper Price At Game Stop?

If you purchase and save (or save and purchase) a qualifying item at Target and find it for a lower price at Gamestop, Target will price match your purchase within 14 days of the date of purchase.

This is important because a transaction that seems to be a deal of the century to one is a great rip-off to the other.

I don’t know anything about price matching. If you want to try, tell me what you want and I will ask Guest Services for more information.

This proof could be a screen shot of a game that you have owned and played. Bring the physical copy of the game or a screen shot of a game’s web page with a digital version of the game on it.

You could use your phone to show the page online and display the price, that way we don’t have to ask them twice.

After you have shown the proof, the Guest Services counterperson will check the price of the item and make the adjustment, if necessary.

The only other requirement is that you must purchase the item from for in-store pickup. Also the item must be available for in-store pickup at the local Target store.

When you visit a store to pickup a purchase, ask for your order to be price matched, this may result in the reduction of the current price of the item.

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A Target representative stated that they would price match Gamestop if the item is in stock and is identical to what Gamestop sells, as Target is in Gamestop’s list of competitors.

You must purchase this item by the end of the day on the date it is offered at the lower price. The competitor’s price must be advertised online or in print or broadcast media at least seven days prior to offer end date to be considered in the price match.

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