Does Best Buy Price Match Target? (full Guide)

In addition to this, the company also allows its customers to price match the items they intend to purchase and consequently receive discounts on them.

If one asks themselves, does Best Buy price match Target? The answer is actually yes they do price match Target.

Does Best Buy Price Match Target In 2022?

If you’ve found this page via Google for a price match, you can follow these steps to help troubleshoot your problem:
First check your Best Buy price match request status. You can do this by visiting the page in a web browser and checking the Status field.

What Stores Does Best Buy Price Match?

Best Buy lets you shop for any item and see the low price of any online retail competitor. On many items there will be multiple competitors, and Best Buy lets you compare all of them.

It is important to keep in mind that the Terms & Conditions at Best Buy is specific to Best Buy and discriminates against retail stores and online stores unless the retail store is a local competitor.

In addition, Best Buy only considers price matching with local retail stores authorized by a vendor that sells new and sealed products within a 25-mile radius of a local Best Buy store.

If you are buying a new computer online, Best Buy also accepts price matching for its own online store,

Does Best Buy Price Match Target Online?

It may not be worth the hassle to spend that much time searching for something online and then just end up returning it.

Even if it does, it is not the official Best Buy price matching policy. It is their own policy that matches up to five online competitors. If you want to be sure, you should call before you buy.

The five major online retailers that qualify for price matching are Dell, Amazon, Crutchfield, TigerDirect, and HP.

Does Best Buy Price Match Target In-store?

Best Buy does not price match Target online prices unless the Target online store is a local competitor of the Best Buy store you are shopping from at that same location.

Therefore, you can only request a price match if the physical Target store with a lower price is within your shipping radius.

Why Doesn’t Best Buy Price Match Target?

Although Best Buy is not the biggest electronic store, they do have a price matching policy for the major electronic stores and local retail stores within a 25-mile radius.

The merchant is a store which sells merchandise, Best Buy is a retail store, therefore Best Buy is an eligible store to do price match.

If you want to see all eligible stores, check the merchant’s eligible store selection criteria on their merchant profile.

If you ever want to change any of the information or settings of your account, you can visit the Settings tab.

However, the Price Match Guarantee Policy at Best Buy allows matching with Target only if the Target store is a local competitor to the Best Buy Store.
If the items you are inquiring about are in-stock at Best Buy, you are allowed to do a price match. If the items aren’t in-stock at Best Buy, you are not allowed to do a price match.

What Is Best Buy’s Policy On Price Matching?

 We will honor the price match guarantee if your product was purchased at an eligible store within 15 days of your Best Buy purchase.

Moreover, the customer will have to specify their own business hours so that they can monitor the availability of the merchandise.

For a customer to get a discount through price matching, they will have to speak directly to a salesperson at the store they’re at to obtain the discount.

The store representative will then confirm the quotation. If that is done, the representative will enter the order.

Does Best Buy Match Price After Purchasing?

The return and exchange period starts at the time the purchase is made and you have 30 days to return the item to your local BB. At the time of purchase, there is no mention of how long the policy lasts.
The exchange is free of charge and the price difference between the two items must be less than 25% of the original price.

If you are on the lookout for a deal, you should also check the clearance and open box listings at Best Buy.

Does Best Buy Price Match For 30 Days?

Best Buy allows price matching on merchandise that is in a new condition and not returned. This policy also requires the customer to be a member of Best Buy’s Advantage program.

If you want to learn more, you can also read our articles on if Best Buy price matches Walmart, if Best Buy price matches Amazon, and if Best Buy price matches Costco.


Best Buy will not allow price matching from Target unless the Target store is in the same local area as the Best Buy store you are shopping and the two stores are either within 10 miles or within the same state. Therefore, Target’s online store is ineligible for price matching in Best Buy’s stores.

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