Does Target Price Match Their Website? (full Guide)

The retailer offers price matching and has also implemented it on its website. This helps its customers shop in confidence knowing it will match the price of a competitor’s sale.

The answer is – it does not. Target offers price matching on a few specific items, but there are other restrictions that will prevent your price from matching, depending on what you buy, and which website you purchase it from.

Does Target Price Match Their Website In 2022?

Target will ensure that the price of an item is priced to be the same on the website. This is not the case for a sale price. If item was bought online, the customer can call and ask, and get a price match.

Target will not lower prices for any item based on how much money you earn or how much money you spend.

If you want to learn more about what items that are exempt from price matching, and learn more about Target Plus Partners, go ahead and read this.

What Do I Need To Price Match Target’s Website?

It’s a good idea to bring all of the proof you can, because you may not have the same amount of items as another customer.

 Advertiser’s website is required to have a landing page to present product details. The landing page URL should be listed in your AdWords ad’s title and description.

However, cashiers (not the salesperson) will not accept photos, screenshots, or photocopies as valid proof of a lower price.

You must price match identical products. No special deal or sale, or price matching of non-identical products.

You don’t need to be in the U.S. to achieve a price match. You will receive your price match once the request is verified by a store employee.

Can I Price Match Online Sale Items At Target?

You cannot match clearance, closeout or liquidation sale merchandise, and you cannot match online coupons which deduct a percentage or dollar amount from the original price.

In addition, promotional codes, coupons, and multi-buy deals such as for example buying one get one free or paying the total price to reduce an other cost are not eligible for price match requests.

In the past, Target has matched Black Friday prices, and the time limit is only a suggestion.

If you purchased something from us and the price drops before 24th December then we will be able to refund you the difference plus a 10% handling charge. If the price has dropped between Christmas Day and the end of January then we will refund you the difference plus a 20% handling charge.

Which Items Are Exempt From A Online Price Match At Target?

We believe that every item is priced with accuracy. If you can show us that there is a mistake, we will correct it. We will not approve an alcohol-based product if it is not sold through the authorized Target store.

This rule can be changed by Target every six months so you must pay attention to Target’s online price match policy often.

Can I Price Match Products I Have Already Purchased Online At Target?

Target will happily price match an identical item offered at a lower price anywhere, including competitor’s websites.

If you paid with a credit card, you can use the same method to track the refund. You’ll receive the refund to the same credit card you used to pay and will have the option to use that card to purchase the product.

Does Target Price Match Target Plus Partner Prices?

Any items purchased on the Marketplace at or any other online platform do not qualify for Price Match.

Target does not have any control over the pricing of third-party vendors.

Does Target’s Website Price Match Target Stores?

This time, it’s prices on the Target website that can be matched with Target stores.

You can call Guest Services at 1-800-440-0680 to review your order or request a price reduction. A team member will adjust the price or dispense a refund.

Can I Price Match Online Target Circle Prices?

If the price of an item is on sale at a Target store, you can get the original version of that item in the sale price.

This is because Target Circle only issues and rewards customer for membership. However, shoppers are allowed to use offers after a price match has been made.

If Target price matches Amazon, then you are not going to find a better price. This will be the best price available on that item at all sites.


You can get the same price as the competitor if you buy the product on during the price matching period. If you buy the competitor’s product before the price matching period, it’s not possible to price match.

You can only match identical items that are in stock. You must provide proof of the new price from your mobile phone or an official printout.

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