Target Price Adjustment Policy (what Products Are Covered + More)

Every day, millions of people across America head to Target in search of top-quality discounted items. They are a place you can find things like the latest tech gadgets, home decor items, apparel, groceries, and much more.

The Target price adjustment policy is a fairly standard part of the
business model of most retailers.
This policy allows stores to make quick adjustments to
everyday prices to correct mistakes or to react to competitive
The policy also allows Target to provide better service to
customers by allowing them to return items without fear that the price
will be reflected in the next day’s ad.

Target Price Adjustment Policy In 2022

Target allows you 14 days to request price adjustments on all Target products (except marketplace items) as of 2022. Contact guest services with the order number, your email address, and product details for orders placed online.

If you bought an item at a Target store for less than $25, and it’s on clearance, you can find out the price Target will actually pay for it.

Which Items Are Covered Under Target’s Price Adjustment Policy?

Requesting adjustments for the price of the item, or
Requesting adjustments for the size or quantity of the item.

How Long Do You Have To Get A Price Adjustment At Target?

To request a price adjustment for the product purchased, you will need to contact the seller’s customer service within 14 days after the product is sold for less than the price that you paid.

If your account is eligible, Target will refund you the difference between the price paid and the price at which you purchased the product.

Does Target Do Price Adjustment On Online Orders?

All Target stores offer the convenience of a Guest Services desk located at the end of the store where our employees are available to provide you with a variety of helpful services, including Guest Registration. Visit the Guest Services desk located in the Target at the front of the store for more information.

– Order Number: The order number you used to place your Target order.
– Email address: Your email address on the Target account.
– Name:
– Item price: The price you wish to adjust.

If your request is rejected, you will be refunded by the payment processor.

Does Target Do Price Adjustments During The Holidays?

CyberWeek and Black Friday is a sale event all customers look forward to. So if you purchased a product before it significantly reduced in price during the Black Friday sales, you can indeed [request a price adjustment at Target].

Since 2006, Target has waived the 14-day requirement around this time. This means you can buy items on November 1st until today, November 30th, and receive store credit for the difference.

If you buy items on, you cannot get a store credit for them. You can, however, get a refund.

Does Target Adjust Prices Without A Receipt?

Unfortunately, Target will not adjust the price of a product without a receipt as they cannot verify the original price without it. Also, total cash or Card refunds cannot be distributed without valid proof of purchase. For Target credit or debit refunds, if a refund is requested on a gift card, you will need to provide valid ID of the purchaser in order to process the refund.

Note that Target accepts various forms of proof of purchase, such as original paper receipts from store-bought items or digitized versions that have been scanned onto your Target account using the app.

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Once your request has been approved, your credit will appear on your account within 7-10 business days. If your credit is approved for less than the price you originally thought you paid, we’ll refund the difference immediately.

Please note that price adjustments and exchanges are not applicable to our gift cards, promotional codes, and certificates.

How To Request Price Adjustments At Target?

You can see prices for store-bought and online purchases on the same screen by selecting ‘My Best Buy,’ then adjusting the ‘Price Adjustment’ section.

You can bring the order, but you don’t need to bring the product. The cashier checks the price (as listed above) and reimburses the difference.

Your Cash Refund is Instant and Credit Card Refunds take up to 5 days. Target RedCard refunds can take 1-2 days.

If you put a credit card on file, you’ll receive a merchandise return card (if the payment hasn’t been cleared) or cash. If you paid with a check, you will receive a merchandise return card (if the check hasn’t been cleared) or cash.

Can Target Adjust The Price Of Sale Items?

Target will change the price of products in sale 30 days from purchase, with a few exceptions.
In addition to this, Target is changing the date of price adjustments to 30 days from purchase.

Items that are “clearance” or “closeout” can be returned to us, as long as the return is within the original 30 days. If the return is after 30 days, then no price refund can be given.

You can expect to receive a refund for your refurbished, pre-owned, or rent and lease items if you return them in their original packaging within 30 days of the purchase date.

Are There Price Adjustment Limitations At Target?

Merchandise sold by third-party merchants on cannot be matched or adjusted at either Target stores or online.

Target only allows price adjustments on alcoholic beverages at the discretion of the store.

Additionally, when you request a price adjustment you cannot request it on deals that are exclusive to Target Circle customers. If you have a Target Circle account, or are a member of Target Online Rewards, your requests will be reviewed, and we will not be able to honor them.

By requesting a price match, you won’t receive a discount on your shopping but you’ll be able to see the prices of the other retailers.

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 We understand this is inconvenient, but if you have a receipt from a Target store you’ll be able to see the price you originally paid, and the new price we are able to offer you, so you can easily make a decision.
If we can not refund you the difference, we will happily credit up to $50 towards any item in-store or on

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