Does Starbucks Have Boba? (Try This Instead)

Boba or bubble tea is a type of tea that comes with chewy tapioca pearls. This drink is very popular overseas and has gained a strong following in the United States.

The answer is yes. Starbucks now has a huge selection of boba drinks. It’s called the “Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino.”

The drink is made with milk and a scoop of coffee ice cream. This drink is available at all Starbucks stores.

Does Starbucks Have Boba In 2022?

I can understand why you might feel disappointed at Starbucks’ decision to not sell boba but there are still several options available to you if you want to try your hand at the bubba game.

Why Doesn’t Starbucks Have Boba?

However, Starbucks is a cafe, not a drink shop, so adding the drink may be a bit too far-fetched.

It is because of the high price of setting up the equipment required to make boba tea in every single stores across the chain. Additionally, staff will have to be trained to make boba tea.

Another problem with boba tea is that all ingredients have to be stored in the same area. There won’t be space for all of the tapioca pearls, for example.

It’s possible that Starbucks sees the drink as a passing trend, rather than a permanent favorite drink.

The drinks resemble boba tea, however they are not boba tea. The drinks have different ingredients than boba tea.

What Can You Get At Starbucks Instead Of Boba?

You can find milk tea flavors and fruit flavors at Starbucks, and you can even find boba tea at other coffee chains, like Starbucks’s partner chain Tim Hortons.

iced teas are more popular among people because of their flavor and aroma, as well as the fact that it is very easy to drink hot beverages in a mug outside.

iced tea line that comes in a great amount of flavors and can be added to many different foods and drinks.

How To Make Your Own Boba With Starbucks Tea

And you make it by pouring boiling water over the tapioca pearls and letting them steep for an hour or so. They will steep the tea and make it look a bit more cloudy.

Tapioca pearls are a great way to make your baking easier. They absorb some of the liquid in the batter that may otherwise make your cake too wet. A few tapioca pearls can go a long way in helping your cake rise or set up. It may be difficult to find tapioca pearls in larger grocery stores. Online retailers like or may have them available.

You have to let the tapioca pearls cool off completely before rolling them in the chocolate.

You can use tapioca to make your own boba tea. You just need to cook the tapioca pearls in your regular tea.

And if you order a vanilla latte with boba, you’ll get something that looks like this.

Where Can You Find Boba Near You?

People want boba because it allows them to enjoy their favorite drink with a touch of sweetness and a different texture.

Starbucks doesn’t offer a lot of boba in their stores, so people want to support locally owned businesses to keep it alive.

It is a bit of a trek out to the mall or another location for the other stores that sell boba drinks.

You can get boba tea at almost any place that sells bubble tea. In addition, you can get boba tea at almost any Chinese restaurant. For fusion restaurants, I am not sure how frequently they serve it.

I’d recommend going to a Chinese-themed restaurant for a snack that’s usually eaten in China. You can check out “The Spicy Zone” in Irvine, California, or some of the Asian grocery stores.

Another chain that serves boba is Kokee Tea. There are only a few in the northeast US.

Dunkin’ Donuts is working on a new flavor of milkshake called boba ice cream.

What Is Boba?

Boba is a Taiwanese drink or snack based on tapioca pearls floating in tea (a popular Chinese drink).

They are delicious. They are like milky tea with the texture of tapioca pearls. I love the tapioca pearls. They’re a dessert.

The tapioca is very soft and chewy which complements the milky taste of the tea. The pearly look of the tapioca is also called pearl tea.

Boba tea is mostly iced but like any other popular beverage, it can also be served warm or as a hot tea. It has also been known to include pieces of fruit as well as tapioca pearls.

Boba is a great way to get your caffeine and you can find it in many different flavors. The best are Black and green tea flavors.

As per the report, the market for boba teas has grown extensively over the past few years. For instance, the worldwide boba tea market is anticipated to grow in value to $4.3 billion by 2027. More specifically, the market in North America, which is currently the world’s largest consumer of boba teas, is expected to grow by $1.7 billion in the next ten years.

Starbucks has been thinking about introducing the Boba for a long time but has been waiting for the right time.

Starbucks and its fans would love to see a boba tea station appear in all of its stores. Starbucks coffee and other beverages are great, but a good cuppa joe is not much for a workday.

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Starbucks doesn’t sell boba tea in its stores. You can try a different alternative like the Raspberry Milk Tea or various Teavana Flavors.

You can find boba tea at neighborhood stores and at Asian and Chinese restaurants. These stores also sell other Asian desserts too.

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