Does Lowe’s Rent Carpet Cleaners? (price, Types, How To Rent + More)

There are many reasons why you need to get your carpets cleaned: it is important to regularly deep-clean your carpet to keep it clean and healthy. Carpets hold bacteria spores that can grow in the heat and humidity of your home.

I’ve been looking into renting carpet cleaners from Lowes and I have found that there are stores that do rent these machines. Though there are other stores that do not rent cleaning machines, but provide a different kind of help.

Does Lowe’s Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022?

Lowe’s offers a range of carpet cleaners by brands such as Vax, D’Alessandro, Hoover, and Landa for an average of $29.99 for 4 hours and $39.99 for 48 hours. Prices can vary depending on your rental period, store location, and whether you hire a domestic or commercial carpet cleaner. Customers can find rentals from their local store.

Whether you still can get a cheap Lowe’s carpet cleaning solution and whether they can be found in a grocery story still depends on where you are.

What Is The Cost Of Renting A Carpet Cleaner In 2022?

Lowe’s offers BISSELL Carpet Cleaners with one year warranty for $39.99.

For an accurate price you should go to your local Lowe’s and see what they are willing to give you depending on location.

You should also consider purchasing a solution for cleaning your lens. This can start at $13.

What Types Of Carpet Cleaner Are Available To Rent At Lowe’s?

The BISSELL Big Green carpet cleaner is the only type available, which means that customers have to use BISSELL cleaning products.

There is a wide range of different carpet cleaners to choose from in Lowe’s, including low-pile and luxury carpets.

Carpet cleaners are available in different sizes, some of which are portable, big-sized, upright, and so on. This BISSELL Big Green carpet cleaner is a commercial-sized carpet cleaner.

How Do You Rent A Carpet Cleaner At Lowe’s?

So, you would now know the cost and what type of carpet cleaner is needed for your home. You may now be wondering how to start this whole process.

It is easy to get started renting a carpet cleaner. You can visit your local store’s rental area and also pick up your machine the same day if they have them available.

You can download your Rental Agreement and fill it in preemptively to get a head start on the process.

Once you’ve entered your details on the online form you can take it to the store and the Lowe’s crew will assist you and process the application quicker.

Are Lowe’s Rental Carpet Cleaners Good?

Cleaning carpet and rugs with a BISSELL(r) cleaner is now easier and more efficient than ever. Now with the unique, self-propelled design that gives you more carpet cleaning power, you can work your way around the room faster and more reliably. This same technology makes it easier to clean around furniture, under furniture, and even around corners so your carpet never looks dirty again.

This vacuum cleaner has a big mouth that covers both the handhold and the vacuum. It has a built in tool for cleaning all around the edge of the rug.

Lowes has a before and after photo to prove what your carpet will look like after the cleaning.

Their products are also made in a way which does not harm your pets and they won’t make your pets shed or urinate inside.

Can You Buy A Carpet Cleaner At Lowe’s?

When it comes to finding a great carpet cleaner, Lowe’s has a pretty wide selection available.
You can get one from the in-house service team or you can buy one that will save you money. When you buy a cleaning product, you will have to buy shipping, a lot of things that may not make sense. But when you buy a product at Lowe’s you are really buying it for one thing only: the carpet itself.

Lowe’s has a good variety of cleaning products. Although they are mainly focused on the BISSELL brand, they also stock the Hoover and BLACK+DECKER brands.

Prices for the Ewbank Cascade Carpet Cleaners start at

$42.33 and will continue to rise depending upon the type of cleaner that you buy.

When you use Lowe’s Carpet Cleaning to clean your carpets, you can save some money by renting the equipment.

Is It Cheaper To Rent A Carpet Cleaner Or Buy One At Lowes?

There are many places that offer a one-time cleaning or a weekly cleaning, but you don’t want to go to them because you don’t know if they provide a quality service. Also, if you are in a certain location, and you are able to have it cleaned, it may not be that way if you are in a different location.

If you are renting a self-contained carpet cleaning machine, you can expect it to cost about $60 to $100, depending on the make and model. This includes all of the equipment and supplies.

If you would like to learn more about buying or renting a carpet cleaner, you can also read our related posts including whether or not Home Depot rents carpet cleaners, Safeway’s carpet cleaner rental, and if Target rents carpet cleaners.


The BISSELL Big Green is a great carpet cleaning machine for people who are looking for a deeper cleaning. It’s great for the hardest areas like carpets with deep stains. The BISSELL Big Green carpet cleaner is the best deep carpet cleaner on the market.

Renting a cleaner is a much cheaper option for those who have limited space and/or limited budgets. You can choose from a number of reputable companies who offer great deals on vacuum cleaners for renters.

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