Does Kroger Rent Carpet Cleaners? (pricing, Types, Accessories + More)

The task of cleaning your carpets is rather a tough one, so when you are looking for the right carpet cleaner you need to be careful and choose carefully a carpet cleaner that can do the task with ease and with results that are as good as you are expecting to have.

Kroger is a huge retail chain around the United States, and for years, it has offered services to its customers by providing services that they would expect to find in other retail stores. Carpet cleaning is one of those services, and you might wonder – is Kroger renting carpet cleaners? Here are some things that I’ve found out about that!

Does Kroger Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022?

Walmart will continue to rent Rug Doctor carpet cleaners for $29.99-$34.99. Some locations may require a $35 deposit and others may take the total rental amount upfront.

For more information on what type of carpet cleaners to rent from Kroger, what the prices for such services are, and whether you need to rent accessories for these services, keep on reading!

What Type Of Carpet Cleaners Does Kroger Rent?

Kroger mostly supplies the Rug Doctor carpet cleaners to stores owned by Kroger.

Kroger does not offer self-service steam cleaning services.

To find out more information, like the types of Rug Doctor carpet cleaners that Kroger offers or the rental fees, click here.

How Much Does Kroger Charge For Renting Carpet Cleaners?

You can rent Rug Doctor cleaners at Kroger starting at $29.99 for 24 hours. If you stay for 48 hours, you’ll have to pay $34.99.

They also have a cleaning service available through their locations where you can purchase a cleaning package for $59.99 for up to 5 people.

When it comes to payment, different locations have different policies. Some Kroger centers will ask you to make a $35 deposit which is refunded when you return the machine on time.
If you are looking for fast and reliable service, then you should know that we can provide that and more. In addition, we provide fast pickup and delivery.

I have tried to rent a car in many locations in the UK, usually in a one stop shop. The problem is the ‘up front’ price is too high in comparison to what the actual price you pay at the end is. For example, some places would set you back £95 to rent a Ford Focus, and then only charge you £10 a week for the car.

You can ask the individual stores for clarification about their rental policies.

Will I Be Charged Any Fees For Late Return of Rented Carpet Cleaners?

Some stores charge a fee when you return the rental late. However, these charges may or may or may not be enforced depending on the latitude and the discretion of the manager.

How Can I Rent Carpet Cleaners from Kroger?

You can rent a carpet cleaner from Kroger at the customer service desk, and you can also rent a carpet cleaner from Kroger from the app.

Simply inform the employee at the desk about how long you want to rent the cleaner for, and how they will handle your payment.

At the check out counter, you will have to show your photo ID (driver’s license or passport) that proves your identity. You will be asked to record the rental info to include the date and time of rental, your name, photo ID, and payment method.

Can I Rent Carpet Cleaners at all Krogers Locations?

Kroger offers carpet cleaner rental services at all Kroger locations. Availability can be determined by how many people have rented the carpet cleaner at that time.

So this is before you actually visit your local Kroger store, and you should call, or even better, email the local Kroger before you decide to actually go in the store.

How Can I Return A Carpet Cleaner To Kroger?

When you have finished using the carpet cleaner, don’t get up, simply go back to customer service desk and they will tell you where they will pick up the carpet cleaner.

Once your carpet is finished cleaning, your carpet cleaners will be collected.

Can I Rent Extra Accessories With a Carpet Cleaner at Kroger?

You can rent extra accessories such as upholstery cleaners, dry fans and other things like carpet cleaning machines at Kroger locations.

If your carpet is in excellent condition, you shouldn’t need to clean it.

But if it is in poor condition, you will find that using a carpet sweeper is much better than using a vacuum.

Does Kroger Sell or Rent Cleaning Solutions?

Krogers sells their cleaning solutions separately from its carpet cleaning services. So if you wish to have a professional do your carpet cleaning, you will have to pay for the cleaning solutions separately.

To clean your home, use a cleaning solution for your laundry and kitchen. They will cost you for renting. In the case you rent cleaning products, you will save money.

You can also take a look at our related blog post on the best tools to use for cleaning a variety of carpets.

I was able to find the carpet rental for free with no strings attached.


Kroger rents Rug Doctor carpet cleaners at all Kroger locations but does not rent steam cleaners. The rental fee for a Rug Doctor ranges between $29.99 – $34.99 for 24 hours, with the option to pay $9.99 extra for an additional day. Note that the maximum rental period is 48 hours. Some Kroger locations charge a $35 deposit; others take the total rental amount upfront.

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