Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental (pricing, Models, How It Works + More)

As the name suggests, carpet cleaners are normally used to clean carpets. It is a good idea to rent a carpet cleaner for the best cleaning experience.

If you’re a Safeway customer, you might have also been wondering if Safeway also rents out carpet cleaners. If you’ve ever been to one of their stores, you may have seen a person walking around with a cleaning machine; you might even have seen them at work cleaning their floor. They’re called Carpet Cleaners and I’m going to explain why they’re so important to your carpet.

Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental In 2022

Safeway has announced that from 2022, they will be renting carpet cleaners to their customers. The cleaner is available for four, 24, or 48 hours and must be returned on time to avoid an extra charge. Additional fees may apply if the cleaner is not properly maintained. Customers should visit their local Safeway to request a cleaner.

To get more info about how rental process at Safeway works, what the cost is to rent a carpet cleaner, and many, many things, continue reading!

How Does the Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental Work?

If you want to rent a carpet cleaner, you should go to the consumer service desk in order to check on the availability of your vacuum cleaner.

The people renting these machines are required to present two pieces of identification when they rent the machine.

The most common forms of ID are your driver’s license, your passport, your military ID, your U.S. or state-issued state ID, and your employee ID card.

After providing ID, a rental associate will retrieve the equipment, process the payment, and return the equipment to the customer.

One thing to note is that if you make an advance payment for your carpet cleaning appointment the carpet cleaner may not be able to accept a cash or paper check for payment.
If you use a paper check it may be returned because the customer never showed up to rent the carpet cleaner.
When a payment is made, the carpet cleaner needs to be able to accept it.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Carpet Cleaner from Safeway?

$3 per hour, $30 for three hours
$10 per hour, $100 for three hours
$5 per hour, $50 for three hours

In the example above, all three carpet machines are rented for three hours for $100. You can use the rental machine for 3 hours, but you will be charged $100.

An innovative cleaning product that not only cleans but freshens, refreshes and revitalizes at the same time.

A portable detailer and spot cleaner with an LED light in a compact design.

I’ve never had a carpet cleaner that I liked. Some were a little expensive and others were so much that they did not seem worth it.

The above prices are generally the prices customers at Safeway will pay. However, pricing may differ depending on the location.

If your carpet cleaner requires additional equipment, such as the soft scrubber or a vacuum cleaner attachment, there will be an extra charge.

You can usually find products for the carpet cleaner, such as the cleaning solution, on the bottom of the shelf at the checkout counter.

Safeway does not normally require customers to pay a deposit when renting a carpet cleaner. However, if you fail to return the machine on time, you may have to pay more.

What Types of Carpet Cleaners Does Safeway Rent Out?

Safeway is the largest wholesaler of household and home improvement products in the United States.

The first cleaner is for carpet cleaning, the second is for upholstery cleaning and the third is for cleaning in public areas like airports, churches, schools and etc.

If you would like to rent another model, be sure that you call your local Safeway beforehand to check availability and confirm the rental price.

Rug Doctor is the most recommended product by Safeway. Customers are advised to use the cleaner when they want the best results.

Are There Any Additional Fees for Renting a Carpet Cleaner from Safeway?

Generally, customers will only have to pay the rental fee when they take out a carpet cleaner from Safeway, however, a couple of items require a customer to pay the rental fee at the time they rent them from the store.

In addition to the price of the ticket and the $15 domestic upgrade fee, customers also have to pay processing fees.

If you rent a carpet cleaner for $25 every three months, but don’t return the machine on time, you will be charged $25 every three months until the machine is returned.

If the customer damages a vacuum cleaner, Safeway may hold them liable for all repair and replacement costs.

Finally, cleaning is required before you return the machine.

 If the machine is dirty, your best bet would probably be to call Safeway to see if they clean them for free.  You can also check with all of the other stores around you that are near the machine to see if they charge cleaning fees for their machines.

Which Other Stores Rent Out Carpet Cleaners?

Giant (Giant Foods), Meijer, Meijer’s (Meijer), Kroger, Costco, Harris Teeter (Harris Teeter), Walgreens, Kohl’s, Food 4 Less, Aldi, Jewel-Osco, and Wal-Mart.

If you don’t see a Rug Doctor store near you, you can rent the Rug Doctor from any Home Depot store.

Customers can also rent machines from a local location while they wait for a machine to be delivered by a carrier to their home, car, office, or any other location.

If you want to learn about all the related carpet care tips, you can read our related articles on different kinds of carpet cleaning, carpet cleaners, carpets, and carpet repair.


Safeway is renting out the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner to its customers.
Most Safeway stores will not rent out the Rug Doctor carpet cleaner to their customers.

If customers would like to know which machine is currently available, they can ask the customer service desk for assistance finding a machine.

All Safeway stores carry a similar Rug Doctor that’s also available for rent.

Cleaners can be leased for four hours, 24 hours or 48 hours. Additional fees apply if customers want to rent out upholstery and attachments.

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