Does Publix Rent Carpet Cleaners? (your Full Guide)

Cleaning carpets is one of the jobs that you’ll need to do, especially if you have pets and allergies, and renting a carpet cleaner is a good choice if you don’t have your own.

Carpet cleaning is something you don’t want to have to do by yourself. It’s a good idea to ask for recommendations and find out if they have a rental carpet cleaner.

Does Publix Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022?

The cost of renting carpet cleaners could vary by store type and store size depending on the number of stores in a particular region. In the United States, Publix charges $30 per 24 hours for carpet cleaner rental, and you’ll need to show a valid I.D. and pay upfront before you can rent one.

Keep watching to discover more about the features and benefits of the carpet cleaners that Publix has to offer.

What Publix Locations Offer A Carpet Cleaner Rental?

You can go to the Rug Doctor website to find out which grocery stores might offer carpet cleaning services near you.

To find the availability of carpet cleaner rental services in your area, you can use the site to check in your local Publix stores as well!

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Carpet Cleaners From Publix?

You can pay $30 every 24 hours, or rent the cleaner for a week, but you can only rent it for a specific amount of days.

So, you can rent a carpet cleaner for a single day, and it’ll clean your carpet for that whole day.

And what? I don’t even think this place will be ready by then, you crazy bitch.

How Do You Rent A Carpet Cleaner From Publix?

Next, you can rent a carpet cleaner, which is called the Rug Doctor. It’s located in the front of the grocery store.

If you don’t know where the Rug Doctor kiosk is located, ask a customer service employee or an associate at Publix to help you find the kiosk.

However, if you want to use your own vacuum cleaner, then you will have to bring a photo I.D. and pay upfront to use the machine.

If you can’t find a bottle in the store, or if you’ve purchased a bottle of Rug Doctor carpet cleaner somewhere else, you can buy it online from Amazon.

What Models Of Carpet Cleaners Does Publix Have?

The Rug Doctor website allows customers to do a search for all the different models and brands of carpet cleaners available for rent.

The Mighty Pro and Wide Track are available for rent at the Davenport, Florida, location. The Mighty Pro X3 is currently not available for rent.

You can usually find the available models online or on social media but you need to call in advance to find out which ones are available at your local store.

Do Publix Offer Attachments For Carpet Cleaner Rentals?

At Publix, you’ll see a few attachments for the carpet cleaner you’re going to rent. Usually, these include upholstery tools and a floor dryer, as well as a hand-held tool you can use for small upholstery jobs.

This varies from location to location within the Publix system. Some locations offer a dry vacuum only and some offer dry and wet vacuums. However, the majority of the locations offer some sort of wet vacuums with attachments.

Do You Need To Clean The Carpet Cleaner Before Returning It To Publix?

Yes, clean the carpet cleaner before returning it to the store. Cleaning the carpet cleaner will help to prevent future issues.

And also, cleaning the vacuum, means wiping off the outside of the vacuum cleaner, the outside of the tank, cleaning out all solution, and getting all debris out.

The cleaning fee is $7.99, though it’s based on the size of the machine, and varies by store. You might be able to buy a cheap generic trash can for that price.
You can use the trash can if you have a coupon for it, but it only holds up to four bags of garbage. It’s best if you can buy the $2.00-a-bag bags of trash to fit the can, though you can use one bag instead.

Are There Late Fees For Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental?

You’ll find that many times fees are incurred when the cleaner is returned late. Some stores do charge for being late.

The best way to do this is to call your local Publix store and ask them what their policy is for a discount.

The same policy applies to all purchases after one year, with a minimum of 3 free reorders per year.

But, after one year, it’s still your choice.

Does Publix Rent Out Steam Cleaners?

This seems to be a case where the pressure washer is simply being sold. Since this is a one time use item, it may be cheaper to buy from the vendor.

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If you need a new carpet cleaner, check on the store’s website to see if they offer carpet cleaner rentals. You can also use the Rug Doctor website to look up your nearest store that offers carpet cleaner rentals.

Additionally, different stores can have different sizes available, sometimes they can have 2 sizes, but some might have 3. Some stores will only carry certain sizes of boots, but they usually will carry most sizes in the brands they carry. For example, if they only carry Nike and do not carry Timberlands, they will likely only carry Nike Sk8Hi in size.

You’ll have to pay $30 per 24-hour increment to rent the carpet cleaner, and a fee is associated with returning the machine without being cleaned. If you don’t like the outcome, you have nothing to worry about – the company will return the cleaner.

Besides, a carpet cleaning service is a good thing to consider. A carpet cleaning service can be very convenient, and there are going to be many things that you can do to make it more convenient for you.

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