Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental (price, Time Frame, Models, Locations + More)

Whether you’re buying new carpet or you simply need a rug cleaning service, you may be wondering whether or not Walmart has a carpet cleaning rental service.

Our review about the Walmart carpet cleaning service is ready to go. We have done the research on this item and we have a full guide on how to make the best out of it!

Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022

At Walmart’s website, they only list two models of carpet cleaners available for rent. One is the Rug Doctor model and the other is the Upright model, both of which are priced at $29.99. They don’t have a model that is for sale per se.

To find more information about the different models and accessories available here, keep on reading!

What Walmart Locations Offer A Carpet Cleaner Rental?

The Rug Doctor dedicated carpet cleaner rental location interface allows customers to search for locations within a local area. It also makes the process of renting a cleaner easier.

Through this webpage, users can see if their closest store offers the carpet cleaner rental service or if they need to find the nearest location that offers the service.

How To Rent A Carpet Cleaner From Walmart

When you find a Walmart store that has a Rug Doctor’s kiosk, you rent it for a couple hours.

When you go to the store, you will likely find the kiosk located next to the front desk.

There will be a big touch screen where you will be able to rent a carpet cleaner. The touch screen will have your name, phone number and address.

Returning A Carpet Cleaner To Walmart

When you have finished with your rental, simply return it to any of our kiosks with your cleaning invoice and details. A helpful customer service representative will be happy to assist you.

Once you input your personal details, the kiosk will unlock, and you can put the carpet cleaner back into the storage cage, or you can return the cleaner to the storage cage.

What Models Of Carpet Cleaner Does Walmart Rent Out To Customers? 

The range of machines available at Walmart can range from each location, but most Walmart stores offer Rug Doctor models such as the: Mighty Pro, Wide Track, Pro Portable, X3, and Pro Deep models, to again name just a few.

Rug Doctor’s online tool can tell a Rug Doctor customer if a certain area features more old or newer models of floor treatment machines.

This service will allow people to find the carpet cleaners they are looking and search by different features of the machines.

Are There Late Fees For Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rentals? 

The one time cost is one dollar, but if you don’t return the machine when the 24 hours is up, you will be charged the late fee.

If machines aren’t returned to the company within their rental period, then the customer will be made to pay for an extra day, regardless of if that day has fully elapsed yet.

Do Walmart Sell Or Rent Cleaning Solutions? 

If you’re thinking of saving money by buying a Rug Doctor machine from a local store, know that you’re only getting the cheapest variety of product.

Some stain removal products will use water, while others use more chemical based products. Find out ahead of time what type of solutions your rental company has on hand to give you the best and most efficient service.

For the best results, you should use the rug’s own cleaning solution, but your own can also be used.

Can Extra Accessories Be Rented? 

The professional carpet and upholstery cleaner will also carry around their own tools and equipment when they visit your home or office. This allows them to clean both floors and upholstery without having to go back and forth from your home or office.

Is It Better To Buy A Carpet Cleaner Than To Rent One?

If you have dogs or small children you may want to choose a product which is more designed for the floor.

Rug Doctor, like all carpet cleaning machines, is made by an American company. In addition to this, they are also pretty cheap. They usually run between $150 and $500; the lowest is $150.

If you need to clean your carpets frequently because you run a business, the cost to purchase will be worthwhile.

Does Walmart Rent Out Steam Cleaners? 

Walmart does not guarantee the quality of the steam cleaner and that it will be able to clean the hard floors effectively.

Not only will these machines give you a great price, but they also include a variety of useful attachments as well.

For more on buying carpet cleaner refills, also see my full guide on renting carpet cleaner refills from Dollar General, renting carpet cleaner refills from Publix, and renting carpet cleaner refills from Kroger.


Most of the time you can rent a carpet cleaner from the store where you purchased the rug. However, some customers find the process of renting a cleaner difficult. One of the solutions is to use the Rug Doctor website and find out where you can rent a cleaner.

Walmart stocks many machines that can be rented and used as long as you want until it’s rented. The rent for the equipment is around $4. It’s just like renting a room at an apartment complex.

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