Should i Tip Amazon Prime Now Delivery Drivers? (if So, How Much?)

Amazon is an online retailer with everything from home furniture to fresh groceries available for fast and stress-free delivery.

Amazon Prime Now is the same as other grocery delivery services. The delivery drivers are not employees of Amazon and they are not supposed to be paid by Amazon. However, tip is not recommended.

We should not tip those drivers or anyone you are having them take you to pick up your groceries. If you need them to get something at the grocery store for you or your house, tell them when you order to tell you when it’s ready.

Should I Tip Amazon Prime Now Delivery Drivers In 2022?

This is not the first instance of Amazon being criticised for this practice. Back in November 2018, an Indian daily, the Times of India, ran an article on Amazon’s delivery service and its aggressive behavior. It noted that it was unethical to be giving free delivery service to people with no intention to pay.

You can order most items using Amazon Prime Now, but you have to pay the regular delivery fee.
You get free shipping for eligible items, so it’s actually a good deal unless you only need the one or two items you ordered.
The service is even better if you’re ordering a lot because you pay a flat fee for service instead of being charged per item.

How Can You Tip Amazon Delivery Drivers?

Amazon now uses the “tip” option that you find when ordering off Prime Now.

Of course, if you’re ordering a package with multiple shipments, you can enter each order separately by using the Shipping Address information on your order.

Tips for driver service will always depend on how much the driver has done for you, but a general rule of thumb is between 10%-15% of your total order.

For example, if you’re picking up a whole bunch of groceries, and you want someone to help you carry it all in, you pay them for the labor you were going to do anyway.

If you have Amazon Prime Now and that you order all of your groceries through Amazon Prime Now, then Amazon Prime Now should be paying for the tip.

Even if you use the Whole Foods Market app/website, you can still purchase goods through Amazon at a cheaper rate, so that isn’t really the issue. It’s more of a concern that Amazon is charging an extra fee for delivery.

You will have the option to tip at checkout for an additional service fee, however this is not included in the delivery fee.

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If you want to tip your driver, then it is best to find and leave money in the app. Drivers can not accept cash payments at the moment.

How Much Do Amazon Prime Now Delivery Drivers Make?

In 2018, Amazon raised its minimum wage to $15 for U.S. employees. That’s just a starting point. As you gain experience as a delivery driver you’ll see your pay rise.

Although the minimum wage is higher than other companies, drivers still appreciate tips after driving around and picking up grocery as quickly as possible.

You pay for the convenience and the comfort of having the items delivered straight to your door, and that is why the tips are nice to acknowledge your appreciation of your delivery drivers.

Then you will have time and not stress to go into the store and take care of your shopping.

Amazon is testing Prime Now in Seattle. Drivers must have a good safety and fulfillment record and they must have a good record of handling deliveries.

What Do Amazon Prime Now Drivers Do?

The Amazon Prime Now app lets you place a one-hour or two-hour delivery request from some of your favorite retailers, Whole Foods Market, Papa Murphy’s Pizza, DoorDash, and more.
It’s time to make a stop at the grocery store and pick up that special treat or that last bit of cereal for the kids.

If this is your first time using or have been unregistered with Amazon Prime Now, you will need to create an account and sign up.

Most grocery stores don’t have a lot of inventory and when they do, they need to be stocked with a lot of items.

Amazon Prime Now service is accessible from the website. You can order from millions of products from all Amazon stores across the globe.

For a limited time only, now you can get Amazon’s Prime Now delivery service, just sign up for a free account and pay $7.99/wk for your food deliveries.

You might be interested in reading up about whether or not you can charge Amazon delivered items to your account, if you want to put an Amazon box in the guest room, and if you are a prime user or a standard user.


Amazon Prime Now delivery drivers do this when you order online, and it is very thoughtful of them. This is because they may have had to travel a little in order to deliver your order.

It’s similar to other delivery or rideshare services – while a tip isn’t required, it does make their day since its an unexpected surprise.

If you have some money to spare then you should tip a bit so that you get a bigger discount on your order.

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