What Is Amazon Prime Pantry? (all You Need To Know)

There are a lot of perks to shopping on Amazon, whether it be the fast and often free shipping, or the thousands of items available in most categories from pets to baby to furniture and just about everything else you can think of.

If you’re like many Amazon shoppers you may be wondering what is Amazon Prime Pantry? I have to admit I was curious about Prime Pantry too, so I started searching and here is what I figured out!

What Is Amazon Prime Pantry In 2022?

Prime Pantry was one of Amazon’s many efforts to get more users to order the product rather than just browsing. Customers could use the Amazon Pantry feature with the Prime Pantry app, and they would receive a text message or email with an order confirmation, which came with the Pantry service. Pantry shoppers were charged for the items they chose, and the checkout process took place through the Prime Pantry app.

I just noticed the following comment in a Twitter comment.
There is a feature in Prime Pantry that you can opt into.
You can use Amazon’s AmazonGo technology to scan items and automatically have them removed from your cart.
Prime Pantry is the first Amazon grocery delivery service, but there are plans for more services like it over the coming year.

Why Was Prime Pantry Canceled?

A lot of people thought that they would be able to enjoy shopping on Prime Pantry on Amazon.

According to an interview with Bloomberg News, Prime Pantry was combined with the overarching Amazon.com store to make it easier for customers to stock up on groceries without paying for separate monthly subscriptions or need to meet a minimum purchase amount.

It’s a very expensive model with a huge price tag. So, we are moving to a customer loyalty program where you can get your groceries for free.

The recent merger of Amazon.com and Whole Foods has made it easier for customers to purchase their basic household items for free.

Also, Amazon Pantry was successful at the start, but soon being eclipsed by Amazon’s more popular grocery delivery options like Amazon Fresh and Prime Now, but still is available in select markets.

It was best to shift focus from the Prime Pantry service, which wasn’t very successful, to on-demand grocery delivery, which was more successful.

What Is Amazon Fresh?

Amazon Fresh is an online grocery delivery and pick-up service, offered in select major cities and metro regions, that is open to current Amazon Prime members or those with an Amazon Prime subscription.

A comparison of Amazon Fresh vs Prime Pantry says that there are over 11.000 grocery offerings available to Amazon customers while there are only a total of a thousand-ish for Prime Pantry.

Amazon has over a million products for you to shop for. No need to be limited to what’s in the store anymore.

Amazon is working on several solutions for your shopping needs. They include Amazon Fresh, a grocery pickup and delivery service, Amazon Local, a service that allows you to pick up items from a store closest to you, Amazon’s Cashier feature, and Amazon Local Pickup and Delivery service, which allows you to order things and have them delivered directly to your car.

The Amazon Fresh service is more affordable than the Prime Pantry service, due to the larger order minimum. It is more competitive than the rival service Instacart, but less so than the Prime Pantry service.

Since small Amazon Fresh orders do not meet the threshold, delivery fees are usually $5-$8, depending on the time.

What Is Amazon Prime Now?

If you aren’t a member of Prime Pantry, you can still shop the Amazon Pantry selection, which includes the same rotating selection of groceries and household items that you can see on offer in Amazon Pantry.

Prime Now provides delivery of groceries for two hours or less, and also offers free delivery for Whole Foods Market products.

Amazon Dash is a delivery service where there is a threshold (5 items) and an option for pickup.

Prime Now is now available in over 50 cities and Amazon is trying to become more regional and make their shopping even better for their customers.

Prime Now is free to Prime members who have an Amazon app on their device. It makes shopping for groceries easy and fast. You can order groceries directly from the Prime Now app.

What is Amazon Fresh? Amazon Prime Delivery by Overnight, Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Shipping, Amazon Prime Facts, and What is Amazon Fresh?.


You will have to visit Amazon’s main store to see the selection of online groceries. If you wanted to try it out, you will have to visit Amazon main store or Amazon.com.

It’s nice to know that Amazon remains committed to on-demand grocery delivery options, so you can make the most of Amazon Fresh or Prime Now, which gives you faster shipping and a wider selection than Pantry had to begin with.

 It’s no longer an option to fill up a Prime Pantry box and get it shipped to your door for a flat fee, but you can choose from over half a million products on Amazon Fresh for delivery in many major cities across the country.

Although Prime Now usually offers free delivery, it’s not guaranteed as their delivery rates can actually vary.

Amazon Prime members are automatically eligible for one and two-hour delivery of groceries on Amazon Fresh and Prime Now, so this is really convenient for ordering groceries without having to leave the house.

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