Advance Auto Parts Competitors (list Of The 10 Biggest Competitors)

Advance Auto Parts is a leading automotive aftermarket parts provider and, with more than 5,600 locations, it is the largest single automotive parts source in the United States.

Advance Auto Parts is one of the most successful automobile retailers in the country. But its competition is also fierce. The primary competitor is Parts Express, which is a major competitor.

Advance Auto Parts’ Competitors in 2022

The competitive outlook for Advance Auto Parts is good for the following reasons: 1) Advance Auto Parts is considered a high-profit company, 2) Its strong industry position will allow it to be a good investment option, 3) Advance Auto Parts provides many services that are useful in automobiles, and 4) The company’s products and services are sold in the large-volume market, which makes it easy for its competitors to enter this market.

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1. AutoZone

AutoZone is rival because it is a major competitor of Advance Auto Parts. They provide the same brands, but they have bigger stores and they have more experience and they have trained employees, so they are usually more helpful and give better advice than autozone.

One of the ways businesses can market and promote their products is by letting their customers know that they have a number of items that are for sale.

AutoZone provides auto parts and accessories to people throughout the United States.

It operates over 6,000 stores in the U.S. market and Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Mexico. The company reported net income of approximately $2.2 billion in the 2021 fiscal year.

2. O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts is the largest chain of automotive and general merchandise stores in the United States.

Advance Auto Parts is competing with O’Reilly because the other company offers its customers the same products and services.

Therefore, you can get auto parts, accessories, equipment, and professional auto services in both stores.

Note: The original sentence was about the state of the business, but I decided to rephrase it as it seems to be about the place.

Advance Auto Parts employs less than 100,000 employees but it is planning to go on a hiring spree in the near future.

This lets the company serve more customers and offer a good service.

The publisher generated a revenue of over $11 million in 2020, thanks to its professional service customers.

3. NAPA Auto Parts

The National Automotive Parts Association is one of the oldest and largest companies in the automotive industry and a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Transport.

NAPA Auto Parts is an effective competitor of Advance Auto Parts because it has 6,000 stores, which have their own services and products. Its customers come from the different regions of the U.S.

You can choose different accessories, deals, reward programs, and services at Advance Auto Parts.

financial records show that NAPA Auto Parts is estimated to make $2.1 billion yearly.

4. Pep Boys

Pep Boys is a major competitor for Advance Auto Parts because they also sell car batteries and car tires, just like Advance Auto Parts.

I’m from the north, so I like the north (or I guess the west.) So it’s not hard for me to find a place where I can get a new car for a reasonable price. I like the Pep Boys. They’ve always been the most convenient place to shop for me.

Advance Auto Parts has a nationwide footprint, but they do not have extra services to compete, thus they cannot compete effectively with Pep Boys.

Customers can go to Pep Boys and get parts and services for their vehicles. Pep Boys also provides vehicle repairs and car towing services for customers.

By 2021, Pep Boys sales, will be worth more than $2 billion annually.

5. LKQ Corporation

LKQ Corporation is the leading provider of replacement parts if your car needs a new replacement part.

This is the company that can be considered to be a rival of Advance Auto Parts, since it specializes in a range of aftermarket parts, replacement systems, equipment, components, and repair services.

Truck trailers, as a rule, are usually built with the same basic design, especially when it comes to the structure. The design of the rear end, however, is a bit more specific on each type…

LKQ was established in 1998, it has over 51,000 employees across over 1,700 locations in 31 countries.

This brand has operations in North America, Europe, and the United States.



In the fourth quarter of 2021, revenues for LKQ amounted to $3.2 billion.

6. Parts Authority

Parts Authority was established in 1973 and is the leading distributor of replacement parts, tools, and equipment. Its revenue is around $500 million.

The catalog of 3 million parts for the sale of aftermarket auto parts and accessories is similar to Advance Auto Parts in its offering of products for the repair of vehicles.

Pronto helps owners fix minor problems related to the engine, transmission, air conditioner, and tire. Some may choose to have the dealer perform more complicated and expensive repairs, such as replacing the engine or transmission, or doing a comprehensive repair. But, with Pronto service, it’s often possible to save money and do a repair yourself.

7. RockAuto

In order to compete with Amazon, Best Buy is trying to get people to buy their products online.

One of the largest sources of auto parts in the country, Advance Auto Parts carries about 1.9 million auto parts on its website.

RockAuto is a mobile app and PC software company that sells replacement parts.

8. Amazon

We are a Fortune 500 company that employs more than 200,000 people around the world.

Amazon offers different types of auto parts and accessories. Some are sold at different types of stores while some are sold by them at fulfillment centers.

Amazon makes a tremendous profit by shipping their goods to the United States, using services provided by Advance Auto Parts.

9. Walmart

Despite Walmart not being able to provide parts for cars and trucks, it has a department that deals in the parts of vehicles.

Wal-Mart is an American multinational with its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas and with 2009 revenues of $482.7 billion.

Apart from the wide range of automotive products it sells, Walmart also offers different auto services, such as repair.

The Walmart store is the biggest retail establishment. In 2019, the revenue stood at $496.5 billion.

10. Target

Advance Auto Parts competes with American big-box department store, Target and other competitors like Walmart. As of 2021, Advance Auto Parts had about 1,926 stores in the United States.

Target’s “auto and travel” section includes auto parts, maintenance products, car electronics, and cleaning products.

With over 2,900 stores and nearly 16 million customers per week, Target’s annual revenue has increased over $17 billion (more than the GDP of Ecuador).

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The reason behind Advance Auto Parts being the biggest competitors is because these companies compete in very similar products and they also have a large number of stores.

Moreover, general retailers like Walmart and Amazon have become competitors for Advance Auto Parts. Amazon sells automotive tools, parts and accessories, and Walmart sells automobiles.

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