Does Dunkin’ Have Boba? (all You Need To Know)

This has been the case since the first Donuts shop opened its doors in the early 1960s and the business hasn’t stopped expanding ever since. So when it comes to having a new store open its doors, it has to be well-positioned and well-designed, to ensure that it will be able to serve its customers.

Firstly, this does not mean there is no Boba, rather, it means Boba is no longer a part of the product.
Secondly, this means that the customer still likes the taste of Boba, rather than the nutritional value of Boba.
Thirdly, Boba is a kind of food sold in plastic bag that usually contains ice, something a Chinese and not a Korean would think of, so I would not say that the customer is looking for a Korean product, but a Chinese one.

Does Dunkin’ Have Boba In 2022?

Dunkin’ Donuts is set to release boba in 2022 with the introduction of the Bubble-a-Licious. The new drink is said to contain 20% of sugar-free, fat-free and cholesterol-free bubbly boba juice, which is made with a blend of strawberries and passion fruit. The new flavor is also sugar-free, so you can enjoy a sweet boba without the excessive amount of sugar and calories.

There are some people who are concerned about the potential health effects of boba drink.
So, to find out more, keep reading!
Bubble tea…

Do All Dunkin’ Donuts Locations Have Boba?

In recent years, some DDD locations have begun offering their own versions of boba, such as the “Taste the Tropics” boba menu, which includes flavors such as Mango Passion, Sweet Hawaiian, and Pineapple Passion.

These strawberry or passion fruit flavored tapioca balls appear to be just another way for Dunkin’ Donuts to charge you for a non-nutritive calorie-loading addition.

If you find the need to freeze your iced or frozen drink, you can order the frozen bubbles to be added to your drink at an additional cost. They will then burst into a delicious and refreshing treat.

Also, these jelly beans let out a thick blast of strawberry or passion fruit flavor when they burst in your mouth.

This is a fact that the fast food chain only serves cold beverages with popping bubbles that are known as “bubble tea”.

It would be ideal if Dunkin Donuts started to give us some kind of product update, so that we can inform you on whether your local store has boba on its menu or not.

Since most Dunkin’ stores are mobile-friendly and have user-friendly websites, you can check the menu online.

You can do so by simply logging into your Dunkin’ store’s website to find a list of menu items to scan.

If you are a customer and feel that you did not receive your order correctly, or if you are an employee and are having problems with the orders you process, you can call your customer service department.

Do Dunkin’ Donuts Locations Have Boba Tea?

They also sell boba tea in select stores, especially during the summer.

iced green tea with strawberry flavored tapioca pearls, available at McDonald’s, will be available at McDonald’s beginning on August 18, 2017.

The tapioca pearls bursts open in your mouth with each sip you take. The sweetness is strawberry flavored.

Besides the iced tea, iced coffee and Iced Cappuccino, Dunkin’ also offers the more refreshing Summer Shandy.

These drink mixes come from the strawberry or passion-flavored fruit concentrate. The bubble drinks pop with caffeine. The drinks also have vitamin B to boost your energy and brightness.

In the United States, drinking milk through plastic straws is considered wasteful and bad for the environment.

What Kind Of Boba Do They Have At Dunkin’?

Dunkin’ Donuts has now come up with bubble tea flavors and boba drinks.

After drinking the boba, you feel like your mouth has been filled with bubbles, which is good since it gives you a refreshing taste.

The small strawberry flavored and peach passion flavored bubbles can be added as an optional mix-in to any of Dunkin’s frozen and iced drinks.

So the sweet stuff in Dunkin’s coffee is a significant limiting factor as compared to Starbucks’s mochas, lattes, and cold brews.

This popping candy combines tapioca starch with plant-sourced colors. This allows the candy to be used with fruity-flavored iced summer beverages, such as lemonade and coconut refreshers.

In addition, Dunkin Donuts serves all boba beverages with extra-wide paper straws specifically tailored to prevent the bubbles from getting stuck while sucking your beverage.

If you have the time, I’d recommend spending more than the $0.70 and having them as a dessert.

Although, if you add the strawberry or passion fruit flavoring to your drink at extra charge, your drink may be too sweet.

I must say though that many people have asked me if I try boba or not. It is a popular drink all over the world, but I will make sure to give it a try before I go there. It will also help me determine whether I would like it.

In the past tense, however, the use of make + infinitive is not incorrect:

[Past Tense]: The man has been trying to understand the physics of the universe since he was a child.

Which Dunkin’ Drinks Pair Well With Dunkin’s Boba?

An ideal drink such as Dunkin’s Peach Coconut Refresher is one of the ideal drinks to add tapioca pearls in since it provides the sweetness and creaminess reminiscent of bubble tea.
‘I want to drink coffee but I don’t want to have a headache’ is the thought of most of the users.
If you add tapioca pearls in the water, the sweetness of the tapioca pearls will not go bad and will continue flowing.

iced tea with flavor shots gives you the same experience as milk tea with boba, so I recommend that you should enjoy both as much as you can!

iced tea was great because of the refreshing taste, but it was almost too good. I think it would’ve been better to pair it with coffee, because the boba milk tea is more of a dessert than an iced tea.

In order to understand this, one should look into Dunkin’s business model. The company is a franchisee and the franchisor owns the restaurant. The franchisor is the business, not just the location.


iced or frozen drinks can be taken out of the freezer and the add boba to it. They can also be warmed up in microwave for a moment.

I just don’t understand why you would get into an argument about whether Dunkin’ offers the drink or not. You can find out for yourself pretty straightforwardly.

iced tea with flavor shots and milk and peach coconut refresher are the perfect pairings with the boba flavored drinks and they’re perfect for summer months.

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