Does Kohl’s Price Match? (Competitors, Exclusions, And More!)

Kohl’s is a household name and the largest chain of department stores in America, with over 1,158 locations across every state, except Hawaii.

Kohl’s must therefore adopt multiple strategies in order to maintain its status as the US’s largest department store chain. But is price matching one these strategies? Continue reading to learn more…

Does Kohl’s Price Match?

Kohl’s will price match identical items purchased from or other retailers. They do not match the online price of their competitors, with Amazon being the exception.

There are however a few exceptions to this price match. Price matching is not available for Kohl’s excluded products. Kohl’s won’t price match prices for Kohl’s or their competitors during the week of Thanksgiving.

As proof that the price is lower, be sure to include a copy the local ad of the competitor with the exact product. Include the product description and the current sale price.

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Kohls will honor a lower price?

Kohl’s will honor a lower price through price matching and price adjustments.

You can get a price adjustment to partially refund the cost of items purchased from Kohl’s. If the item goes on sale within 2 weeks, you can get a price adjustment.

To be eligible for price adjustments, a product must also meet certain criteria:

  • The item was either regular or on sale.
  • After 14 days, the price of the item was significantly reduced from the original price.
  • Original sales receipts should be presented
  • This item is not a clearance or ‘Buy One Get One’ sale.
  • This item is not Kohl’s cares merchandise.

You can also use the “Chat Now” feature on for confirmation if your item qualifies for a price adjustment.

Kohl’s matches sales prices?

Kohl’s price match system includes their in-store sales price, and is not limited to their retail price. They will price match the sales price of their competitors.

Online price matching applies to all items sold on Price matching is not available on Kohl’s competitors’ websites.

Is Kohls price match after a purchase?

Kohl’s will price match any purchase. You will need to provide proof of payment through the receipt you received when you purchased the item. Also, you will need to show proof of a lower price than Kohl’s competitors by way of an advertisement or sales price.

Remember that price match after purchase is only valid for two weeks (14 days) from the date of payment.

What Items Are Excluded From The Price Match at Kohl’s?

Kohl’s will not sell coupon-specific merchandise in-store or online. These items include:

  • Gift certificates
  • Kohl’s Care products
  • Sephora at Kohl’s
  • Kohl’s brands curate this collection
  • Beauty products
  • Find novelty gifts, exclusives online, electronics, and personal grooming products
  • Toys
  • Sporting goods
  • Sport team merchandise
  • Shoes, sunglasses, and electronics of premium quality
  • Consumables
  • Brands for the wellness market

Some brands are not eligible for price matching. This includes:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Columbia
  • Crocs
  • Eddie Bauer
  • KitchenAid (select)
  • UGG Koolaburra
  • The End of the Land
  • Levi’s
  • Lovepop
  • Scentworx
  • S’Well
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • TOMS

The Kohl’s Exclusion Brands List can be viewed on their website.

It is best to verify that the items you are looking to buy do not fall within the exclusions before asking for a price match.

This can be done by confirming the order with a sales representative via’s “Ask Now” or in-store.

Is Kohl’s price comparable to Amazon?

Kohl’s will price match any product sold by Amazon. Kohl’ items are not eligible to price match with Amazon products. Third-party Amazon items are also not eligible for price matching within Kohl’s.

You can submit your price match request in store by printing a copy of the product page showing the lower price.

However, Kohl’s stores allow you to open the product page on your digital devices and use it as evidence.

If you need more information, please refer to our guide Kohl’s price match policy with Amazon.

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Does Kohl’s Price Match Walmart?

Kohl’s will price match products sold at Walmart. Kohl’s will price match items purchased at, but these items are not eligible for price matching.


Kohl’s price match policy is for retail and sales prices. It can be done within 14 days after the purchase.

Keep in mind, however, that Kohl’s sells its own brands and limits the price match by exclusions. It can be difficult to find items that price match Kohl’s.

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