Does Sephora Match Their Online Prices? (What To Know!)

Sephora is a leading beauty retailer worldwide. Sephora sells a variety of products for skin, hair, and makeup to customers all over the world. They have many special deals for Beauty Insider members, and their online storefront is one the main draws.

Sephora may sometimes offer a cheaper price online than in-store for the exact same product. Sephora often discounts products on their online storefronts as part of an event. You might still be interested in purchasing the item in-store, but you’ll wonder if Sephora will price match its online storefront.

Sephora matches their online prices?

Sephora has no official price match policy. This policy includes price matching on items in their online storefront. Sephora may price match some competitors’ prices, according to certain reports. However, this does not apply to their sales prices.

Continue reading to learn more about Sephora’s price-matching policies and which Sephora stores will or won’t price match.

This Sephora sale is only available online

You may be able to see sales on the Sephora website but they do not always occur at Sephora stores. Sometimes, the Sephora website may have items that are cheaper than in-store.

Sephora offers some sales that can only be accessed online. Sephora sometimes offers promo codes and coupons that can only be used online. Sephora customer service can be reached at 1-877-737-46672 if you have any questions about whether or not Sephora has an online sale.

Sometimes, you may receive coupons or promotional codes with products purchased in-store at Sephora. Sephora gives these codes away to promote their sales events online. These codes and coupons can only be used for online orders.

You should also note that online purchases may have different return policies depending on how you paid for them. You can find more information about returning online purchases from Sephora on the Sephora returns page.

Does Sephora Price Match Ulta?

Sephora does not have an official price-matching policy, but there are discussions online that suggest Sephora will price match certain competitors. This list is not exhaustive, so Sephora will match regular prices, but not sales prices.

Sephora doesn’t price match Ulta. They will however price match certain competitors. These include Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus.

If you are looking for a Sephora product that is less expensive at Ulta, it may be a good idea to buy the item at Ulta. Sephora won’t price match Ulta products, and Sephora price matching doesn’t include sales prices.

Sephora doesn’t have a price matching policy, but many Ulta products that are also sold at Sephora will be the same price. You will likely end up paying the same price at both stores even though Sephora doesn’t offer price matching on Ulta products.

What is Sephora’s Price Match Policy and How Does It Work?

Sephora does not have an official price match policy. They will price match products from their competitors, but that does not mean they won’t. Sephora price matching and price adjustment can save you significant money.

Sephora does not have a price match policy. They will however price match with certain competitors such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom.

Sephora will match their regular prices, but that is the only condition for price matching. This means that if an item is on sale at a discount price, it will not be eligible for price matching. You will get the item for a lower price if you buy it from a competitor who is selling it.

Sephora may occasionally offer coupons and promotional codes. These coupons and promo codes can only be used with online orders. There are exceptions.

Learn more about Sephora. You can find out more about Sephora’s military discounts, Sephora’s makeup products and whether Sephora points expire.


Sephora doesn’t have an official price match policy. Sephora does price match certain competitors, according to Beauty Insider employees and members. These price adjustments can only be made in-store and will not be applied to discounted prices as part of a sale or promotion.

Sephora will only match with competitors and will not price match their merchandise on their site. If the sale is only online, can’t price match items in-store. Sephora also offers coupons and promotional codes that can only be used online.

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