Does Ulta Price Match? (What Customers Must Know!)

Ulta is a leading US beauty retailer. Ulta has over 1200 locations in the US and offers a wide variety of beauty products. Many of the products available at Ulta can be found in other stores. Some of these items might even be cheaper.


Retailers don’t offer price matching because their products are often sold at the lowest price possible while still maintaining a profit margin. This is usually due to exclusive deals with brands and contracts with manufacturers that require retailers to adhere to certain price points.

Continue reading for details about Ulta’s price matching policy and information about whether Ulta will price match items purchased from other competitors.

Ulta Price Match Policy

Ulta doesn’t have a price match program. Ulta does not match prices on competitors’ websites or their own site. Although they do have a very lenient return policy and offer a variety of savings options, price adjustments are not offered.

Prices for items are included in this calculation. There won’t be significant price differences between the in-store and online prices. If you find an item cheaper online than in-store, it might be a good idea to purchase the item directly from

Ulta will not lower the price of an item you find elsewhere. Ulta does not lower its prices to compete with their online storefront. Remember that shipping costs for items purchased online can affect the final price.

Is Ulta’s price comparable to Amazon?

Ulta sells many of the same goods on These items can be purchased directly from, while others may be sold by third-party sellers. Many of the items that Amazon sells are sold at lower prices than what you would find in brick-and-mortar shops like Ulta.

Ulta prices do not match Amazon. Ulta does not price match Amazon. If you find products sold at Ulta at lower prices, you may want to order them from Amazon. Remember that shipping and currency conversion costs can affect the final price of the item.

You should remember that Amazon’s third-party sellers may not offer the same quality or integrity guarantees as Amazon and Ulta. When purchasing makeup or other beauty products from Amazon, you should ensure that the seller is reputable.

Is Ulta’s price comparable to Sephora’s?

Sephora is Ulta’s biggest competitor. You can find a variety of beauty products at Sephora, as well as some that are available at Ulta. Sephora offers price matching on certain products, but with some limitations.

Sephora prices are not matched by Ulta. Sephora will price match certain items from competitors, but only at regular prices and not on sale.

Ulta doesn’t price match Sephora items (or any other retailer for that matter), so it is better to buy the item directly from Sephora, even if it is cheaper. Remember that shipping costs can affect the final price if you order something from

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Last Thoughts

Ulta is a leading US beauty retailer. They offer a variety of beauty products including a line of Ulta products that are exclusive to their stores.

Ulta has many ways to save money. They offer coupon programs and other promotions. However, they don’t price match products from other stores. will not price match any of their items.

Ulta may sell an item at a lower price than another retailer. If this happens, you should simply buy the item from that retailer. If you are purchasing an item online, keep in mind that shipping costs can affect the final price.

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