Does Kohl’s Price Match? (all You Need To Know)

When a customer purchases more than one product during a visit, stores can offer a price match policy to help their customers save money.

The short answer is yes and no. Yes, Kohl’s will match prices on in-stock items, but they will not match prices on items that have been discontinued. To be clear, Kohl’s does not price match with online retailers like Amazon.

Does Kohl’s Price Match In 2022?

Kohl’s has a Kohl’s Price match program for a number of products. The program allows customers to request a price match of an item they have seen at their local store. They can also check Kohl’s web page prices before purchasing.

However, if you want to learn more about the price matching policy, go to the Kohl’s website and find out more.

How Do I Request A Price Match At Kohl’s?

Kohl’s can offer price matching either online or in-store. If in-store, it can only do so on items that are in stock at the competing store.

If customers see the price of an identical product on Kohl’s website but when a user puts that product in their shopping cart, they see an entirely different price, the customer should contact the stores help desk.

The associate also has his or her own toolbox. They can check the products to determine if adjustments are necessary. This allows the associates to be efficient in their work. It also prevents overstocking, which would incur lower inventory costs and decrease the quantity of items sold. This also allows the associates to have access to quality products that can increase customer satisfaction.

Customers must have the exact competitor’s ad/catalog showing the identical product at its current price in order to price match.

To ensure that you can generate a promotion for a future customer, make sure that you include specific information about the product, price, and quantity.

Does Kohl’s Price Match After Purchase?

If a customer purchases a specific item only to find that the price is cheaper online or at another store, they will still be allowed to request a price match.

The Customer must present this proof of purchase and bring it into Kohl’s within two weeks (or within the period of time stated on the card) of the date of purchase.

The only way this would be possible is if a store manager does not have the discretion to adjust the price after the sale.
If a store has that discretion, there is no way they’d charge us twice for the same item.

Does Kohl’s Price Match Online Stores?

Kohl’s does not discount the prices of online stores in order to compete with them.

This is a great example of how Amazon is still giving a competitive advantage to their own sellers. However, when you consider the millions of items on at any given time, it makes sense that your local Kohl’s store is offering the same deal.

Does Kohl’s Price Match Its Online Products?

Since the prices may be a little different online than they are during store hours, you can always use to compare prices before you decide where to shop.

If a customer is carrying a mobile device with them when they enter the store, they should be able to provide the product page from their mobile device for a Kohl’s associate to verify it.

How Do I Request A Price Match For Amazon At Kohl’s?

So to have an Amazon product matched at Kohl’s, customers will need to be able to find the identical product on and print a physical copy of it.

The process seems to be a bit complicated, but the main idea is that the retailer will take a photo of the barcode, and customers will be able to pay for the products they want to buy using their phones.

Although, does specify a copy of the sales receipt, if you don’t have one and have difficulty finding a store you purchased from, it may be beneficial to call the Kohls phone number listed on the receipt. The store’s customer service representative can use that in your favor to find out what the exact price of the item was.

Kohl’s is only going to price match items that are sold directly by Amazon.

If it is sold by Kohl’s as a promotional item it does not count.
If it is the same store, same exact item with a different price, it does not count.
If it is the same store, same exact item but for a different product line and/or different size, it still does not count.

What Does Kohl’s Exclude From Price Matching?

Kohl’s can no longer price match their own coupons and discounts. This includes online and in-store coupons. provides a list of exclusions for all brands and products for price matching, which includes the items that do not qualify.

Before making a price match request, it’s important to check that the item you want to price match will be eligible for the price match.

Can I Apply Other Discounts To A Price Match?

Coupons and other discounts (including dollar-off, percentage-off, and Kohl’s Cash) cannot be applied to a price match to lessen a total amount you have to pay after a price match.

Although customers will not earn cash back for price matching, they can earn Kohl’s Cash and Kohl’s Rewards. Customers can earn Kohl’s Cash which can be redeemed for a $5 reward as well as Kohl’s Rewards points which can be redeem for merchandise.

Please be aware that this item may be limited while it’s in-stock.

However, this will be completely customer and associate based. The price match policy may vary across both stores and individual associates.

What Other Retail Stores Offer Price Matching?

Amazon Price Match

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Walmart sells an awful lot.

Walmart will price match select online retailers, with a limit that allows one purchase per day to be price matched per customer, for a limited time.

Customers must ask the Customer Service Desk for pricing match. Customers must provide valid proof of a lower price.

I was there last year, it was packed.

Bass Pro Shops will price match any retailer of their brand within a 100-mile radius of their store location, along with online merchants.

You can also check the website.

You have 30 days after the purchase date to bring in your product for repricing. You must bring the ad to the cash register at the time of purchase/ re-negotiation in order to receive a price match.
This will allow us to provide better service and product knowledge to our customers.

A customer who sees an unbelievable deal, but then finds out it is already being marked down should still shop around.

Apart from that, they will not match competitor’s coupons or discounts either.

It is the place to go to buy bedding and bath products.

Bed Bath & Beyond guarantees prices match. The customer must be shopping at one of their stores during the 60 days. They don’t allow salespeople to mark up prices. They have a lot of brands.

While it does not always price match clearance items, you can also get a price match for Black Friday sales.

For both online and phone orders, if you wish to request a price match, you need to call the customer service number and have all your information ready in case of a price match.

You might also want to check out if Kohl’s takes returns from Amazon, since I personally have never tried getting something from Amazon and then returning it at Kohl’s.


Kohl’s offers price matching on clothing, shoes, jewelry and other items upon request from either a competing retail store or Note that Kohl’s does not price match online stores except for Amazon.

Additionally, brands and products in our store do not qualify for price matching. Please see the full list of exceptions on

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