Does Amazon Have Payment Plans (instalments, Products + More)

Amazon provides many benefits to its customers such as Prime shipping, Prime Video, access to the Kindle library, and more!

Amazon Prime is a membership program that offers some pretty cool extra perks, including free fast shipping on certain items, a streaming service, and a bunch of Amazon movies and TV shows. But, the coolest perk is a payment plan for some of the items on Amazon.

Does Amazon Have Payment Plans In 2022

Amazon lets its customers pay for items through installments. The service is limited to certain items, especially electronics. To begin, customers must have a credit card.

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If you’d like to read more about how the payment plan works for Amazon, which products qualify for the plan, how to qualify for the plan, and more, keep reading for more useful facts!

How Does Amazon’s Payment Plan Work?

When people come across a product that qualifies for monthly payments, they usually see a “5 monthly payments” option listed below the product title.

Once they choose the product, and then click the Add to Basket button, customers can then add the product to their basket.

The first initial payment will be listed at checkout, plus the delivery fee which will be charged to their credit card once the item is shipped.

The shipping fee will vary based on the shipping address of the checkout.

The shipping fee stated above does not include the cost of the products. We will be providing more detail regarding shipping in the checkout of your order.

  After the first initial payment, the other 3 payments will be automatically charged to the customer’s credit card in equally divided increments, which will be paid out every 30 days from the date the product was shipped.

What is the Time Limit for Amazon’s Payment Plan?

2 Payments – $24.99
1 Payment – $20.99
1 Payment – $19.99
This is a fantastic offer, and it has been updated to reflect the offer price. This is a great deal, and if you order before this offer expires, you will get the best deal available.

Customers can prepay some installments or the full remaining balance of their installments at any time.

However, customers should also understand that, should they fail to make a payment, Amazon reserves the right to retaliate by any means it believes appropriate.

This includes suspension of Amazon account, blocking of access to Amazon content, and deregistration of Amazon devices.

When it comes to payment plans, customers should ensure they can meet all payments before placing an order.

Which Products on Amazon Qualify for a Payment Plan?

Kindle eBooks, Kindle Unlimited, Kindle Ownership, Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, Amazon Video, and Amazon Devices.

Amazon devices like Kindle, Echo Dot and Echo Show.

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Customers can find out whether they qualify for a payment plan by checking the product page or contacting customer service for similar products.

Does Amazon Offer Payment Plans Through Buy Now Pay Later Services?

Currently, it is impossible for Amazon to use Afterpay to pay for their products. However,it is possible to do it through the Quadpay and Affirm!

To use Quadpay on Amazon you have to pay $2.99 as a monthly subscription fee which is refundable. The fee is refundable because after each time you use the program to make an order, you are given a code to transfer for a refund.

With Affirm, you can get a loan to use on any product in the Amazon app. You can then pay it off with a tap, it’ll take you to a webpage that allows you to pay with your debit card.

How Do I Qualify for a Payment Plan on Amazon?

* You must have received a qualifying purchase, defined as making a purchase of $25 or more.
* The qualifying purchase must have been made within the last 45 days before the purchase date.
* The purchase must not have been cancelled or voided by the customer or Amazon.

It isn’t recommended to purchase large amounts of items because if you have an unqualified account, you may exceed your spending restriction, and that will cause further issues when you try to build up your payment history.

If a customer meets all the above criteria and still does not qualify, they can change the status of their account by reaching out to Amazon support.

The truth is that if you want to save money, you will want to shop on Amazon regardless of whether or not you are eligible for EBT.


If you reside in the United States, Amazon is going to charge you at the time of purchase.

When you purchase qualifying items and pay for them in credit card installments, it will appear on your credit card statement as 5 separate purchases.

In order to be eligible for a payment plan you must live in the United States, you must have an active account at Amazon with a working credit card attached to the account, and your purchase history must have been favorable on Amazon.

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