How To Cancel An Ikea Order (full Step-by-step Guide)

Most people don’t understand the impact of being efficient and the Ikea store does a great job of explaining the concept behind their efficiency.

IKEA is an incredible company that offers furniture that is a perfect fit for your home. With their quality customer service, you will be able to enjoy your IKEA furniture for many years to come.

How To Cancel IKEA Order In 2022?

It is also unlikely that you will be able to cancel an order once it is shipped because the order will have been picked, packed and shipped by that point.

You can get an idea of the steps that are involved by looking at the following guide.

Step 1: Call Customer Support Quickly

If you have any questions about the warranty policy for your particular product, it is best to call their customer support helpline as soon as you can after placing the order. US based IKEA customers can call 1-888-888-4532 and UK based customers can call 020 3645 0000.

You will be connected with a live agent. Your phone call may also be answered by an automated answering service.

I’d suggest to make it a little bit more friendly and state that you want to cancel your order.

You will need to listen to the options if you have an automated response. The person asking will tell you if you have completed the call.

After you have done this, please listen to the music that you have selected and sing along with the lyrics.

You will be taken through to IKEA staff, who will ask you about your order. You will then need to give a reason as to why you wish to cancel.

Step 2: Have Your Order Number In Hand

If you want to cancel the order, you have to contact customer service, and include your order number.

You should have received an email from IKEA.
If you don’t see the email, check your spam folder.
If you still don’t see the email, contact IKEA.

The alternative is that you will be able to find it on the ‘my account’ section of the IKEA website.

The IKEA telephone advisor will ask you for your full name and delivery details

You may also be asked to complete a survey before leaving the page.

We need to know where the visitor has come from and what web page they’ve just visited.

Step 3: Find Out If Your IKEA Order Can Be Cancelled

Once verification is complete, your IKEA telephone advisor will confirm that it is possible for you to have your order cancelled.

IKEA orders can be cancelled up to 2 days before the order’s intended delivery date. However, you must call IKEA Customer Service well in advance to discuss your order.

If you call them the day before your order’s delivery date, you might have a slim chance of canceling your order.

To ensure you receive an order before a 2-day maximum delivery window, we would recommend ordering on a Friday or the weekend.

Step 4: Confirm Refund Payment Details

If you have made a payment for your order they may wish to confirm your payment details for security purposes.

If you should need to cancel your order please email us at and include your order number. If you receive no response please email us again after 48 business hours.

Step 5: Receive Your Refund!

You should expect to receive your IKEA refund within a few days after cancelling the order. Make sure you check your emails and bank account to see if the refund has been sent to you.

 For any other questions or concerns regarding this product, you can contact customer service by calling the same number you used for ordering.

Can I Make Changes To My Ikea Order Online?

You can still change your delivery by asking for a new date if the original date isn’t working for you or your budget.

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IKEA is so cheap because IKEA does so little with so much.


You can also contact the Customer Service team on the IKEA website to cancel your order. Please check out our full IKEA FAQ to see exactly what happens if you do this!

Note: Once you cancel your order via the website, your order will be considered complete and it will be handled as normal. If you are having any issues contacting Customer Service or cancelling your order, please get in touch with us via Support!

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