Does Lowe’s Cut Tile? (marble, Glass, Is It Free, How It Works + More)

You may want custom sizes because you plan on using tile in your bathroom or kitchen. Most big-box stores have pre-cut tile, but if you’re the creative sort, you may want custom sizes.

Well, if you’re lucky, you can call Lowe’s, and they will give you a quote. But, sometimes, it’s cheaper to hire out the installation.

Does Lowe’s Cut Tile In 2022?

Lowe’s Home Improvement will offer free tile cutting of the same straight-line cuts to your specific measurements as of 2022. With that, Lowe’s Home Improvement can either cut your tile to size or simply trim it to fit in your vehicle. However, Lowe’s Home Improvement tile cutting services can only make straight-line cuts on the tile, not curved or angled cuts.

And now you know everything there is to know about Lowe’s, including if you can rent a tile cutter from Lowe’s to cut tile yourself!

Does Lowe’s Cut Marble Tile?

The policy does not allow home centers to cut any outside the home that they don’t sell.

You’re only allowed to use the tool to cut within the store, even if it’s in the parking lot.

The cheapest price for a marble tile is $0.49 per tile, and the prices can reach as high as $41.04 per square foot.

Does Lowe’s Cut Glass Tile?

yes it’s a problem that Lowe’s is not including the price of the items in the itemized receipt, this is the result of Lowe’s own decision to not include the cost of the items on the receipt.

When you purchase the tile, find an associate and you can have the process started.

Is It Free To Cut Tile At Lowe’s?

Tiles can cost a few dollars per tile. Once you’ve purchased a tile, you can’t cut it until it’s set and grouted.

Lowe’s free tile cutting service helps people with projects in the basement, bathroom or kitchen, and offers free installation of hardwood, engineered wood, vinyl plank and tile.

How Does Cutting Tile At Lowe’s Work?

To get your tile cut at Lowe’s, you need to prepare your measurements and have them ready when you go to your local Lowe’s.

In order to choose which size of a table you need, you can either measure it yourself or contact Lowe’s to perform an in-house measurement service to ensure you get the right length. The length is determined by the length of the table from the edge of one leg to the edge of the other leg.

– I would use a wood glue to join the tiles (if you do not have a grout cutter)
– You can also find some nice wall tiles here
– Let us know if you have any more questions about the project.

Lowe’s will only cut tile purchased in-store. You can save time browsing the shelves by shopping online.

After purchasing a tile, you can speak to an associate about a measuring service.

To cut all roughs straight and all mitered cuts at a 45 degree angle that you make on the wood.

It’s a nice and convenient service to do DIY tile cutting.

While this is not the best DIY project around, it’s a simple service you can utilize when you need to be trimmed tiles.

Do Lowe’s Sell Tile Cutters?

There are also sliding tables that are wet saws for cutting tile. Additionally, the electrical needs to be changed with wet saws. Lowe’s also offers different sizes of wet saws.

Wet saws can have various brands depending on the manufacturer. Prices start at around $60.

To keep your home looking newer than ever, visit Lowe’s to find all the best deals, sales, and promotions.

Can You Rent A Tile Cutter From Lowe’s?

Lowe’s is not the only place to rent tile cutting tools. Many handyman stores offer a tool rental option.

For example, a 7-inch tile saw rental costs around $21 for four hours, while the RRP of this saw is around $105.

Renting or leasing your car increases over time, with a max price of $290 for four weeks (28 calendar days).

Rental time is four hours, and the necessary prepayment amount required is $25.

Depending on the rental period and type of saw you need, these prices can differ.

If you would like to order your rental online, go to or call your local Lowes store, you’re more than welcome to do so.
Once you’ve ordered, you will be sent a rental receipt, receipt ID, and order confirmation.

Which Stores Cut Tile?

It is rare to find other home improvement stores that will cut tile.


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Even though there is no exact answer, it makes sense that the stores don’t want to spend money on cutting tile.

In most cases, you can buy tile cutters, but you should have a wet saw along with it to cut the tile in the proper way.

Home improvement stores (HIS), also known as a home improvement superstore, are home improvement retailers that typically contain several types of building materials, home improvement tools, and appliances as well as other home improvement related items such as storage space. Home improvement stores are most often found in larger, urban areas, such as shopping malls. Some of them also have smaller storefronts located inside local home improvement stores. Home improvement stores are usually located in strip malls or in major retail areas.

Lowe’s has a lot of information about the services they offer. To make sure that those services are right for you, you should take a look at the flooring installation services, the countertop installation, or the glass installation services that Lowe’s offers.


Lowe’s does have tile cutting services for free. However, you must purchase from Lowe’s, and associates can only cut straight lines on a tile.

This does not affect the functionality of the part and the quality of the part still meets the required level.

Lowe’s will make sure you have all the tools for the job at hand to get the job done, in the right way. They also have instructional videos and a blog to help you successfully trim your tile.

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