Double Quarter Pounder (why It’s The Best & Worst Burger)

In the United States, a double quarter pounder with cheese is a sandwich made of two patties of ground beef, two slices of American cheese, and lettuce, tomatoes and onions on grilled bread.

After writing this, I was wondering if I should talk about the Double Quarter Pounder, such as if it’s good and how much food I should take with this burger.

Double Quarter Pounder In 2022

Burger King is known for its burgers, but they have also had some issues in terms of the quality and nutrition of their burgers. Their 100% beef hamburger is the highest fat hamburger in the country. They are also not very big burgers. What’s worse is that McDonald’s is known for its higher quality food.

McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese is a delicious burger. This item contains about 696 calories, 44 grams of which are from fat, and 32 grams of protein!

A Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese is very fattening! This is because of the cheese.

Is the Double Quarter Pounder Good?

The Double Quarter Pounder has two very juicy and delicious beef patties on it.
It is a very popular burger.

The very meaty Double Quarter Pounder. If you’re not down for the taste of very meaty burgers, you might find the Double Quarter Pounder too meaty.

The French menu also comes with a choice of bread which I usually opt for because I’m a carbhead.

What are the Calories in a Double Quarter Pounder?

When you consider that most beef that is used has around 400 calories per pound, it shows just how wasteful McDonald’s is when it comes to food, especially when they use a lot of calories to make an otherwise bland burger.

How Unhealthy is a Double Quarter Pounder?

The McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder is the most unhealthy burger you can get at McDonald’s. It’s 740 calories, and it’s filled with every bad thing of a Big Mac and Quarter Pounder combination.

Moreover, the burger contains 1,360 milligrams which is 59% of your daily value.

This bread contains 165 mg of cholesterol. It has 1.5 grams of trans fat, which is 60% of your daily value.

Additionally, the Double Quarter Pounder has nearly 20 grams of saturated fat which comes out to nearly 100 percent of your daily value!

The Double Quarter Pounder is one of Burger King’s worst sandwich choices in terms of nutritional value and this bad boy comes in at a whopping 54% of daily recommended value for saturated fat.

Double Quarter Pounder Nutrition

The double quarter pounder has a good hamburger bun which should keep its shape well if you handle it gently. The patty itself is very nicely seasoned and juicy, and the cheese is good and goes well with the burger. It has just enough bacon to make it special. A really well done burger.

This is the biggest Quarter Pounder in the store, so it’s very high in protein. It has two beef patties.

Additionally, this salad includes 15% of your daily value of calcium and 35% of your daily value of iron that you need.

A single serving provides just over a quarter of your daily recommended intake for fiber, so this is a good option to choose if you want to get a lot of healthy fiber in a short amount of time.

What’s the Difference Between a McDouble and Double Quarter Pounder?

The main difference between the McDouble and a Double Quarter Pounder is the size of the hamburger patties with the McDouble having a larger hamburger patty on a bun.

They also have a bigger bun that is a double roll that hold more food than McDoubles and they have a bigger sausage patty.

What Ingredients are on a Double Quarter Pounder?

If you eat a Double Quarter Pounder, you are going to get two quarter pound 100% all-beef patties, and it comes with two slices of cheese.

It has pickles and onions on it. It’s got a couple wedges of cheese on it. There’s also ketchup on it. But it’s got a sesame seed bun on it.

You can ask for modifications to the ingredients if you don’t want onions or pickles, or cheese, or if you want to make your own.

Is the Double Quarter Pounder Permanent?

McDonald’s now sells a double quarter pounder, meaning that you don’t have to worry about missing this gigantic sandwich anytime soon!

So in order to use the new service, you need to be in a different state, or one of the places where the service is currently available.

Is a Double Quarter Pounder Bigger Than the Big Mac?

There are two different recipes of the Big Mac (a quarter pounder and a half pounder), but both are served in the same sandwich. So, you can compare the two.
The Double Quarter Pounder is the same as the Big Mac, just with different sizes of burgers.

Additionally, the Double Quarter Pounder is also bigger in terms of calories, with about 200 more calories than the Big Mac, and it’s substantially more unhealthy, including in fat and sodium. And as you can see, the Double Quarter Pounder actually has more calories than the Quarter Pounder, a sandwich that many people call the best burger in the fast food industry.

Are There Artificial Ingredients in the Double Quarter Pounder?

Artificial ingredients, fillers, flavors, and preservatives are not in the regular Double Quarter Pounder at McDonald’s.

If you want to avoid artificial ingredients in your burger, you can order a burger without pickles. It’s easy to remove them yourself as well.

If you’re interested in the history of McDonald’s, we have a good article on how McDonald’s got its name, what McDonald’s used to be called, and how McDonald’s started.


The Double Quarter Pounder is delicious, and contains 740 calories, more than any other burger at McDonald’s, but is also very unhealthy.

Although, if I’m not wrong, it also contains a bunch of cheese. And slivered onions, ketchup, pickles, and sesame seeds.

– A burger that has been served so many times that it’s completely decomposed and is completely void of any nutritional value.

Although it’s horrible for your health to eat something that’s basically feces, it does have a silver lining in that it has good protein and iron content.

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