Does Subway Have Drive-thru? + Other Common Faqs

Now, it might not be quite the first choice for food, but Subway does have something going for it. Its menu offers delicious, healthy options that taste amazing and there is an abundance of them. They also offer several healthy meal combos, which means you can go to Subway for a healthy fast-food option without even sacrificing the taste or quality for this fast-food chain.

However, there is a question that some people have concerning whether or not Subway has a drive-thru. They may be wondering if it exists, or whether or not it’s a viable option. In this article, I will share everything I know about the drive-thru restaurant at Subway, including how it works, the types of foods you can get, and more!

Does Subway Have Drive-Thru In 2022?

In the beginning, drive-thrus worked as a way to cut labor costs, but with the increasing popularity of fast food in general, and of the drive-thru in particular, this form of efficiency has become less and less relevant. The drive-thru is now more about the fact that it allows for longer waits.

For more information on how the drive-thru system in Subway works, and what other dining options are available, read on.

How Does Subway Drive Thru Work?

Subway is similar to other restaurants where you drive up to the speaker system, and order. You leave your car where you parked it, so you don’t have to return to it.

All the customers are moving in order to collect their order. And, if the food isn’t ready yet, then the waitresses ask that customers to move to the collection parking bay.

What really made Subway drive-thru work was that they made the wait time seem minimal. When you first came in the building, you would see people standing in line. You would see their progress by the time.

And that’s why some fast food restaurants feature a drive-thru window because that’s where people go to order.

The concept of ordering using a touchscreen is still relatively new, but 2017 has been a big year for it. That year, over 200 Subway locations began to offer this technology, and there’s no going back now.

How Fast Is Subway Drive-Thru?

In a Subway drive-thru, the customer has to order at the window, and then pay at the window, then get their food and then pick up their food, then go to the window to exchange money for change.

Mcdonald’s can be quick and easy to order from the internet, but the food is not usually prepared and ready to go as soon as you order.

With the Sub hassles of the ordering process, you now have to think about what you want to put on your bread, meat, cheese, and any other ingredients.

After ordering your sandwich, you will have to wait longer than if you order from Mcdonald’s.
[Both]: If you order your sandwich when the restaurant first opens and pay your $2.50, you will have to wait about five minutes as the chef works his culinary magic.

How Many Subways Have A Drive-Thru?

A report shows that Subway has about 2,000 locations that have drive-thru service. About 10% of those locations have touch screens for ordering items.

Drive-Thru will keep growing because more and more people will prefer food to be delivered to them. They will not want to wait at the counter for 15 minutes.

What Other Ways Can You Order At Subway?

Drive-thru was a relatively new feature for Subway to add. With that, there are multiple ways to order your food from Subway that existed before the drive-thru.

The obvious option is to go into a Subway store, place your order, choose your bread, sauce, and toppings, and sit on the toilet until it’s ready.

The same thing applies to the following examples too.

If you order through the website, you can add some toppings to your sandwich.

What Does The Future Look Like For Subway Drive-Thru?

As for now, Subway drive-thru has just begun to catch on.

The few Subway stores that have a drive-thru system are very slow and the service is not very good. When you think about it, no one thinks to order from a drive-thru or order remotely through an app. A more efficient solution is for Subway to add an app that can scan QR codes and provide customer service.

I can see the next step being to grow to all Subway franchises by offering an all-digital ordering system and a drive-thru-only system.

It’s vital to have these as a standard feature at Subway drive-thrus as they’re able to cut down on mistakes by people ordering incorrectly, as well as speeding up the ordering process.

To learn more about Subway catering, or how old Subway is, or if Subway is a fast food restaurant, you might also be interested in learning about Subway sandwiches, or how to make a Subway sandwich.


It’s estimated that drive thru speed will take at least twice as long as ordering from a touchscreen, so in 2016 Subway tried out an experiment in San Francisco with an express drive-thru. While the concept was well-received, it was not implemented nationwide.

The new drive-thru in the new store is still growing, and with more touch screens added, the process will be smoother and faster.

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