Petsmart Dress Code (jeans, Shorts, Hats, Tattoos + More) 

Dress codes help retailers distinguish regular customers from store employees, make it easier for customers to seek assistance, and foster a sense of unity among employees.

The company’s dress code for employees is very clear and detailed.

As a PetSmart employee, you should not wear any type of clothing or footwear (no flip-flops or sandals) that exposes your feet.

PetSmart Dress Code In 2022

PetSmart will require employees to wear a PetSmart polo shirt with their name written on it. Furthermore, employees can wear either khaki-colored, non-branded, pants or blue jeans of their own. Additionally, those who work at a store with an animal grooming section are required to wear a PetSmart smock and waterproof clothing.

 If you would like to know more about whether PetSmart will accept any style of tattoo or piercing, whether you can wear shorts and hats at work, and a lot more, keep on reading! Â

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What Is PetSmart’s Policy On Jeans? 

PetSmart allows customers to bring their own jeans to their local store, but they will be required to ask a manager for approval of that particular style, size and color of jeans.

The employees have indicated that they were told not to wear jeans but khaki pants, so that they would be able to work in the hot summer weather.

The company claims that pet groomers are often hired specifically for their dog knowledge and grooming skills. In addition, many dog groomers prefer to work in areas where dogs are most often taken outside of the home. According to a PetSmart survey, there are over 50 pet grooming practices that workers can learn as they work for the company.

Can I Wear Shorts Whilst Working At PetSmart? 

Past employee reviews about working at PetSmart indicated that employees were not allowed to wear shorts while working at PetSmart, even during the summer months.

The company then had to work around this new policy by asking these employees to dress and look like the same people they were hired to serve as.
2) The sentence “The company then had to work around this new policy by asking these employees to dress and look like the same people they were hired to serve as.” is not making sense.

However, your store might make an exception during extreme heat, so it is best to ask your colleagues or store manager about their store’s policy.

Can I Wear Hats Whilst Working At PetSmart?

A PetSmart spokesperson has said to the Daily Mail that store managers are allowed to give their employees a break from the sun, and that it would be a breach of policy if a manager told an employee not to wear a bandana or baseball cap.

Please do check with your store manager as the uniform policy may vary from store to store.

What Is PetSmart’s Policy On Tattoos?

There are no clear rules about tattoos, but the company is more concerned with employee honesty and their performance.

However, if the tattoo contains any content that is inappropriate to store here, we will ask you to remove it or refrain from selling it here.

If you are considering getting some tattoos, it is best to ask about them during your pet store job interview or call your manager to ask for confirmation if they already have in place.

What Is PetSmart’s Policy On Piercings? 

PetSmart allows its staff to have piercings as long as they keep up a professional and friendly appearance. But, it’s not okay to get a tattoo in the shape of a dog, unless you’re a dog.

Staff working in the grooming department have to remove all their jewelry and piercings before entering the operating room to make sure everyone in the room is safe.

The good news is that it isn’t permanent. You can remove it when you go to the airport or somewhere.

What Is PetSmart’s Policy On Dyed Hair? 

According to past and current employees, PetSmart allows workers to dye their hair in various colors that are considered aesthetically pleasing, as well as that will never fade.

However, it is best to ask your store about its policies of hair colors, since the allowed range of hair colors may vary from store to store.

**Q:** What should I do if my hair dye is too dark?

**A:** There are several ways to go about darkening your hair.

Can I Wear False Nails At PetSmart?

Having your nails painted neatly and clean could be a good strategy in order to impress your bosses. This is one way you can show them that you really care about the job.

It’s always good to double-check with your coworkers before you make any changes to the store.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there is a risk of contracting a serious infection including tetanus if your nail is painted or otherwise sharpened. The same risks occur when you trim or shave your nail.

What Is The Dress Code For PetSmart Dog Groomers? 

Grooming dogs is a lot like grooming humans. You have to be clean and neat when you are working with dogs. Your clothes don’t matter that much. I wear my work clothes to the grooming shop, which are khaki pants. A smock is also good to wear when getting some dogs groomed. When I am working I use a rubber glove on my hand to minimize the chance of getting dog hair on my clothes or my hands.

The reason for this is because dog groomers are required to use the same equipment as an animal groomer and therefore must wear the same type of shoes and clothes as well.

When you enquire with the store manager, you should ask them whether the store can compensate for any items.

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Employees at PetSmart wear a polo shirt and khaki pants. They also have to wear a jacket with a PetSmart logo on it. The company also allows employees to wear blue jeans, if they wish to.

They are open to different hair colors, hairstyles, tattoos, and piercings. They are not open to any clothes that are not in line with dog grooming dress code.

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