Petco Fish Return Policy (dead Fish, Unwanted Fish, Unhealthy + More)

When it comes to pet food, there are many different types of pet food, for example dog food, cat food, and cat food, etc.

When buying fish from Petco, make sure you check their return policy. If you bought the fish from Petco, read this article to know all you need to know!

What Is Petco’s Fish Return Policy In 2022?

You can get a replacement free if you bought the fish less than 30 days before, provided you have the original receipt in 2022. Petco also provides a guarantee that all fish purchased online will remain alive for 7 days from the day they arrive at your home and will provide a refund if it dies.

For a closer look at the fish exchange program, read on to find out how you can return unwanted, unhealthy, or dead fish to Petco, including a closer look into the company’s 30 day policy, making exchanges, and more!

Does Petco Take Back Unwanted Fish?

Petco will happily give any fish back to you and even pay the return shipping charges if you return it for any reason.

Petco only takes back fish that are dead in the box, and that have been opened and the contents have been used. The fish are not supposed to be dead in transit, in water, or sitting in the box in transit. This is what the instructions say.

A lot of Petco stores don’t accept unwanted fish. They are afraid to take in any diseased fish that you bring because the risks of introducing disease are very high.

Accepting or rejecting unwanted fish will depend on whether or not they have space.

If you don’t have a reliable method of transportation to take your fish home, you should have them shipped directly to the store.

Does Petco Take Back Unhealthy Fish?

First of all, if you’ve got a fish which has died, you need to find another home for it. The fish cannot be returned to the water. Please do not attempt to return a deceased fish to Petco.

I like the idea of a lower priced product. I see what you mean.

 If you catch a sick fish, and it dies within 7 days, please call Petco customer service at 1-800-PETS-101.

This policy won’t apply unless the fish is sick enough to the point where it can no longer remain in the tank.

If you bought your pet fish from Petco Pet Care Stores, they will take back your fish if it becomes sick or seems unhealthy. They will accept returns within 30 days of purchase.

You can return your pet food at any time, but if it’s been a month or longer, the store will probably say no. If your store doesn’t have a lot of space, it may be worth asking if you can get your refund at a different store.

So it’s important to call ahead to find out exactly how your local store handles these situations.

Does Petco Take Back Dead Fish?

Petco’s guarantee to take back dead fish is a good thing. However, it does not apply to fish that are purchased from Petco stores.

If the fish has died within 7 days of delivery, then the customer will be given an alternative or refund.

If the fish does not fit into the aquarium, Petco does not sell the aquarium or any of the supplies. The customer will be responsible for all shipping costs.

If you do not have an order number, you will need to contact the customer care team at the time of the contact.

The Fish and Seafood are not frozen.

If you bought fish from Petco Pet Care Stores, and it dies within 30 days of purchase, Petco will give you a refund or exchange if it died within the first 30 days.

Petco will give you a full refund if the dog has been on the site for less than 30 days.

If you’d like to find out where else you can pick up treats and supplies for your pet, visit the [Applause] Pets section of the [Applause] Shop.

If you have a petfish, and your petfish died, you can return it to a petco in order to get a refund or an exchange. You do need to have a water sample taken. If you have it in a water container, that will also work.

It is also wise to call in advance to confirm the policy on refunds or exchanges of dead fish.

How Do You Return a Fish to Petco?

If you got the fish you want to return to Petco from a Pet Care Center, you can take it back to the location and then they will let you pick it up later.

– The customer should be able to take it to an authorized Return Store to get a refund.

If you bought fish that died within 7 days of delivery, you could contact customer service at 1-877-738-6742 to find out whether they could ship it to you for a full refund.

The fish is the gift; the fact that the gift is dead is incidental.

Can You Exchange a Sick Fish for Another One at Petco?

Petco only sell sick fish, which you can’t get from the Pet Care Center.

Your return will not be accepted if 30 days have passed. In order to confirm, please print out the receipt.

 If you miss your chance to feed the fish, you can try again in a month. Call the store to find out, or just wait and see what happens.

Petco sells fish online, so if you buy fish and it dies within 7 days, you can contact Petco customer care for an exchange.

But, you did receive the full benefits of the insurance.

When pets eat the food they have received, they can become ill. As for food that was previously unopened or had not been used as a treat, if you suspect your pet ate the food, please have the pet examined by a veterinarian.


You can’t return a fish to Petco, unless you bought it from their pet care centers. If you bought your fish online, make sure that you ordered it from a location other than your local Petco store. If you bought your fish online, make sure that you ordered it from a location other than your local Petco store. If you bought it from a Petco store, you can return it for a full refund.

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