Petco Hamster Return Policy (all You Need To Know)

Petco is one of the biggest pet stores in the country. It is a store where people buy other people’s pets.

There is a chance that you can return your hamster at Petco. To check if this is possible, follow the steps listed in this article!

What Is the Petco Hamster Return Policy In 2022?

Petco may accept the return of a dead hamster up to 7 days after the hamster was bought if the hamster is still in the original bag and the original bag is still in the original box, as long as the hamster is still in its original packaging.

If you find a hamster at Petco that is no longer appropriate for you, you should contact Petco. They will give you a number to call if you need help finding a local rescue.
After you receive the number, you must call the number to see if the hamster has been adopted.
If the hamster has not been adopted, you will need to call the number again to request that they contact your local rescue.

Does Petco Take Unwanted Hamsters?

If you don’t want the hamster you bought from Petco, you can return it to them within 30 days of buying it.

If you still have it, you can try taking it to them. They’ll probably accept it, but most likely won’t give you a refund.

Taking in an unwanted hamster that’s also sick might present some challenges. Taking it in might provide a little relief, but it’s not a solution either.

If the pet is not healthy and not suitable for their home, they could take it back, regardless of the length of ownership and help you find a new home.

Petco will not take back an unwanted cat because they are not the cat’s owner, and many people would not accept a cat which they do not care for.

It’s not legal to purchase a hamster from a pet store to be able to sell it a private pet store. If you do, you could be arrested.

According to the Petco website, the company will take in any animal, regardless of the age, as long as they’re healthy.

You can bring your pet to any of the company locations for free. They will not give you any money, refund or otherwise.

All you need to do is bring the dog to your nearest Animal Control office and you will receive a free, unconditional and irrevocable release of liability.

Does Petco Take Back Sick Hamsters?

If you are within the 30 day period, you can take the hamster back. You will not get a refund. Once the 30 day period expires, they will not accept your hamster back.

The hamster will be taken to the wellness room and if it’s okay with the hamster, we’ll work on the problem and treat it.

You will receive a refund after verifying your purchase. You will need to show your purchase receipt or confirmation email to the cashier.

If the vet finds that the hamster is sick, it must be taken to an animal hospital or veterinarian who is equipped to treat sick animals. If the hamster’s condition is not serious, the vet will simply put some medicine on the animal’s tummy to help it sleep, or will remove a bandage off of the hamster’s tummy. The vet may also give the hamster medicine to make it stronger.

Can You Return a Dead Hamster to Petco?

Petco will accept a dead hamster for return within 30 days of purchase at any of its U.S. stores.

You can return a companion animal for a refund within 30 days of purchase, this can be done by contacting your local Petco store. The store must do the refund and replacement of the pet.

If you are buying for your pet, go to the nearest Petco store to get your proof of purchase, and some form of identification (such as a drivers license). If you’re getting it as a gift, check them on the internet to make sure they are legitimate retailers.

After you fill out the form you may take the dead hamster to your local Petco Store and the company will not refund it.

If you find a dead hamster in your apartment, you can call the local animal control agency and ask if there’s a place you can dump it.

What Does Petco Do with Returned Hamsters?

According to the people at Petco, when a hamster is returned within 30 days, it’s put in the back room for monitoring by the Petco staff.

PetCo is killing off the hamster to make more money.

The hamster can stay in the wellness room to have their paws checked. If it needs to be medicated, it will be given a small dose by the veterinarian and then returned to the room.

One of the ways that a business can take care of its animals is to provide them with a place to live, and keep them company, too. It’s called animal welfare.

If the hamster is returned after 30 days, Petco will put it up for adoption. However, there may be a small fee for it to be returned. There may also be a donation fee to a local shelter.

To learn more, read our article on petco return policy

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Petco will accept the return of hamsters. Return of dead or dissatisfied hamsters will be accepted within 30 days from original purchase. Petco will then issue a refund or allow a replacement.
[Other]: For all other items, Petco will accept the return of unwanted items, if they are returned within 30 days of original purchase. Petco will issue a refund at the time of original purchase price.

The credit card is required for your refund. The form of ID will be required for your verification. The original purchase receipt will be needed to prove that you have made the purchase.

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