Walgreens Slogan (what Is It, History Meaning + More) 

The history of the company shows that it started out as a simple drugstore, but evolved into a retail-focused company.

In the past, Walgreens Walgreens has had various slogans, and I’ve tried to find out what each of them meant. Here are the latest slogans from their website!

Walgreens Slogan In 2022 

This slogan was updated in 2019 to fit into the store’s redesign. The slogan references the year the company began operating, along with the fact that it is the only pharmacy chain that still offers customers a same-day delivery service.

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When Did The Walgreens Slogan Change? 

Walgreens is a pharmacy chain in the US that was founded in 1901. The company had a slogan of ‘At the corner of happy and healthy since 1901’ before changing it in 2010.

The trend of minimalism is slowly but surely gaining momentum with companies adopting a less cluttered, easy to use, and modern look for their products.

The most recent redesign of the Walgreens logo was created by the New York-based firm, Rosenfeld Associative Inc., in association with the Walgreens marketing team. The logo, which was officially introduced in April 2007, retains the old logo’s overall shape, but includes all of the old symbol’s colors, while making the Ws’ tails more pronounced.

What Does The Walgreens Slogan Mean? 

With the new slogan, the company wants to show that they are changing their image.

In this case, Walgreens’ current name is a reference to the founder of the company.

The ‘trusted’ element is a part of the brand that represents the popularity of the brand, especially among older customers.

The program is part of the retailer’s efforts to increase its sales in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

There has recently been some controversy regarding whether the original Walgreens logo was designed by a college student or professional designer.

They use the trust of customers to build their brand and to make it more accessible to the public. This is done through the services they provide and the products they sell.

What Was The First Walgreens Slogan?

After the first Walgreens slogan was ‘At the Corner of Happy and Healthy’, the second was ‘At the Corner of Wellness and Healthy Living’.

After the initial slogan was introduced in 2002, Walgreens chose to focus on the Wellness and Healthy Living line and to keep using the phrase ‘At the Corner of …’ in their branding.

‘In the corner’ represents how many stores are located in corner-shaped locations.

This was a tactic designed to entice shoppers who were walking by to visit the store to look inside, thus driving up the sales of the company’s merchandise.

By calling the company ‘happy’, it indicated a positive response to its customers, and created feelings of reassurance by reminding consumers of the company’s products, services, and people.

What Was The Walgreens Greeting? 

The “be well” greeting was common to all of Walgreens stores, and it was not specific to any particular store location.

But even though Walgreens implemented some new changes in 2015, it is still not a good idea to use the phrase “how are you?”. It may be the case that many people do not like the greeting.

The new personable approach that Walmart makes with its customers by building trust and repeat business.

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Walgreens launched a new slogan, ‘Your trusted since 1901’, which seeks to reference the trust it has built with its customers, and represents the number of years the retailer has been in business.

As part of the move to improve customer service, Walgreens has stopped calling their customers by their last name, instead greeting them by their first name.

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