Usps Dead Mail (what Is It, Recovering + More)

United States Post Office Service is a great resource when things run smoothly. You drop your letters or packages, the postal worker scans them in, and they arrive at their destination a few weeks later.

When you get mail that doesn’t seem to be going where it’s supposed to, something’s probably not right.

The United States Postal Service does not track lost, misdelivered, and undelivered mail. If you are interested in what they do with your dead mail, then keep reading!

USPS Dead Mail In 2022

We’ve got the answers to what happens to letters if they’re not picked up; this will make your life a lot easier if it comes up and you’re not sure what to do.

What Is Dead Mail?

Dead mail is the term used by the United States Postal Service for any letter or package they can’t deliver to the recipient or return to the sender.

When a package does not have a proper, legible, and complete shipping label, the customer will not receive it. For example, if the label is missing the customer’s address or it is illegible, the package is considered lost, and it will be treated as dead.

Addresses on letters and packages will indicate whether they were returned as undeliverable.

* The mail is dead if neither the sender nor the addressee is present at the address
* A move of the addressee to a different street number does not constitute a move.

What Are Dead Letter Offices?

A dead letter office or dead-letter box is a special mailbox that stores pieces of mail that other mail services can’t deliver or deliver too late.

This facility in Atlanta is used for mail recovery. It is the facility that takes items found in the delivery from your mailbox or mail box.

What Does USPS Do With Dead Mail?

Mail that is lost or returned to the sender is routed to Atlanta, Georgia and then passed on to the USPS Mail Recovery Center.

If the item is less than $75, the address is posted and the package is dropped off at a post office.
If it’s more than $75, the package is handed to a delivery agent.

The post office does not track the addresses of their customers, and does not have the time to inspect every package and envelope they receive.

According to a report from the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Mail Recovery Center processed more than 88 million expired, cancelled, unforwardable, and undeliverable items in 2014.

This is an astonishing number considering that the center processed just 31.7 million items in 2013, according to the Postal Service’s latest audit.

Of the 88 million items, only 3% of them actually made it back to their original senders.

A list of the most commonly undeliverable items for FedEx customers was published online, which includes packages that were too large, damaged or that were delivered to the wrong address in the first place.

Periodicals and postcards are normally used for advertising or to inform people about events.

Items valued under $25 are kept for at least one year before they’re auctioned off to the public.

What Are USPS Dead Mail Auctions?

Items valued at 25 dollars or more end up in the Mail Recovery Center. The auctions are 90 days after they’re received.

USPS also works with a private company called GovDeals to run these auctions. Auctions are held online and happen once or twice a month.

There are potential bidders who can make an appointment to visit the facility to check out some of the items up for auction.

According to a 2015 audit of the Mail Recovery Center from the Government Accountability Office, the United States Postal Service made $11 million in profits from the sale of dead mail items in 2014.

How Do I Recover Dead Mail?

If you send an item that can’t be delivered for whatever reason, the post office will use the return address to try and send the package back to you.

If you think this item is not worth paying for insurance on, or if you just wish to pay a fine, then you must request that it be sent to the Mail Recovery Center in Atlanta, Georgia. If you do not, the carrier will assume that the item is worth paying for insurance on and will handle the item accordingly.

If your mail hasn’t arrived within 7 days of the send date, you can:
Send another request. If you send it and it gets there within 7 business days, it will count for free. If not, it will show up in the $2.00 per day range.

How Long Before USPS Mail Is Considered Lost?

mail must be received in the USPS in order to be eligible for reimbursement under the Missing Mail rules.

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If the goods are collected on delivery, the shipping and
handling costs will be at your own expense.

If the goods are collected on delivery, the shipping and
handling costs will be at your own expense.

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In this case, the package was returned to the Post Office as undeliverable. The USPS had the opportunity to send the item back to us, but did not. It was then sent to be recycled.

I have a box full of dead mail from a couple years ago. I can’t remember what was in the box but there are letters, photographs, bills, and other things. If anyone is interested I can scan and email them.

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