Does Lowe’s Deliver Plants? (Trees, Shrubs, Succulents, Grass, Plants + More)

Lowe’s is the one-stop home improvement store for all your renovation and DIY needs. And for gardeners, they sell a wide variety of plants, lawn care supplies and garden supplies in stores and online.

There are two ways to order plants and supplies from Lowe’s. You can either go online or make a phone order. If you want a reliable way to make your next garden project a success, it is best to make a phone order.

Does Lowe’s Deliver Plants In 2022?

Lowe’s delivers a variety of plants, such as outdoor plants, roses, trees, shrubs, and annuals in 2022. Additionally, plant deliveries are eligible for free shipping if the order’s over $45. Orders under $45 are subject to a $5.99 shipping charge. With that, Lowe’s shipping takes between one and four business days.

Check availability of all Lowe’s Garden Centers in your area as Lowe’s will open any of its stores in your area as soon as it gets enough plants.
Also, keep an eye on Lowe’s social media pages because they are constantly updating their customers about store openings and about their own growing methods.

How Much Does A Lowe’s Plant Delivery Cost?

Lowe’s takes care of you every day with all you need to be successful.

However, if they’re shipped to a state outside of Illinois, this charge will apply. For example, if you’re purchasing from a location in California, the shipping charge will apply.

In a recent poll, Amazon’s free shipping promotions were voted the most popular online shopping promotion. With over two million active members in the program and around 60% of Amazon’s orders now qualify for free shipping, it’s a no brainer and it’s not going anywhere.

How Do You Order Plants From Lowe’s For Delivery?

-Select your store
-Select your delivery date
-Select your day time, afternoon or evening
-Select your plant and place it in a carton
-Enter your information
-Pay your shipping fees
-Complete your order
-Have fun with your plant!

Then, Lowe’s asks you to fill in your delivery details and choose a delivery method (UPS, FedEx, or USPS).

How Long Are the Average Delivery Times at Lowe’s?

[Your order] will ship to [your shipping address] and it should take one to four business days after payment is processed.

However if you placed your order on the weekend and allow one extra day to process this transaction, they should be able to process it.

Finally, deliveries are shipped within the United States with no sales tax included.

What Is Lowe’s Truck Delivery?

If you want a product to be delivered to a specific location, Lowe’s also offers a dedicated truck delivery service within a 75-mile radius of each of the stores’ location.

Trucking is typically only used for larger building materials like sheets of plywood, but it’s also used for delivery of larger items like plants and machinery.

Does Lowe’s Deliver Outdoor Plants?

Lowe’s is a well-known and quality plant retailing website. It offers a range of outdoor plants, including trees, shrubs, and grasses.

As soon as he arrived, he started to collect different trees. They were not just ordinary tree. He found tree types which could not fit in a normal pocket. He found a special technique to fit these trees into his pocket. He used a special kind of paper that fits the holes of his tree to make the tree fit the pocket.

A wide range of trees for your landscape, including: Douglas Firs, English oak, and many more.


The only thing required to grow your plants this year is a sunny window, and water. A well-draining, organic soil is fine for most shrubs, but check your local Lowe’s for the most soil-friendly plants for your climate.

I got grass…and a bag of chips, but no beer.

A variety of grass seed, available in a range of sizes, colours and seed mixes, and including specially made varieties such as golf greens, tennis greening and lawn bowling greens. Grass seed is also available in a variety of colours, allowing you to match the grass to your garden.

Does Lowe’s Deliver Succulents?

Yes, get some lowes succulents delivered to your house, and get an amazing range of succulents delivered to your house, from the likes of Cactus, Bonsai, Succulents, and much more! Lowe’s has what you’re looking for, and more delivered to your house!

Does Lowe’s Deliver House Plants?

Lowe’s sells a wide variety of plants and supplies. To see if a product is available for your area, check out Lowe’s Store Locator. If you’re looking for a specific brand, give them a call at 866-445-5294.

You can choose from many different plants at the Lowe’s store.

Is Lowe’s Plant Delivery Service Any Good?

Lowe’s delivery seems a lot less common than the other two.

In response to the report, a Trustpilot representative told Business Insider that the company is constantly adding new features to improve customer service, and has already made significant increases to its team of customer support representatives.

So in the end we cannot say how well your company works, since you have to trust the seller you are ordering from.

When you are satisfied with the plants and want to remove them, customers will be able to return the plants for any reason within 90 days.

You can also find out more at our post on when does Lowe’s restock mulch, if Lowe’s delivers mulch, and if Lowe’s price matches Home Depot.


With fast shipping in 1-4 business days, you can have your new flowers ready to decorate today. Ordering today ensures free delivery no matter how much you order.

Lowe’s, an outdoor home improvement and paint retailer, offers a wide range of plant and plant accessories. Check out their wide selection of hanging baskets, plants, pots, and more.

Because Lowe’s gives you at least 90 days to return plants and other items, you can buy from them knowing your warranties aren’t cut short.

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