When Does Lowe’s Restock (plants, Lumber, Day Shipments Arrive, Days Times + More)

As a popular home improvement retailer, you would expect Lowe’s to offer the best choice in home improvement supplies, the highest quality products and the lowest prices.

Buying a product in advance and then seeing if it is in stock, will make you happy as you avoid frustration and disappointment.

I researched when Lowe’s restocks its shelves and it appears that sometimes it can be a few weeks or months before the shelves are restocked because of several factors. Find more info below!

When Does Lowe’s Restock In 2022?

If you happen to get a product that you need, the overnight stocker will be available to help you out. However, it is recommended that you take your time to get the product and do not rush. You may want to wait for the next day if you receive a product you like.

 To get the most current information on Lowe’s pricing, and make the best choices when you need supplies, check out this article!

When Does Lowe’s Restock Plants?

Lowe’s has a wide range of houseplants that are available all the year round.

When restocking plants, Lowe’s looks at the last day that a plant was sold at a store before it left for restocking. A store manager would then check if any plants were on sale for the previous day or the day before.

The employees must prepare the plants in advance. This is so that there is enough inventory to supply the demands of the weekend customer.

When searching for houseplants, it’s imperative to know when your local Lowe’s is restocking. It’s best to join a forum to keep informed of when these restock dates are.

It can be tricky to figure out exactly how to select the right houseplant with so many choices. They’re all great plants.

When Does Lowe’s Restock Lumber?

(If this isn’t the answer, then my thanks go to the commenter who identified the answer!)


This is because the lumber is restocked by the team.

Lumber is another product that’s shipped based on the store’s demands. Some Lowe’s employees report that they get deliveries daily, but this will vary from store to store.

When the industry is oversupplied, you can expect to see more frequent stock restocks.

This is a perfect opportunity to check on the latest prices at Lowe’s, which can be found on the Lowe’s site.

When Does Lowe’s Restock The Garden Center?

You can buy seeds and bulbs and trees and houseplants at Lowe’s garden center.

Lowe’s stores don’t necessarily depend on the season to update their inventory. They could ship a new shipment of seeds or bulbs every day.

Depending on the weather, Lowe’s stores will have plants in good condition. The plants you see at Lowe’s can be seen in other garden centers also. Most of the times you’ll find that the garden center is fully stocked with the plants you need to get you through the year.

When Does Lowe’s Get Shipments?

 Lowe’s will stock their items in a different day due to the different requirements in each area and the varying need at each store.

If I had to guess, the phrase “different days” would be more common.

Lowe’s employees don’t report shipments coming in daily, depending on how busy the store is.

When Does Lowe’s Restock Online?

Most of the online stock at Lowe’s is split between stores and distribution centers. Your local store is responsible for shipping more oversized items, like lumber, landscape rock, and fence paneling.

In addition, shipping costs may vary based on the quantity of your order.

Items that are small, such as pet supplies, garden supplies, bath and body care products, and housewares are typically stocked and fulfilled in our online and physical stores. These items take less time to get to you and are shipped much faster than larger merchandise.

How Do I Know If An Item Is In Stock At Lowe’s Stores?

To check the stock status of a product at Lowe’s, go to the product page on their website and you will see the number of your desired product available in-store.

Go to the ‘Find a store’ page and select your city and zip code to find a preferred store, ensuring you see the stock levels at your nearest store.

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Lowe’s has a number of product lines for sale, and may also sell out of products by closing up aisles.

There are different shipment days for various products, and some stock will come in more frequently at different stores depending on demand.

To be on the safe side, you should be signing up for a Lowe’s bulletin board that sends you regular updates on when plants might be restocked.

To know if an item you need is in stock at your local Lowe’s, you can check Lowe’s website, which will show you the number of products inventory at your local store.

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