When Does Dollar General Restock? (all You Need To Know)

Dollar General does have a wide range of products that are very good, but not all of the products are readily available at all time.

If you are curious about the new inventory at Dollar General, here is the information you need to know.

When Does Dollar General Restock In 2022? 

We cannot guarantee when product will restock after an order is placed. The sooner the product arrives the sooner it will be restocked. We recommend that you place an order as close to the desired date for your shipment as possible.

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How Can I Check If Dollar General Have A Product In Stock?

Customers can easily check whether or not a wide variety of products are in stock at Dollar General through their dedicated website.

When customers are surfing through the Dollar General website, they are able to easily see how many of a particular product is currently in stock.

This is pretty useful, as, even if your local Dollar General doesn’t have what you need, you can check to see if the Dollar General next door has it in stock.

Does Dollar General Restock Every Day? 

Restocking normally occurs during normal operating hours in stores such as Dollar General, but this is normally reserved for smaller stock that sells quickly, or for fresh produce, which can perish.

If you are still looking for a larger product that may not have been restocked, you can still ask any staff member within the store, whether they have a larger size of that item in their stock room. It might not have been moved onto shelves just yet.

When Do Other Grocery Stores Usually Restock?

Most stores will have smaller loads in the morning, and much larger loads in the evenings. Stores will generally tend to be quieter during the mornings, while the evenings can be filled with a lot of customers, which can lead to busy times. The larger stores may have special areas for large amounts of stock to be kept.

The best time to shop for groceries is once the store opens. This gives you the best selection possible, since groceries tend to go fast.

The Dollar General business model is unique. They are a large discount warehouse where you can buy products at wholesale prices. The products are often sold on clearance and are marked with a $1 price tag. You buy them in multiples of $1, and you spend less money. Dollar General doesn’t sell products at market prices. They operate a business model akin to a warehouse club, where they buy items at wholesale prices and mark them down.


Large products (like boxes of cereal, or even smaller boxes of products) are usually restocked at least once a week, while smaller boxes of products are restocked throughout the day.

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