What Does Clearance Delay Mean Fedex? (full Guide)

It’s hard to know what to expect at the border because it’s up to the individual countries to decide what they’ll do with packages. There are customs processes, which are a required part of the process if you’re shipping something internationally (or receiving something from abroad), and each country has policies on inspecting and approving packages, which makes predicting delays difficult.

When shipping something internationally, one thing that you should be aware of is clearance delays. This article explains what that means and how long it can take to clear! So, whether you’ve been wondering what a clearance delay is or not, this article is for you!

What Does Clearance Delay Mean FedEx In 2022?

It’s likely that a clearance delay was caused by a missed invoice or incorrect Harmonized Tariff Codes, but your supplier should be able to advise you as to how to get around this issue. If you are having trouble, please contact your supplier.

If you want to know more about the clearance delays you can find out more about them here!

What Is A FedEx Clearance Delay?

When you see “delayed clearance” on your tracking, it means that the package has been held for more than 21 days at customs.

If the tracking information doesn’t show any delivery details, it is essential that you use the tracking function to find out if the package got to its destination or has been held up.

Also, clearance delay packages will be stuck in transit until the shipper can either correct errors in the shipping paperwork or provide additional information.

Clearance delay packages that are subject to this procedure are not subject to normal transit delays imposed by carriers.

Why Do Clearance Delays Happen?

The FedEx tracking system will tell you that a clearance delay has occurred, but it will give you no reason as to why it has occurred.

When your package is stuck on customs, sometimes it can be very frustrating, so here’s a list of common reasons why your package might be stuck.

1. In the documentation, you should document the steps of setting up development and test environments.

This is usually due to customer, buyer or freight company failing to provide the required information.

– Failing to consider the environment in which the application will be used.
– Failing to provide sufficient contextual information on how the application should be used.
– Using a single-author voice.
– Writing about an application or product you don’t know at all.

The main reasons are the lack of papers, missing documents needed for the interview process.

Customs clearance is done depending on the cargo and the consignee.

The text needs to be more clear and concise.

People working at the border need the right information to know what they’re letting into the country. So inaccurate or poor product descriptions are likely to cause delays.

If you are sending a package internationally, make sure you include your name, address, delivery date, and details such as the destination country and city.

3. Insufficient consignee or shipper information may delay your freight shipment.

Shipping addresses may be incorrect. The courier needs to spend time figuring out what to do with the shipment.

You haven’t given me the correct quantity or value for your services, therefore we cannot proceed with the contract.

We can imagine many times a translation of a statement could be worded in a way that is a little bit more effective.

If you don’t declare the value of your items, there’s a good chance your package will get held up.

Any fees you owe must be paid by the
date that your account statement is mailed to you, or by the date
that your account statement is mailed via mail.

Ensure to take tax or shipping fees in mind prior to the shipping process, as they will be deducted from the reward.

The reward may also be shipped earlier depending on the availability of our courier.

The reward consists of the physical items detailed in the [Original]. The remaining balance, minus shipping costs, will be added to your Steam Wallet.

> Because of the increase in fees, I usually try to avoid using the credit card in such situations.

In a situation like this, it is best to hire a customs broker to help take care of the taxes and get goods released efficiently.

“Our bags are not packed.” It’s not clear if that means he’s not having anyone pack his bags or it means he literally hasn’t packed anything (and probably won’t).

Each port of entry has specific rules and regulations regarding how your items can be shipped. It is always good to check these requirements before you ship.

What Terms Might Trigger A Clearance Delay?

Shipping documents are a must if you are shipping any product. Certain words are a no go for this reason alone, for example, “perishable”.

– The “s” in “school” is silent.

If that’s not enough, here is an incomplete list of the countries listed as NOT being allowed to import or export firearms from the United States.

What Happens If A Package Is Stuck In Clearance Delay?

If you are trying to ship your package with a service provider, you might need to check their website for information on how to request a faster clearance time.

At the same time, however, shipping delays are not a common occurrence. On an average day, shipments arrive on time at more than 99 percent of U.S. seaports.

Also, you can try getting in touch with FedEx to find out more information about their return system.

If you (the recipient) can provide missing information (e.g. provide the address of the sender, what you are expecting, etc.) and the package gets routed to you again, you can send back an acknowledgment and the package will eventually be delivered.

How Long Does A Clearance Delay Take With FedEx?

For instance, if the package gets delayed for a day or two, the shipper might be able to provide a timely delivery to the customer.
However, if the package takes a longer than usual amount of time to get cleared, the shipper might have to get a delay extension from USPS.

I’ll update this when I have new information about my progress.

There are different forms of packages. A normal package has a blue sticker. A small or heavy package has a brown sticker. And if a package is tracked to its final destination, its tracking sticker is green.


When shipping internationally, you have to go through more processing to get cleared and cleared goods to you.

While I can’t promise that this article will help you avoid delays in the future, I hope that you now have a better understanding as to why delays happen, and how to stay on top of things to avoid delays.

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