Can You Exchange Craftsman Tools At Ace Hardware? (your Full Guide)

Ace Hardware is one of the largest hardware retailers in the United States and sells a wide variety of tools, products and services to its customers. It also stocks many of the most well-known brands, along with several other local and national brands.

However, if you frequently purchase tools from Ace Hardware, you may be wondering if you can exchange Craftsman tools in-store or on the website. If you want to find out, keep reading!

Can You Exchange Craftsman Tools at Ace Hardware in 2022?

If you are unable to exchange your Craftsman tools at a Craftsman store, it is likely that it will not be replaced with a brand new replacement. In this situation, Ace Hightech may be able to assist you with the exchange of your Craftsman tools. Please contact your Ace Hardware store to find out about their policy for Craftsman tool exchange.

To find out more about how to exchange Craftsman tools at Ace Hardware, find out about this in-store exchange, how much it costs to exchange Craftsman tools and find out where else you can exchange them.

Does Ace Hardware Accept the Lifetime Craftsman Warranty?

Craftsman is a brand that is a great tool supplier that has their lifetime warranty. Now, they no longer issue warranties at the store.
Craftsman is a great brand that has their lifetime warranty for tools. Craftsman no longer issues warranties to the public.
Ace Hardware do not accept Craftsman warranties from the public.

Craftsman is a well-known brand name in the garage and home improvement market and a large amount of consumers are familiar with the brand and its tools.

Aces Hardware can offer only a lifetime guarantee on their store brand hand tools. Replacement of the tool will be free of charge, but only if the tool doesn’t satisfy you.

How Do I Exchange Craftsman Tools at Ace Hardware?

Ace Hardware does not accept Craftsman warranty returns at any point within the warranty period. As some of the warranty coverage is within the lifetime warranty, it is up to Ace Hardware to determine what tools are valid warranty returns if they do accept returns within the lifetime warranty.

If you wish to exchange Craftsman tools at Ace Hardware you would need to check to see if your tools are faulty, or if the return policy applies to you.

When you buy Craftsman tools at Ace Hardware, you don’t have to worry about what happens if you need to return them within 30 days of their original purchase date, or after that period.

How Much Does It Cost to Exchange Craftsman Tools at Ace Hardware?

You can exchange your Craftsman tools at Ace Hardware store for free. The tools have to be unused and unopened. The return or exchange policy is 30 days from the date of purchase.

The company offers “a full line of quality products at affordable prices and with outstanding service”, and has been around since the days of the American industrial revolution. You can get their products at Ace Hardware, which is why they are so great. Craftsman tools are the best and have been around for a very long time.

Where Can I Exchange Craftsman Tools Other than Ace Hardware?

As Ace Hardware does not accept the lifetime Craftsman warranty, you will need to visit other retailers in order to exchange your Craftsman tools.

The Craftsman store is happy to accept the exchange of tools of any stage of life without proof of purchase.

You can go to Sears and get your Craftsman tools exchanged in-store, or you can visit the company website to see if your nearest store is able to exchange your tools.

One other factor that may contribute to this “no-exchange” practice is the fact that many tools are now available as “special edition” items, which would seem to make them more special – and thus perhaps seem more likely to be sold as part of a promotion. While some tools are no longer available for sale outside these special editions, many of the special edition tools have actually been discontinued.

The company has added a convenient option in the toolbox to find a nearby retailer.

It is possible to contact the Craftsman customer support team on 888-331-4569 who will assist you to exchange your tools in case you don’t have a physical store nearby.

You can learn more about Ace Hardware by watching our videos on how to open Ace Hardware’s front doors, how to shop at Ace Hardware, and how to lock your home at night.


Craftsman tools are currently not being used on the basis that Ace Hardware is unable to provide a lifetime warranty. However, items may be exchanged on the usual terms and conditions.

The Craftsman warranty is good for the next 12 months after the date that the product is first used. Once you have purchased a product that has the lifetime warranty, you will not be able to purchase a product with a different warranty.

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