Amazon Fire Stick Warranty (Claims, Warranty Length, What’s Covered, Repairs + More)

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a way for people to stream their favorite shows and movies through multiple online services.

If you are looking to purchase a Fire Stick, you may be interested in learning about the warranty Amazon offers on their products and if you can purchase additional coverage to protect your Fire Stick.

The warranty is one year
The warranty is for repair purposes only and does not cover loss, theft, damage and malfunction of the product due to a product defect.
The warranty will be voided if the product is used for other purposes than for the normal use intended by the seller.

What Is The Amazon Fire Stick Warranty In 2022?

The Fire TV Stick has passed through rigorous testing to ensure a premium product experience. It is the only streaming device in the market that comes with an Amazon Fire TV Stick and can access more than 40 million movies and TV episodes from Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and more.

To learn exactly how to file a warranty claim for any of these products, keep on reading!

What Is Covered By The Amazon Fire Stick Warranty?

With the Fire Stick, Amazon has created a smart TV platform that is also a great way to watch content from the comfort of your own home.

The warranty begins as soon as you buy the Fire Stick and lasts for as long as you own the Fire Stick.

In addition, the Amazon Fire Stick warranty does not cover any damage that happens to the consumer.

How Do You File A Warranty Claim On Your Amazon Fire Stick?

You can claim on Amazon for your Fire Stick’s defective parts. All you have to do is visit the Amazon website and look for the Fire Stick product you are having a warranty issue with.

And in the bottom right corner you will see the Return Location

If you are returning something to Amazon, a shipping label is available which you can print at

Amazon asks you to report the defect in the form of description so that it can fix it. If you don’t have the form handy then you can visit the link and fill out that form.

After submitting your returned device, Amazon will notify you by email with the return label (and the tracking information).

When you send your Amazon Fire stick, Amazon will contact you about your warranty claim.

How Does Amazon Handle Fire Stick Warranty Claims?

The three ways are, firstly, the product gets removed from your order and you are refunded, secondly, the product gets added to a back order and the item is sent to a warehouse, and thirdly, the item is sent back to the manufacturer, is destroyed, and you’re refunded.

For a period of one year from the date of purchase, [company name] will repair or replace the device if it is defective.

For a period of one year from the date of purchase, [company name] will replace or refund the purchase price of the device if [device name] ceases to function as originally specified and is returned.

Amazon sells a warranty for three years on its Fire TV and other products, but this policy applies only to the product’s standard warranty period. You will purchase a limited warranty from Fire TV for 90 days.

If you have a Fire Stick device you can feel safe in the knowledge that you have another warranty in place.

Can You Buy Additional Protection For Your Amazon Fire Stick?

The Amazon Fire Stick costs $100, and if you want to add more protection to your Fire Stick like a case or screen protector, Amazon does offer protection options for the Fire Stick.

You can get protection plans from SquareTrade and they’re available in either two or three years.

 Squatrade will cost you and the company between 5 and 10 dollars each month but they are more affordable than Allstate. It does not take a long time to sign up.

When you buy an Apple product from us it’s guaranteed. If you ever have any problems with your Apple product contact us and our team will solve your problem.

You can also request a refund by calling SquareTrade at 1-866-975-0900 and requesting a refund. We don’t offer refunds to purchases that are made through a SquareTrade Account.

Thanks for your purchase!

What Is Included In The SquareTrade Warranty Plan For Fire Sticks?

SquareTrade has a warranty program for their products. You’ll get perks in return for your payments.

The SquareTrade protection plan is priced at $9.99, but is only available for two months.

– When one of the two drivers makes a mistake, the game usually freezes and the game is over.
– Even if there is a mechanic error, the drivers are still not able to continue.
– The game ends in a draw if there is a mechanical failure.
– If there is a mechanical failure, the game is over.

In addition, as SquareTrade mentioned, you can also choose to get an Amazon Fire TV Stick with a one-year limited warranty, which gives you even more protection from potential manufacturing defects.

The SquareTrade warranty extends to the original purchaser for five years.

The Amazon warranty does not extend to the original purchaser.

If you bought your Amazon Fire TV Stick from Amazon then it is very likely that you won’t be covered. However, if you purchased your Amazon Fire TV stick and the warranty from a third-party seller then your warranty will apply.

If you break the Amazon Fire TV Stick during the time of coverage, you will receive a replacement within 2 days after filing of a claim.

If your Amazon Fire TV Stick breaks before the end of the coverage period, you can return the device for a full refund.

SquareTrade will send you a prepaid shipping label so that you can bring your broken device to an authorized repair center. You will not have to worry about paying any additional shipping fees.

Cancelling the registration is easy. You can cancel anytime.

If you realize that you do not want the SquareTrade cell phone coverage plan, it is very easy to cancel. SquareTrade gives you a full refund if you cancel the coverage within the first 90 days.

Additionally you can cancel your coverage in one of the ways mentioned above.

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In the United States, Amazon provides a one-year warranty on all electronics, including the Fire TV Stick, at no additional cost. You can also buy more coverage (either a two or three-year protection plan), which SquareTrade provides.

For any device that is damaged to the point that it must be replaced, you must print and submit a shipping label to Amazon. If your device is not damaged, but experiences a malfunction, you may still be eligible for a refund of up to $30 per eligible device.

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