Ikea Bed Weight Limits (most Popular Bed Types)

ikea stocks beds which are durable and sturdy, designed to be strong and long lasting.

There is not a weight limit when purchasing from IKEA, however, when it comes to assembling them, there may be a weight limit on some of the parts. IKEA has a weight limit of 500 kg for their bed assembly kits. They have a weight limit for their drawers and bookcase kits, too. IKEA has a weight limit of 200 kg for their mattresses as well.

IKEA Bed Weight Limits [All You Need To Know]

IKEA’s standard model IKEA LACK beds do not come with frames or rails, and can only support up to two people. You can purchase IKEA’s optional IKEA LACK frames and IKEA LACK rails to add additional support and to add a third side for additional sleeping space. The weight capacities for the frames and rails are not included in the weights below.

To find out more about the types of IKEA beds that are suitable for plus-sized people, plus the weight limits for IKEA beds, you should continue reading!

IKEA Bunk Bed Weight Limit

IKEA has a vast collection of bunk beds to choose from. Some beds have wooden frames and desks under that can be used as a desk, some have metal frames and a wooden desk underneath.

If the bunk bed you’re looking at will only be used for children, then a single bunk bed will work fine, but if you’re planning on using it for teens, or adults, then you’ll need to consider a double bunk bed.

If you’re buying a bunk bed as a double bed, you’ll typically want to keep the weight of each bed under 100kg. If you’re buying a bunk bed as a bunk bed, you’ll typically want to keep the weight of each bed under 220lb (100kg). If you feel there is a weight limit that is too high, you can use a more substantial bed frame like a bed rail.

IKEA Kura Bed Weight Limit

The Kura bed is often a popular choice for young children because it is very easy to customize.

IKEA says that this bed can support you up to 100kg due to its leg-supported wooden frame.

IKEA Loft Bed Weight Limit

Bunk Beds are basically very similar to loft beds. They are basically bunk style beds that have a loft above the beds. So, their maximum weight is a bit higher than loft beds (the difference will probably be around 40-60lbs).

IKEA Malm Bed Weight Limit

ikea Malm Bed is recommended for those who are looking to rest comfortably with their family and friends. It is possible to stack up to 4 sets of people.

We researched the Ikea Malm bed to see how much weight it can support under various conditions.

The Malmo bed comes with specialized slats and a sturdy center beam across the frame, it’s one of the most sturdy Ikea beds!

IKEA Mydal Bed Weight Limit

The Mydal is a sort of bunk bed, and is rather limited as to the amount of weight it can support. It is designed to only support about 100 kilograms of weight.

IKEA Stora Bed Weight Limit

The Stora variety is a wooden frame on a reinforced base. This variety is designed for heavy adults.
You may consider the Alida. This bed is also a full-length bed. The wooden frame has a weight limit of 250lbs (113kg).

IKEA Smastad Loft Bed Weight Limit

The Smastad loft bed is a sturdy and well-constructed bunk bed with multiple points of support from built-in desks
and closets.
The Smastad loft bed is a sturdy and well-constructed bunk bed with multiple points of support from built-in desks and closets.
The Smastad loft bed gives you an open feeling of space thanks to its exposed plywood frame for a cleaner and lighter look.

You can comfortably lie on this bed, but it can be uncomfortable to support your weight and it may cause a back injury.

IKEA Hemnes Bed Weight Limit

This bed looks much sturdier than the bed that you were looking at.

However, it is clear from our research that with strong slats and proper supports, the Hemnes bed can support a lot of weight, as it’s close to the ground.

IKEA Brimnes Bed Maximum Weight Limit

Brimnes beds are the second most popular bed frame, often because of its multiple storage spots.

ikestore.com lists the base weight for this product as 4.5kg (10 pounds), which is around 50-60lb (22.7kg -27kg). When it comes to assembling such a product, there should not be any issues with the weight, due to the multiple points of support.

IKEA Idanas Bed Weight Limit

In addition to being a fashionable and stylish bed frame, the Idanas bed frame will fit in or around your home in a variety of ways.

IKEA does not specify a maximum weight, however, it is recommended to not exceed 220 pounds (100 kg) because it is meant to be used only for small families. As always, be prudent, and take safety into consideration.

*As long as the items are in the original packaging, and in the same condition that they were in when you received them.
*If the packing box is damaged, there is probably a reason for that.
*If your items were damaged when they arrived, then you should file a claim with customer care.
*If you just need to get your items back, we won’t charge you for shipping the undamaged returns.


Ikea recommends that beds should be no more than 220 lbs (100 kg).

The frame does not have to be made of steel, but it’s the most common option. The most common types of wood are beech, birch, maple, and ash.

The frame itself should be made of two to five pieces of wood, and the legs could be made of several different kinds of wood such as pine, beech, ash, maple, or cedar, but shouldn’t be made of bamboo.

Platform beds come in different varieties. Some of them consist of metal legs, others are made with wood or plastic. Either way, platform beds are usually the best bet as they not only help in balancing the weight, but can also provide a great amount of storage space underneath. If you need to store your items, a platform bed is just the ideal choice since it can easily hold large items, yet is still easy to move around. This type of bed frame is known for its versatility.

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