Does Autozone Price Match Amazon? (All You Need To Know)

AutoZone is a multi-line auto parts and accessories retailer. To stay competitive, AutoZone offers price matching to its customers.

According to AutoZone, it is not a price match. So if you see that an item is cheaper on Amazon, you should not purchase it from AutoZone.

Does AutoZone Price Match Amazon In 2022?

AutoZone will not match prices offered by Amazon or other online stores as of 2022. As long as retailers pay AutoZone’s list price, AutoZone cannot lower its prices; however, you can find lower prices at other retailers like Advance Auto and Walmart.

AutoZone does not price match Amazon and they state why.

Why Does AutoZone Not Price Match Amazon?

AutoZone will not price match Amazon because…

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You found an item on that was cheaper than the price at has already fulfilled its obligation to users, and therefore could not offer the same price again. But, AutoZone had fulfilled their obligation to you for this sale at, and therefore could offer the item for the price you found.

In addition to the price, you have to consider the shipping cost, the customer service, the service, and the reliability of the store.

Does AutoZone Price Match Discounted Items On Amazon?

Even if you do not purchase a product at AutoZone, you can get $10 off a purchase of $100 or more with a coupon code.

If Amazon has discounted or promotional codes on auto parts, customers are not eligible for a price match.

Can You Price Match Amazon On

If you wish to order a product online on you can still price match on

It is interesting that although this is from a company you deal with, I am pretty sure that this is incorrect. I checked for their customer rules on their website and found nothing. I just wanted to make sure that I did not miss anything.

How Do You Request A Price Match At AutoZone?

If you want an AutoZone price match, you need to have proof of the competitor’s prices.

That’s right. AutoZone staff are usually very helpful, they’ll even tell you which ones give the best deals.

But, there are many people who cannot even buy those products because most of the stores only accept credit card payments.

So that your engine, radio, windshield, or headlights will not be damaged if your vehicle gets into an accident.

Additionally, keep in mind that AutoZone will only price match if you meet all the requirements. Therefore, if you are comparing prices with Amazon, you will not be eligible. Also, there is a limit of $5 per person on price matching, so if you are having trouble picking out an item, it may be worth your while to see what is available from one of the other merchants.

Which Retailers Does AutoZone Price Match?

If you are still confused about when you can get a price match on auto parts, you might want to know that some stores will let you get a price match on auto parts without it being the same part. So you can pick up an oil filter and it will be cheaper than an exact part.

AutoZone is an American automotive parts supplier with a wide variety of products for parts and service.

So, the products are the same; therefore, AutoZone’s price matches Advance Auto’s.

The two stores are located within a short distance from each other so if you need to price match, it is highly likely that AutoZone will accept your request.

If there is no Advanced Auto nearby, you can talk to the store manager responsible for making decisions at AutoZone to get a reasonable price.

Walmart has announced a new online subscription service called Walmart Essentials that will sell a wide variety of popular consumer electronics like televisions, digital cameras, and more at low prices starting in October 2011.

In addition to selling auto parts, AutoZone also rents service centers.

Therefore, Walmart stores don’t sell identical products because their prices don’t match AutoZone’s prices.

However, it’s important to note that “parts” means that the retailer offers parts, but not batteries.

If you visit the Autozone website, you will find several ways to save yourself some money.

I think it’s the best.

AutoZone and O’Rielly will have to make it easy to price match.

That’s correct. The O’Reilly warranty excludes abuse, alteration, normal wear, and damage caused by accident or natural causes. If you have a product that meets this warranty, you can request a price reduction.

The company, which is based in Corona, California, makes parts for trucks and automobiles.
Some of Napa’s employees have been without health insurance for the last 17 days.
Napa is an iconic name in the American wine industry.

So if you have more equipment, you’re likely going to need more money for repairs.

However, you may find cheaper auto parts and accessories at NAPA that might make it easier to request a price match at AutoZone as long as they align with their policy.

AutoZone is a franchise owned by Advance Auto Parts who is based out of Dallas, TX. Founded in 1947, Advance Auto Parts is one of the largest wholesale distributors in the U.S. A subsidiary of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.


AutoZone does not price match purchases from Amazon because it is an online store and not brick-and-mortar stores. However, the retailer does price match purchases from Walmart, eBay, Home Depot, and 1-800-Flowers.

When you order an item from, you will not be able to save the price.

This service will only be available if you can prove that you bought the part at a lower price somewhere else.

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