Amazon Vs. Best Buy (which Is Cheaper, Shipping, Service, Returns + Customer Service)

Amazon and Best Buy are two leading online shopping sites that offer shoppers a wide range of products, including the latest electronics, appliances, and other products.

Let’s start with a quick comparison of prices. Both companies offer the same amount of money: $100 for one month of service. However, this is only a baseline value; many of the differences come in the extras that you’ll be charged for.

Amazon Vs. Best Buy In 2022

Customers who ordered something from either Amazon or Best Buy received orders earlier than on other platforms. This usually meant that customers were able to get what they ordered faster. The process of handling the orders was also a little bit easier in 2022. Due to these benefits, more shoppers began ordering online from either Amazon or Best Buy.

To compare more of the customer experience at Amazon vs. Best Buy, continue to read for more useful facts and tips!

Best Buy Vs. Amazon:

Best Choice Awards are based on customer reviews.
Best Choice Awards are based on the number of positive and negative reviews.

What Products Can Be Found on Amazon?

Amazon also offers many other products, such as furniture, electronics, and even software.

A new addition has also been the AmazonBasics brand, which includes the Amazon Basics brand name which is an Amazon exclusive line of products.

What Products Are Found at Best Buy?

Which Has Cheaper Prices: Amazon or Best Buy?

You cannot argue with the price that Amazon will pay you for your items. And as for the shipping prices, you will find that Amazon usually beats Best Buy on this one.
But in the end, you will have to consider your budget. If you have more money in hand, then you will have to go with Best Buy.

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa Built-in is priced at $60 on Amazon and $50 at Best Buy.

There are several ways to save at Amazon and Best Buy. For example, Amazon has a daily deals which can save you a good chunk of money on certain products.

You can also use the new search feature on Amazon for deals. The top right search bar can be used for any deals you find in your list.

Is Amazon or Best Buy Better for Shoppers That Prefer to Shop In-Person?

You can live in any part of the states, as Amazon has a physical storefront in all 50 states where you can purchase Amazon products. Best Buy also has a nationwide store.

When Amazon decides to expand their presence in the grocery market, the company will not only open up Amazon Go locations.

Amazon Books will be closing, and Pop Up and 4-star will be closing down.

If you buy something from Amazon, you can also buy it at your local store as well. There are limited products that you could purchase from other stores, and you will have to do so within the same day.

In contrast, in the United States, Best Buy has more than a thousand stores in which to purchase goods.

Which Has the Most Reliable Shipping: Amazon or Best Buy?

I’ve had better experiences with Amazon deliveries than with my regular postal service.

Amazon Prime members have same-day or next-day shipping for select products for FREE. In fact, most products qualify for free 2-day shipping.

You can easily track your shipment process and check status from your account page.

At Best Buy, shipping will most likely be calculated on an order-by-order basis, but they may offer some additional discounts.

To take advantage of free shipping, you must purchase a certain amount of items from specific vendors.

Orders shipped within 7 days typically ship the same day, but orders may take more time to process and ship due to high demand and limited warehouse inventory.

Returns: Returns must be received within 30 days of original purchase date. Returns must be in new condition with tags attached and original packaging.

This will increase the time frame for delivery. Please allow extra time for processing before delivery.

Who Has a Better Return Policy: Amazon or Best Buy?

Amazon and Best Buy have very similar return policies- they both allow you to return items within a certain amount of time.

As an Amazonian, your most important goal is to get your customer’s money, not their approval.

However; as a business, we have customers with various needs and the best way to provide the best experience is to be flexible and allow the customer to choose the best fit.

The device will also be charged a $45 restocking fee; however, it will not be charged for the TotalTech membership.

In addition, Best Buy allows you to return your items for up to 30, 45 and 60 days for purchases made through their different membership levels.

For our customers, whether in store or remotely, we offer 24-hour support for every day needs.

You can return merchandise to any Amazon location. You do not need to use our store pick-up process in order to ship returns to Amazon.

> A: We ship through the United States Postal Service.
> B: You are welcome to ship your returned merchandise to any of our Amazon Hub locations.
> C: We cannot ship to international addresses.

Who Has Better Customer Service: Amazon or Best Buy?

– Amazon’s 24/7 customer support is via support chat.
– Best Buy’s 24/7 customer support is available via phone and email.

While generally has the highest ratings in the United States, Best Buy has the highest ratings in Australia and New Zealand.

The company has an overwhelming advantage, it offers a free trial to every customer.

Amazon was named the worst online shopping site, based on the number of reviews of the site.

Shoppers are having a very hard time interacting with the website and when they do they are getting a bad experience.

The rating is good, but we need to find out more about how they deliver the experience.

If you have a business that relies on reviews, your online reputation is just as critical as your physical location and storefront.

If your business is local, check out this review service.

So, the above is what the Amazon Prime free trial is all about. It’s the reason why it had so much free content in the first place. The free trial actually serves as both a marketing tool and an attempt at attracting more prime members.


When shopping for electronics like tablets, smartphones, TVs, or the newest gaming unit, Amazon is the best place to go. However, if you prefer to shop in person, Best Buy is the best choice.

Some customers have complained about the quality of the products, the amount of time it takes for Best Buy to ship, and how the staff treats the customers.

As such, Best Buy offers the same products as Amazon and has a similar shipping rate.

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