Does Amazon Canada Ship To Us? (What To Know)

Amazon is an international retailer. Sometimes you might not be able to find an item in your country, but it may be available in another. What should you do?

Let’s suppose you find the perfect item on Amazon Canada, but you are in the US. It is natural to wonder if it is possible to buy the item in Amazon Canada and have it shipped to the US. Let’s take a look at the answers and all the details.

Amazon Canada Shipping to the USA?

Amazon Canada can ship packages to the US and other countries. You can order a product that is not available on Amazon Canada if you are located in the US.

It is often the opposite, though, as (the official website from the US), has more to offer in terms availability and variety.

Be aware of shipping costs and price changes. However, if you need to ship something from Canada, it is possible most of the times.

You can read on to learn more about similar issues, such as the same process, but the opposite.

Amazon Can Deliver to Canada From the USA

This is the most common situation, as there are more products in the US than Canada on Amazon.

Many people believe that US Amazon is superior to in many aspects, including the prices and better deals. With the website offering a wide range of products, from Video Games and Books to Jewelry, Clothing, and many more, it’s no surprise that people all over the globe shop at the US Amazon.

Why should I shop on Amazon US from Canada?

There are many reasons why shopping is better than other options. Let’s look at some.

These items are not available in Canada

As we mentioned, this is one of the reasons people might shop at

This will be a great deal for any Amazon customer, even if they are not from the US. is the official Amazon site and will always offer a wider product selection.


As long as your circumstances permit, this one could be a good reason. This means that you need to take into account shipping and taxes. If your primary reason for shopping at is to save money, then make sure it is worth it.

Deals is known for its great deals. Customers can use coupons to reduce prices and enjoy deals throughout the year.

Amazon Canada Is the Same as Amazon US?

Amazon offers many marketplaces all over the globe. This means that in addition to (the official US site), they also offer and other sites in different countries.

Although every website functions the same, there are some differences. Some are obvious, while others may be a little more complex.

First, Amazon has different products for every version. This is evident when you compare the products available from third-party vendors, as Amazon products are everywhere.

A major difference is the price, tax, and shipping rate, which are tied directly to the country’s policies.

These are important things to remember if you’re thinking about purchasing an item from Amazon. You might get a better deal if you buy it from Amazon in another country than your own.

What is the Canadian Sales Tax?

Although you may believe that shopping online from Canada via, or any other US online retailer will be expensive due to shipping costs and sales tax, most of the time you will get a better deal, including Canadian duty and sales tax.

You should still be informed to make a wise purchase.

According to

Sales tax includes HST, GST and PST. It varies from 5% to 15% depending upon where you live. You will likely be charged Canadian sales tax if you order goods from and then ship them to Canada.

This gives you an idea of the things to consider when shopping on Amazon.


Duties, which are similar to taxes, are added onto the goods’ value when they arrive in Canada. It is possible that the Canadian duty will not apply to items purchased from if they were made in the United States. If the goods were made in another country, however, duties may be assessed depending on what type of goods they are and where they were manufactured.

Shipping to International Countries Free of Charge

AmazonGlobal offers free standard shipping if you meet the requirements. In some cases, you may be eligible for free shipping if you order from an international country.

Canada is not included in these countries.

These countries are eligible for international shipping at no cost:

  • Hong Kong
  • Chile
  • Taiwan
  • Colombia
  • Israel
  • Palestinian Territories

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Amazon’s international shipping service is a great way for customers all over the world to access any product they desire, even if it isn’t available in their country. This applies to both the US and Canada.

Amazon can ship your order from Canada to the US or vice versa. However, there may be some extra steps and costs if you need to ship from another country.

It’s easy to do and you can explore the Amazon products worldwide. However, make sure your purchase will not be returned. This would make it much more difficult, but you will still get the shipping cost back.

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