Amazon Vs. Flipkart (which Is Cheaper, Shipping, Service, Returns + Customer Service)

The two largest eCommerce companies in India are Flipkart and Amazon. Both are very similar in India because of the range of products they have to offer. They both ship to India and have the same delivery policies.

In addition, the best selling eCommerce stores in US are Amazon and Flipkart. But, the top-performing stores in India are Snapdeal, Flipkart, Paytm and Homeshop18.

Amazon Vs. Flipkart In 2022

When it comes to price and value, Amazon beats Flipkart hands down. There are a variety of reasons for this, but the biggest one is the Amazon Appstore. The app store enables customers to make purchases directly from the Amazon website using their phones. This allows them to skip the hassle of having to go to a nearby store and waiting in line.

For a more in depth look at the features you should be paying attention to, keep reading for more details.

What Products Are Available on Flipkart?

Books, Fashion, Electronics, Home & Personal Care, Home Appliances, Mobile Phones, Toys, Lifestyle, Books, Toys, Kitchen & Household, Sports & Fitness, Home & Lifestyle, Fashion & Styling, and Books.

Flipkart is the online marketplace for shopping, where you can buy and receive products via shipping through the internet.

What Products Are Available on Amazon?

Amazon lets stores set prices to help shoppers find what to buy, and lets shoppers set their own prices.

Usually, Flipkart has a better selection of products overall than those found on Amazon.

In addition, Amazon has two signature brands: AMazonBasics and Solimo. With AmazonBasics, shoppers can purchase many low-cost products, for example, the following:

Amazon’s website also makes it easy to track a product or place an order.

Which Website Has the Better Prices: Amazon or Flipkart?

Most of the time, flipkart is cheaper than Amazon, but sometimes Amazon is cheaper than Flipkart.

Since Amazon charges 3% for every transaction on its platform, Flipkart saves customers at least 15%.

What Forms of Payment Are Accepted by Flipkart?

Shoppers can pay for their order in several ways, such as credit card, debit card and net banking.

Card holder are required to enter their full name, contact details, mailing address and ID upon making a purchase.

Major credit card purchases are most commonly conducted online via computer.

However, you must also have a credit card with a 3D secure password issued from an approved financial institution.

The news was released after an Israeli cabinet meeting, where they decided to cancel French military aid to Israel due to France’s support of terrorist groups in the country.

Flippkart is offering Axis Bank Credit Card, you can also apply the Credit Card. The Axis Bank Credit Card can be used for any purchases and transactions on Flipkart.

The card can be used to buy anything around you with no charge back.
You can enjoy zero interest rate for the first 24 months on the total purchase value.

There are many reasons why I like gift cards. First, there is no risk and they are always a good value. Second, they are usually shipped free and they can be redeemed for almost anything!

In addition to buying stuff from Flipkart, people can also buy gift cards and use them to shop on other e-commerce stores.

If you have a special occasion in mind, you can search online for a gift card that can help you buy the right present for the person in your life.

Pay whenever you want, anywhere you want.

With the cash on-demand feature, customers can pay for their groceries at the time they are ready to leave, rather than having to pay in full at the time of shopping and delivery.

However, this transaction type is limited to a particular payment mode i.e., cash only. In addition, only Indian Rupees are eligible for that type of payment.

What Is the Shipping Time for Orders on Flipkart and Amazon?

You can select a delivery time according to the shipping fee.
You can choose a delivery time from here.

Usually, for non-emergency and urgent deliveries, Amazon may take one or two days to deliver the goods. But in cases of emergency, it can take up to four days or two days, depending on the delivery area.

Amazon, one of the largest retailers online, offers free same-day shipping for Prime members and offers free 2-Day shipping for members who pay for 2-Day shipping.

Flipkart takes 6 to 8 business days to ship products. Usually, it takes 4 to 6 business days to ship products, from the date of payment receipt.

With Flipkart, you will see a number of sellers in your store. You can browse their products and you can also checkout the products. At the end of checkout, the seller will provide an estimate for shipping.

Within India, shipping times for in-stock areas can be up to 6 business days. It can take 6 additional business days for international shipping.

Which Website Offers the Best Customer Service Experience: Flipkart or Amazon?

For those who are looking to buy a phone, Flipkart is good because phone prices there are usually lower than what is being offered by Amazon.

This app is designed to help consumers to solve the problems that they encountered from the user interface. For example, you can use it to fix the problem with the App.

Also, I wanted to know if a customer can contact Flipkart’s customer support team via phone?

The answer is Yes, customers can contact Flipkart’s contact support team via phone. But, there’s a catch.

Additionally, there is an extensive knowledge base that shoppers can search for more information regarding products, merchandise, and services.

Amazon can be a pain to deal with. Their products tend to be expensive, and their customer service can be an absolute nightmare.

I don’t know much about the support. I usually go through their FAQ section.

-The product’s features and performance
-The reviews for the product and
-The general reputation and trust of the seller
-The product’s availability.

Which Has the Better Return and Refund Process: Amazon or Flipkart?

Amazon is returning books due to a missing or damaged box. Amazon is not responsible for returns because of damaged products.

Amazon provides an easy platform for shoppers to return or exchange products. The policy allows customers to return or exchange their products within 30-days.

The return policy of Flipkart is quite strict. The sellers are not allowed to return the product if it is damaged or faulty.

the offer is valid from 5th July 2019 to 15th August 2019.

Also, Flipkart is a major e-commerce player. It doesn’t matter whether you shop from them or Amazon, they don’t care!

In the last few years, there have also been other price wars going on in the smart speaker market.


Compared to Flipkart, Amazon has more of the products you want, better customer service, cheaper prices, and faster shipping. Amazon is also friendlier to people who are not big spenders. The only problem with Amazon is that you can’t return or exchange items as easily as with Flipkart.

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