Does Verizon Drug Test? (everything You Need To Know)

If you are working for Verizon, you might be wondering what the pre-employment requirements are, such as if they do drug tests.

To find out if your employer will test you for drugs, you need to know both when the drug test was required and what kind of drug test it is.

Does Verizon Drug Test In 2022?

Verizon is an easy company to do business with and have a good work relationship with. Employees are not drug tested and it has gotten easier for them as more states are legalising marijuana for both personal and medical use.

Whether you are a student or a professional, you will be required to take a drug test if you work at or are taking classes at a Verizon Wireless retail location.

Does Verizon Administer a Pre-Employment Drug Test?

Verizon stopped doing pre-employment drug tests in 2018, with the change in policy coming as more states legalized recreational and medical marijuana use. [Original]: Verizon stopped doing pre-employment drug tests in 2018, with the change in policy coming as more states legalized recreational and medical marijuana use.

 And we can never know for sure, but you can bet that Verizon won’t change their stance unless absolutely forced.

Does Verizon Drug Test Temporary Employees?

Temporary employment agencies are notorious for drug testing prospective employees and firing those who test positive for illegal substances. This is a part of the reason that in 2015, the Federal Drug Administration gave temporary agencies a rating of 1 out of 3 stars for their screening practices.

Once the candidate’s identity is verified, they will receive an appointment to be contacted by the employer.

Does Verizon Drug Test for Marijuana?

Verizon said it has no plans to drug test for marijuana, but other states have found ways to drug test for the weed.

What this does is show up more often on the search results for more than one reason.

Does Verizon Corporate Drug Test?

Verizon doesn’t drug test any job applicants, and it doesn’t even test employees who are already hired.

Does Verizon Drug Test Sales Associates?

Verizon will not drug test sales associates when they apply for a job.

Since this policy comes with a lot of restrictions on where you can travel and who you can visit, you may want to ask if they’ll allow you to travel as part of your job.

When Does Verizon Drug Test?

Your employer requires it.
You are in detention after being arrested for a crime involving drugs.
You are participating in a treatment or rehabilitation program.
You have a court order related to a drug or alcohol related conviction.

What Type of Drug Test Does Verizon Administer?

There are some companies who won’t allow drug testing for employees and contractors, and will usually offer it as a benefit to employees who are in management or in a position to influence hiring decisions.

My client is in the process of creating a new website and has decided that they would require to collect some feedback from the end-users.
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What Drugs Would Verizon Look for During a Drug Test?


You may also be asked to submit a
hair follicle test, which will test for any drugs used in a recent period of time.
You are not required to submit to a drug test if you are pregnant.

This is always a possibility when determining if a worker was exposed to drugs at work. But there is nothing in this report that makes it more likely than not that drugs were involved.

Can You Be Charged if You Fail a Drug Test at Verizon?

If an employer has a drug program for its employees and if you are tested and found positive, and if the employer has a good reason for firing you (such as drug use, etc), you cannot win a suit for wrongful termination.

It is important that when you are injured, in the case of a car accident, for example, that you are able to go before a judge and prove that the injuries you received were not a result of your accident. In order to accomplish that, you must make sure to get an accident report from your carrier as well as the police report. Additionally, having a medical report will help to make sure that you are indeed injured.

As with the DUI blood test, you may choose to have your own lawyer or choose to hire your car insurance company to represent you in a civil trial.

Can You Fail a Drug Test for Prescription Drugs at Verizon?

No matter what you take to pass a drug test, it will be considered a failed test if the test detects that you are taking drugs or if the drug test screen is positive for drugs. If you have prescription medication in your system, it will not count as a failed test.

However, if you don’t have proof of a valid prescription for the type of drug you failed for, or you don’t have the original bottle it was in, it’s considered a failed test.

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If you are hired through a temp agency, you may be required to submit to a drug test before beginning work, although drug testing requirements vary from company to company.

If you find a Verizon sales associate under the influence of any substance, they will not be fired. However, if an employee is suspected in the use of illegal or controlled substances, they will be subject to drug testing.

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