Does Mcdonald’s Drug Test? (all You Need To Know)

McDonald’s does not test applicants for drugs. McDonald’s does not drug test employees. McDonald’s does not require a background check.

If you’re looking to apply for a position at the fast food franchise, keep on reading below to find out whether or not you’ll be subjected to a drug test before being hired.

Does McDonald’s Drug Test In 2022?

McDonald’s does not have a company-wide requirement to do a pre-employment drug test as of 2022. As of now, the company has no such policy. But it is a good practice to do a drug test at some point in the employment process.

There are many questions about testing at McDonalds and I will take the time to address your concerns.

When Does McDonald’s Drug Test?

McDonald’s does not require a drug test during the hiring process at most locations, and franchise owners are responsible for making sure that employees are drug-free.

You should not get into a car accident for work-related reasons, and you should not try to play games to get out of it.

If you were to be hired in one of their restaurants, You could be chosen to be drug tested, and could be fired without warning.

If you are suspected to be under the influence while at work, you will be drug tested and if needed, fired.
You also lose your job if you are found to be under the influence more than once.

Is McDonald’s a Drug-Free Workplace?

McDonald’s requires its workers to be drug free in order to ensure the safety and health of the customers and the company.

In addition, if you’re found to be under the influence, you can be terminated immediately and it’s not tolerated whether you work for a franchise or company-owned location.

This is a great idea, and we’re glad that McDonalds stepped up and helped make it happen.

– So this means that now we can take all our money from McDonalds and spend it on alcohol.

Does McDonald’s Drug Test at Orientation?

Typical of a McDonalds, the franchise owners (and operators) in the US are required to ask questions regarding drug use in the hiring process. Drug testing is often offered during the initial hiring process.

With that being said, however, the company has an option for franchise owners who want to drug test their employees at both the initial orientation and the annual visit. However, if the company opts not to do it, this is not a violation of any laws or rules of the company.

The drug testing policy of the company would apply to all employees, not just store employees, who worked in that state or city.

What Drug Test Panel Does McDonald’s Use?

The company is very strict when it comes to drug use and will punish anyone who tests positive for it, whether it was caused by accident or not.

Testing companies often use a 5-panel drug test. They will look for five illegal drugs, alcohol and sometimes marijuana.

Does McDonald’s Use a Urine Drug Test, Hair Sample, or Blood Drug Test?

You can test for drugs such as marijuana, cocaine or your prescription medication.

Workman’s Compensation often requires blood drug testing, depending on the type of accident you’re involved in and what the circumstances are related to the accident.

Urine test kits are also subject to contamination. This may cause a positive result to be reported when no U-Sibactin should be present. Since this is a false positive result, it will produce a positive result with a false negative result.

If you fill up a water bottle and have it filled to the brim and then put it in your car for an hour, that should be diluted enough that it would barely even affect your test.

What Happens if You Fail the Drug Test at McDonald’s?

If you get a job offer and you’ve failed a drug test as part of pre-employment for that franchise, then that job offer is not going to be extended to you.

An employer must state the reason for drug testing in the job application. If it is illegal, then the employer cannot refuse to hire you.
And, yes, the employer is prohibited from keeping or using the test results, as they are considered a form of evidence.

There are also likely some very narrow exceptions to the Workers Compensation law regarding the collection of urine drug test, however. So, if the drug test is for a certain type of injury, or you are claiming certain disabilities, make sure you know exactly what the law is.

If you’ve failed a drug test and it’s related to an accident, you’re also a target if there are other people involved in the accident.

How Can a McDonald’s Employee Seek Help for a Drug or Alcohol Problem?

McDonald’s allows people to seek help for a drug of alcohol addiction without fear of being fired.

McDonald’s can help refer you to a treatment provider or counselor if you talk to the management and ask if they have anything that can help you.

further, by requesting assistance your will not lose your job, or not be disciplined, in any manner.

If the police arrest you, you will get a hearing before a judge within 24 hours, and if you are not guilty, the judge will dismiss the case and you will be free to go without charge.

Your conduct may have brought the University into disrepute. Your lack of candor and honesty, however, could have resulted in the loss of your employment.

For applications, you can also choose if you want to work for a specific store, region, or even a different company. You can also review your company’s hiring practices.


McDonald’s is not a drug testing employer, but they do have a standard policy of not hiring people who test positive for drugs or alcohol, and they can make that decision without a background check or pre-employment test.

It’s important to know that the drug test is only required for accidents that are caused by someone’s drug use. There are quite a few ways someone could get injured or become hurt on the job without abusing drugs.

If you are suspected of driving under the influence, you are subject to a drug test. You will be compensated for the time it takes to go to the facility and return.

McDonald’s is a company that is known for hiring people with drug problems. I have seen employees who have a clean drug history get laid off because they had a drug use problem. Therefore, it’s best if you ask for help voluntarily.

In case you are struggling with a substance abuse problem, you can take temporary medical leave from work, without getting into legal trouble.

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