Amazon Vs. Barnes & Noble (which Is Cheaper, Shipping, Service, Returns + Customer Service)

When people were asked which book store they shopped at the most, Barnes & Noble won hands down (45%) over the Amazon (9%).
But Amazon has slowly gaining in popularity in India and other parts of the world since it opened its first bookstore in Bangalore, India, and more than doubling its store count from 200 to 400.
Now, Amazon has a lot to do if it wants to become the number one book store in the world, but the company already made an impressive first step in doing that.

This article will look at the differences between Amazon and Barnes & Noble on prices, selection, delivery options, and return policies.

Amazon Vs. Barnes & Noble In 2022

Although Amazon and Barnes & Noble will still exist in 2022, their customer satisfaction will be lower than that of other retailers. They will continue to offer a wide variety of products at competitive prices. They will have membership-based programs that give members exclusive perks like free shipping.

If you are interested in having a better experience when buying a book on Amazon, keep reading more!

What Does Barnes & Noble Offer that Amazon Doesn’t?

Music, movies, television, and more
eBooks, magazines, and more

Books can be borrowed from local stores.
If you want to read all the books you can find on the site, you’ll need to print out a copy of the entire website, which is not possible.

What Does Amazon Offer That Barnes & Noble Doesn’t?

Amazon’s free book exchange allows you to trade in books you have read.

What’s the Difference Between Amazon Prime and the Barnes & Noble Membership Program?

Although both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have membership programs, each has its unique features. Now let’s look at these features from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Amazon Prime, also known as Amazon Instant Video, is a paid service available to Amazon Prime members that allows them to stream movies and TV shows immediately after they’re released. The service typically costs $99 a year.

The program was launched in April 2014 and has been widely criticized. It has been reported that Prime costs $119 for one year and $119 for a second year.

The following are key points to consider when deciding whether to opt in to Amazon Prime or not.

Join Barnes & Noble as a member and get access to thousands of bestsellers,
free reading, free audio and many more.

Barnes and Noble is offering rewards through the membership program. It’s a loyalty program that offers various discounts and rewards. For example, members receive exclusive promotions and sales.

In order to earn points you can redeem your points for a discount or other reward by choosing a point value in the point value drop down.

1. Free one-day shipping, free same-day print and ebook returns, discounts at B&N Digital Services, B&N On Demand, full access to the Digital Bookstore, plus much more!

Which Store Is Cheaper: Amazon or Barnes & Noble?

The general idea is that Amazon is cheaper than Barnes & Nobles, but not always.

Many people think that Bookouture is cheaper than Amazon, but Amazon is usually cheaper than Barnes & Noble for magazine subscriptions.

Other people have not talked about this, but people have found that some items have a better price at Amazon than at Barnes & Noble.

Why Are Barnes & Noble Books More Expensive Than Amazon?

Barnes & Noble books are more expensive because more money is spent on distribution and book manufacturing.

If one of your books is popular enough, and you have enough reviews, you may be invited to review the book yourself.

Is Amazon Reliable for Ordering and Shipping Books?

Amazon is one of the leading online shopping websites. The company has a reputation for its exceptional service and outstanding products.

Furthermore, you can check for your order status in the Amazon app, website, and

Is Barnes & Noble Reliable for Ordering and Shipping Books?

I’d say that Barnes and Noble is reliable for getting books and buying things.

Once an order has been confirmed by Barnes & Noble, shoppers can easily track it online from their accounts.

What Store Has a Better Return Policy: Amazon or Barnes & Noble?

You can return an item within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price.

If the product fails in its primary purpose (such as a defect in fabric, sewing, or an error in the size, color, quality or style selection), we will exchange the product.

sale items
sale items marked with asterisks (*)
outdated editions
books with missing/disfigured or loose pages
books with writing inside the dust jacket, like a bookmark

If you need to make sure your item meets these criteria, we recommend contacting us at

When returning items purchased, you have a 30-day window to do so. All returned items must be in their original packaging, and items that are shrink-wrapped cannot be opened.

Barnes & Noble will cover any return shipping charges. Once the return has been approved, the refund will be available on the original form of payment.

There are no returns or refunds. Please use the “Share” button below to pass this article on to your friends if they might be interested. Thanks!

In most cases, products sold on can be returned up to 30-days after purchase.

However, purchases made from Amazon Marketplace sellers are subject to Amazon’s return policy at the seller’s discretion.

This shows that although the policy does not apply to purchases, it seems to still apply to refunds.

Also, for those returns, if the shopper cannot resolve the issue, Amazon will pay for the return and provide a store credit for the purchase price.

This policy allows shoppers to file a claim, and the company will review the situation.

What Store Has Better Customer Service: Amazon or Barnes & Noble?

Although Barnes & Noble and Amazon have poor customer satisfaction, it is good that a large part of their complaints has been taken care of.

Barnes & Noble wants to start selling Kindle-to-Nook apps for Android, so users will have the option to buy apps from the Nook store on their Android devices.

The ratings for the Barnes & Noble location I went to say are 1.7 out of 5 stars; the other locations are 3.0 out of 5 stars.

Most of the negative reviews were due to the product being poorly printed or shipped, or customer service being bad.

Amazon, one of the worlds biggest online retailers, had a security breach which may have affected more than 25 million accounts. On Sept. 19, Amazon issued a notification to customers to change their passwords after the company discovered unauthorized access to its system.

It shows that the majority of Amazon shoppers are dissatisfied with the customer service they receive. They have had problems with shipping delays and errors.

Read our article to know more about the differences in these retailers and how they perform at different times and seasons.


Amazon has a slight advantage in customer service, though both companies have poor customer satisfaction ratings. Likewise, both companies have membership-based programs.

Amazon Prime gives customers the ability to choose to speed up the delivery of packages and free two-day shipping. The Barnes & Noble Nook also allows customers to access a streaming video library and other valuable benefits that are not offered by Amazon. This is a clear example of the Nook’s main advantages over the Kindle.

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