Does Barnes & Noble Have A Starbucks? (Are They A Joint Venture & More!)

Nothing beats a good book and a hot cup of coffee. It’s even better when the book and coffee are in Barnes and Noble.

You may have noticed that many Barnes and Nobles sell Starbucks beverages in their stores. Do all Barnes and Nobles have Starbucks? This is what we discovered.

Is there a Starbucks at Barnes & Noble?

Although Barnes and Noble cafes offer Starbucks beverages, they are still separate entities. You can’t use your Starbucks gift card at a Barnes and Noble café, even though the menus may look nearly identical.

This article examines the partnership between Barnes & Noble & Starbucks. It explains what it is, how it happened, and what it means to the customer.

Are Barnes & Noble and Starbucks a Joint Venture?

Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Starbucks Coffeehouses partnered up in 1993 to offer in-house coffee shops in their book stores. This partnership would be beneficial for both retailers.



This agreement meant that Starbucks would also own and operate shops with access to Barnes & Noble bookstores. They are now two independent companies that work together.

What can you get at the Barnes & Noble Cafes



  • Espresso beverages and teas: Includes a variety of artisan coffees, teas, and hot and cold drinks
  • Seasonal favorites – handcrafted drinks that are uniquely seasonal
  • Frappuccino blended beverages are “the original icy cold coffee indulgence”. (Yes, they can be customized)
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  • Premium brands – A line of Starbucks retail coffees, teas and other beverages in a variety od flavors. On request, the cafe offers free whole bean coffee grinding.


Are Barnes & Noble Cafes Allowed to Allow You To Read While Sitting?

Every day, Barnes & Noble welcomes readers to their cafes and stores. Customers are encouraged to bring their Nook devices while in store and enjoy a selection free eBooks.


Remember, however, that you are not in a library. The books and other reading materials are available for purchase, not loan. B&N staff request that patrons respect this.


Can I Use Starbucks Gift Cards At Barnes & Noble Cafes?

Barnes & Noble is a different company than Starbucks. They are therefore unable to recognize gift cards from each other.

Starbucks products are sold in Barnes & Noble cafes. The baristas working in these establishments are Starbucks-trained, but that’s it.


The Barnes & Noble cafes can be found in smaller sections of the store and are not separated. They are located in the same area as books and other merchandise, but they have no doors.

You can only use Barnes & Noble gift cards and membership discounts at Barnes & Noble cafes.

What made Barnes & Noble and Starbucks join forces?

Barns & Noble fans believe that Barns & Noble needed to improve their in-store experience to compete with Amazon and other online book sellers.



This strategy was also instrumental in enabling Barnes & Noble to move into a new era creative bookstore spaces that combine places for meeting with retail shopping experiences.

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It can be difficult to understand how two large chain stores work together. Barnes & Noble and Starbucks partnered together to provide Starbucks with their signature beverages.

This partnership was very popular with both coffee and reading lovers moving in to enjoy the combined benefits.

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