Does Barnes & Noble Have Student Discounts? (No, But…)


Is there a student discount at Barnes and Noble? This is what we discovered when we looked into it…

Are there any student discounts at Barnes & Noble?


This article will discuss Barnes & Noble discounts, deals and who can access them.

Are The Barnes & Noble Student Discount and The Member Discount the Same Thing?

Barnes & Noble memberships are open to everyone, regardless of student status. The “member discount” and the “student discount” are identical and both have the same eligibility criteria.

To get member discounts, you just need to sign up and pay $25 for the annual subscription fee.

It’s important to keep in mind that Barnes & Noble offers a variety of discounts, regardless of whether or not you have a membership. You can still get discounts without a membership.

If you shop at Barnes & Noble online, you can get free shipping if your items meet the criteria. You don’t even have to be a student in order to qualify.

However, if you sign-up for a membership your shipping costs will not be affected regardless of how much your order total. There are some exceptions: shipping costs will not include non-book ware such as magazines, gift cards, or digital products from B&N.

Additional Barnes & Noble discounts include the “bulk order” discount (discounts for orders of 50 copies or greater of the same title). This order would qualify for free shipping

A 20% Discount for Educators: Pre-K-12 educators, librarians and homeschoolers can get select “educational” items at a discounted price from the publisher.

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How do I get free shipping at Barnes & Noble

You can shop online at B&N by simply adding at least $35 worth eligible items to your cart and making sure you select standard shipping at checkout. Shipping costs will not be charged if you order the correct amount of the items.

This offer is only valid for domestic shipping. It’s important to note that not all Barnes & Noble products are eligible for free shipping. All eligible items are clearly marked “Qualifies to receive free shipping”.

Gift cards, gift certificates and magazines don’t count towards your $35 value of items.

What are the Barnes & Noble member discounts?

Regular Barnes & Noble shoppers will find the discounts and coupons offered by Barnes & Noble as a reward for their membership very helpful. All year, you’ll receive rewards and discounts that range from special birthday gifts to in-store deals.

Here are some things you can look forward too:

  • Members only offers online and in-store throughout the year
  • Instore Discount of 40% on Hardcover Bestsellers
  • Early access to sales and other events
  • No minimum order required to get free shipping
  • undefined
  • Give a little something to your birthday
  • All NOOK accessories and devices online and in-store are 10% off

How do I get a Barnes & Noble membership?

You can become a member of B&N and receive exclusive benefits. Visit their membership page to learn more and see the rewards and details.

There will be a button that says “Terms and Conditions”. You can click on this button to go through them before you agree. Pay attention to the cancellation terms.

It will be clear that a member costs $25 per year and is automatically renewed. However, you can opt out at any time prior to the automatic renewal.

There are three other points of note at the bottom of this page. One reminds you to have a working email address to sign up.

After you have made your decision, click “join now”

You can start using your membership as soon as you join. However, any purchase made before joining cannot be credited with discount. You cannot combine your benefits with coupons or any other discount, such as staff discounts or corporate discounts.

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Barnes & Noble does not offer discounts to students. They do offer members exclusive discounts. You can be a member by creating an email account. There is a $25 annual membership fee.

You can also get free shipping (without a membership) if your order totals at least $35. Online shopping will show you that all eligible items for free shipping are clearly marked.

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