Does Barnes & Noble Rent Books? (What To Know!)

While Barnes and Noble doesn’t have a library, we were curious if they could rent books.

This is what we discovered after a thorough investigation.

Does Barnes & Noble Rent Books?

Barnes & Noble offers a textbook rental program. This program only includes set college and university textbooks. These books are some of the most expensive on the market.

This article will discuss the Barnes & Noble textbook renting service. It’s what it is and how it works. And why students are using it.

What Books Do Barnes & Noble Rent Out?

In 2010, the B&N book rental program was launched. The program includes books that are required for formal study, and is reusable. It does not include workbooks, study guides or laboratory manuals.

This program is offered by college and university bookstores. It is popular because it allows students to find the textbooks they need in a short amount of time. Search for material by students using the course link. Next, they can choose from either a print book or an eBook. Finally, they can rent or purchase.

The same purchase can be made in the college bookstore. Barnes & Noble recommends that you do not return rented textbooks in their physical stores.

Is it cheaper to rent textbooks or buy them?

The program’s critics believe that renting textbooks can save you up to half the price of buying books. It’s also a faster and easier way to organize your college materials.

The most popular feature of the program is:

  • Return your books to B&N using the free shipping
  • Return the books to your college bookstore
  • There are many books available to choose from.
  • You have the option to choose between 60 and 130 days of rental, which you can then extend at any point.
  • The book can be purchased at any point during the rental period, less the rent that you have already paid.

The following are important points to keep in mind about the program:

  • Each extension of time is subject to a charge
  • You will be charged an additional 15-day extension fee if you return the book late.
  • If you decide not to return the book, you will have to pay the full price of the book plus any rental or extension fees.
  • You will be responsible for any damage to the book. This includes rental or extension fees.

How do you return a Barnes & Noble textbook rental?

It is easy to return your textbooks. The important thing is to do it on-time to avoid paying a late fee.

  • Make sure to note the return date when you rent the book
  • Returning by mail? Please make sure you return your book by the expiration date. You can extend your rental or purchase the book if you require it for a longer period. You should have received the return shipping labels if you ordered via the postal service.
  • Log in to your “My Account/Rental Management”, and click “Manage Textbook Rentals” if you manage your rentals via an account. You can also print your UPS return shipping label or packing slip. Make sure to keep the shipping label’s tracking number handy.
  • Recall that textbook rentals are not accepted by Barnes & Noble bookstores

Is there any condition to renting Barnes & Noble Textbooks

Barnes & Noble has published a clear and comprehensive list of Textbook Rental Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are worth reading before you use the program.

These are the most important points.

  • To use this service, you must be at least 18 years of age
  • Once your order has been placed, you will be charged for the books
  • It is mandatory that you have a form of payment (Visa or Mastercard) on file
  • The rental fee for materials may include either new or used materials.
  • B&N must be notified within 21 days if you have damaged your rental items. You should notify B&N as soon as possible to avoid becoming liable for any damage.
  • Keep rental and purchase returns separate.
  • For a full refund, you can return the books for no reason. An early return fee of $5 per item will be assessed.
  • B&N is not responsible for reminding customers of items due
  • Only the United States offers textbook rental

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The Barnes & Noble book renting service is available only for textbooks. It is offered through campus bookstores.

Renting is cheaper than buying – it’s also possible to buy the book while you rent.

To use the program, you will need to agree to Barnes & Noble’s terms.

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