Is Marshalls A Thrift Store? (No, However…)

Marshalls is a franchise that has 1,000 stores across 42 states of the US. It also has 61 locations in Canada. There have been some questions about Marshalls’ type of store due to its low prices, wide product range, and limited inventory.

Marshalls is a thrift shop? What about TJ Maxx or Ross? Continue reading to learn more!

Marshalls is a Thrift Store

Marshalls is not a thrift shop. TJX Companies owns Marshalls, a department store at a discount price.

Trading with off-price retailers involves purchasing large quantities of goods directly at the manufacturer. This allows them to purchase more goods and get bulk discounts which allows them sell them at discounted prices.

Is TJ Maxx considered a Thrift Shop?

TJ Maxx is not considered a thrift shop. It is a sister to Marshalls. They follow a similar model of off-price retailing.

Marshalls or TJ Maxx are cheaper?

Marshalls and TJ Maxx are both sister companies which means that they have somewhat similar prices. Each is not significantly more expensive than its counterpart.

There are however some key differences between Marshalls and TJ Maxx. TJ Maxx, TJ Corporation’s flagship store, has a more elegant appearance than Marshalls.

TJ Maxx offers a wider selection of accessories and jewelry, as well. TJ Maxx stores sometimes have their own designer department, The Runway.

Last but not least, many shoppers agree that Marshalls is a better place to shop for shoes. TJ Maxx, on the other hand is known for its designer collection for fashion-focused shoppers.

What is a Thrift Store?

A thrift store is also known as a reseller shop, where the store purchases used items to resell. To classify a thrift shop, however, additional characteristics are required.

These are the characteristics of thrift stores:

  • They get their stock mostly through donations or thrift stores
  • Thrift stores are often operated by non-profit organizations
  • They often donate their profits to charities
  • Through low selling prices, they aim to make it affordable for all.
  • They also aim to quickly turn over their stock, which results in lots of sales
  • They will accept almost all donated items, regardless of its condition.
  • The conditions of their items are mixed (used, new, designer).
  • They resell a variety of items, so there is no one type.
  • There is almost always no return policy

Why are Marshalls so cheap?

A few strategies help Marshalls maintain their low prices.

First, Marshalls often receives large quantities of rejected stock directly at the manufacturer. These stocks are often rejected by the manufacturers for several reasons.

  • Minimal defects (small tears or holes)
  • Too many duplicates were produced by the manufacturer
  • These items are no longer fashionable

Second, Marshalls also receives stock from department stores. Although there could be many reasons, this is the most common reason.

  • The departmental store bought too many items because it was not the right season.
  • We need to sell excess stock at departmental stores that are closing.

Finally, Marshalls has an in-house brand called Kenar. Marshalls brands account for only a small percentage of their stock as they are primarily focused on selling off-price products.

Marshalls can combine all of these factors to keep their stock costs low and consequently lower than their competition.

Marshalls doesn’t sell used items, unlike thrift shops. They sell new stock that is rejected by manufacturers for various reasons.

Is Ross Classified As A Thrift Store?

Ross, also known as Ross Dress for Less is not a thrift shop. It is instead a discount store.

Ross is not a thrift shop, but it functions in a similar way to Marshalls or TJ Maxx. It resells surplus stock from manufacturers and departmental stores. Ross primarily focuses on clothing.

Experienced shoppers know which products to shop at Ross for the best deals.

  • Handbags (Calvin Klein & Michale Kors).
  • Shoes (Nike and Adidas).

You can also see the days Ross restocks an item. You can shop on these days to get the best products.

Is Goodwill a Thrift Store?

Goodwill stores, unlike Ross and Marshalls, are thrift stores. They are a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to finance Goodwill Industries.

Goodwill Industries is committed to providing job placements and training for those who are facing difficulties in finding work.


Marshalls isn’t a thrift shop, but it’s still a great place to buy items at discounted prices. You can also find rare items and enjoy the thrill of finding them.

For the best deals, most experienced shoppers suggest checking prices at discount and off-price stores such as Marshalls and TJ Maxx before purchasing the same designer item.

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