Why Is Barnes & Noble So Expensive? (Everything To Know!)

A day spent in a bookshop with a cup o’ coffee is one of the most romantic things you can do.

The other day I was at Barnes and Noble and wondered why the prices were so much higher than other online retailers. This is what I discovered.

Why is Barnes & Noble so expensive?

Barnes & Noble has bricks-and-mortar stores that allow customers to have a more tangible, non-virtual, experience when they shop for books. This experience is more expensive than the online warehouse choose and buy process.

This article will discuss the Barnes & Noble bookstore experience. It’s unique, expensive, and valuable.

Are Barnes & Noble’s prices good?

The price at which Barnes & Noble offers decent pricing depends on what you are looking for, when it is needed, and where you live.

B&N, for example, charges reasonable prices for new books. Barnes & Noble doesn’t respond to Amazon and other online giants who offer the same books at a discount. They can’t afford it.

B&N pays staff to manage warehouses and stores. They must not only sell books, but also respond to the staff’s needs.

Store staff must be attentive to customers’ needs and cater to their long-term reading interests.

Some books are more expensive than other. This is a unique feature of the publishing industry, and cannot be influenced by a bookstore chain. It will be more expensive if you are looking for a rare or hard-to-find book that is hot off the presses.

Barnes & Noble publishing also publishes other books, like the B&N Leatherbound Classics series. These books are quite affordable for the quality they offer. If you are interested in one of these unique decorative volumes but don’t reside in the United States, the book will cost you a lot and international shipping will be added to it.

Does Barnes & Noble Price Match?

Barnes & Noble believes that they offer extremely competitive pricing on all of their products, many of them exclusive to their stores and brand.

This means Barnes & Noble already offer the best value to customers. They are unable to match Amazon’s prices for specific products.

Barnes & Noble has this Price Matching Policy.

Barnes & Noble to Offer Discounts

No matter where you live, Barnes & Noble offers regular and seasonal discounts for online shoppers. You’ll also get more discounts if you have a B&N Membership. The discounts available in-store vary from one store to the next.

Customers have noticed that the B&N online price for a book is often lower than the store’s. One customer stated that they won’t match the price because they don’t know.

Barnes & Noble bookstores are now managed by individuals, rather than centrally. They are encouraged to stock and sell at the discretion of their customers.

The same shopper pointed out that there was a discrepancy in online and in-store pricing. A staff member immediately checked it out, and matched the online price.

What does Barnes & Noble membership offer?

Barnes & Noble offers two types of memberships: the B&N standard membership and the B&N Kids Club.

You can get the standard membership for $25/year.

  • Members-only deals throughout the year, available online and in-store
  • All orders qualify for free shipping with no minimum purchase
  • Save 40% on hardcover bestsellers
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  • Sign up for events and get first access to discounted prices – before everyone else
  • A special gift (via email) on your birthday
  • All NOOK accessories and devices are 10% off regular price

B&N Kids Club (free membership):

  • 30% Discount on any single book or toy for children
  • For every $100 spent online or in-store on children’s stuff, you get $5
  • Birthday cupcake

How do I get Barnes & Noble membership?

It is simple to join the B&N Membership Club. Go to their website to find the membership page. This page lists all the benefits of membership and has links to the terms and conditions as well as the FAQs.

Scroll down to see the “Join now” button. You’ll need to agree with the terms and conditions. There are some exclusions for certain membership features.

Clicking to sign up will prompt you to create an account, or log in if already have one. Follow the prompts to complete membership.

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Barnes & Noble shopping isn’t cheap. For a small sum, you won’t walk away with a lot of books.

B&N, a company that focuses on providing an unforgettable and satisfying book-buying experience for customers, is now investing heavily.

Although this experience will not be cheap, it is definitely worth it.

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