Does Barnes And Noble Price Match? (No, However…)

Barnes and Noble is a popular bookstore in America thanks to its extensive selection of books and excellent customer service. Amazon is looking to disrupt the retailing and bookstore worlds, but even household brands are not immune to the free marketplace.

Amazon and other major retailers, for example, engage in price matching. This means that they offer the same low prices to their customers as their competitors. This aggressive pricing strategy has made it impossible for smaller competitors and brick-and mortar bookstores to keep up.

Is there a price match between Barnes and Noble? What is Barnes and Noble’s pricing strategy? Continue reading to learn more!

Is the Barnes and Noble price match?

Barnes and Noble doesn’t engage in price matching. Barnes and Noble charges higher than its competitors in order to pay rent and wages. Barnes and Noble is also more expensive than its competitors because they are focused on providing a pleasant customer experience in-store rather than being a price leader.

You can therefore expect to pay more for Barnes and Noble products and services.

Is Barnes and Noble’s online store price comparable to its physical store?

Barnes and Noble does not do price matching. This applies to both their physical and online stores. The factors that influence Barnes and Noble’s online pricing are different from those that impact Barnes and Noble, Inc. pricing and bottom line., a subsidiary to Barnes and Noble, Inc., is a separate entity with different pricing and operational policies. Barnes and Noble’s physical shops have full autonomy in how they display books and order stock. The prices of books may differ slightly between stores.

The online Barnes and Noble stores don’t match the physical ones because it would lead to sales cannibalization.

Is the Barnes and Noble College price comparable?

You might see Barnes and Noble bookstores at your campus if you’re a student. These bookstores are called Barnes and Noble College, which is a subsidiary company of Barnes and Noble, Inc.

Barnes and Noble College price matches their competitors, but not their online and in-store counterparts. This applies to both new and used textbooks, as well as rental textbooks.

Barnes and Noble College offers a 10% discount on both new and used textbooks. This discount is available at all Barnes and Noble College-managed bookstores.

If you’re not familiar with price matching, you may be eligible for a refund if a textbook is sold at a lower price after you have purchased it. There are some criteria for price matching at Barnes and Noble College.

  • The textbooks should be in stock and readily available
  • The advertised price must be the same book as the exact matching accessories
  • For the textbook to be considered for rental or sale, you must present the original receipt
  • Price match applies only to the same condition items (used/used, new-new etc.).
  • Price matching does not apply to digital titles or special orders

Amazon Price Matches Barnes and Noble’s?

Barnes and Noble will not match the price of any online retailer. Brick and mortar bookstores are often unable to price match online retailers such as Amazon.

Amazon’s book pricing is very low, and often at a loss. Amazon is able to sell books at a loss due to its distribution strategy and the dozens of products it has to make up for that loss. Amazon’s smart home assistants and e-books are just a few examples.

Brick-and-mortar bookstores can’t price match Amazon, particularly smaller ones, without going bankrupt. Home goods stores and supermarkets such as Target, JCPenney, Best Buy, which are retail giants with a strong market presence, are the only retailers that price match Amazon.

Is there a charge for preorders at Barnes and Noble?

Barnes and Noble makes up for the lack of price matching by providing exceptional customer service. You can preorder or reserve books in advance of their publication date.

Barnes and Noble charges customers for preorders only upon publication. Your account will not be charged if your book is published after the publication date.

Barnes and Noble cannot issue refunds for preorder cancellations made before publication. You have the option to cancel your preorder at any time if you decide not to go with the original plan or find a better title.

Why is Barnes and Noble so expensive?

Barnes and Noble’s comparatively high prices have led to a decline in popularity. Many are now asking why. This can be summarized in one word: Barnes and Noble’s strategy to create an exceptional customer experience, rather than being a price leader.

First, Barnes and Noble bookstores tend to be located in areas with large storefronts. This occupies a lot of space and is expensive to rent. They must therefore hire more staff to manage such large spaces.

Barnes and Noble is also committed to paying fair wages to their employees, which leads to higher labor costs and increased worker volume.

Barnes and Noble needs larger warehouses to store their inventory. Barnes and Nobles, for example, sells more than 5,500 magazines, over 1,000,000 book titles and around 1,500 newspaper publications. You can also find a variety of merchandise, including gift cards, stationery and journals.

Barnes and Noble also emphasizes the in-store customer experience. This is evident in the Staff Picks selection where staff suggest a carefully curated collection of books.

Barnes and Noble has cafes in their stores, which allow customers to enjoy a relaxing experience while they read new books. Customers are not just buying the books, they are also paying for the experience.


Barnes and Noble is a traditional bookstore. They are known for their cafes and soothing atmosphere, as well as exceptional customer service. They do not match prices like Costco and Walmart.

However, physical bookstores are rapidly becoming obsolete due to e-commerce and the emergence of e–books. Barnes and Noble must rethink their business strategy and find their place in the changing retail landscape if they want to remain relevant.

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